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Monday, 13 August 2012

Organizing weekend!

Hubby drove us to IKEA over the weekend and he got me a shelf and a table :D Well, I was perfectly happy scrapping on the floor but he felt that sitting on the floor all day doing things is not good for me and when he suggested we go to IKEA, I said, 'lets!'

He assembled the rack and the table for me and I'm pleased as punch! Now, everything is neater.... I guess there's no more excuse not to scrap or do my artwork anymore :P

I wanted to show a picture of before (how I scrapped on the floor) but I guess I either forgot to take a picture previously or I had deleted them. Oh well, this is the after :) I've got myself a cozy little corner :)

p/s : I love the baby back ribs they have in their cafe now.... it's delish! And the fries are perfection too!