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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Kissy, Huggie....

It started first with stamping and cutting the images out.... then colouring, blending and glossing......

And then, more conceptualization to turn them into fun cards for Valentine's Day! :)
Well, you can use them for other occasions too... birthdays or just to say "I Love You".... Cards are coming back in trend, you know... :P as my friend calls it, "Retro e-mails"

Cards can be ordered individually or in a set.. :) Just indicate it to me when you send me a mail :)


Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Was on hiatus for the last two weeks from my blog.... not that I stopped creating. I still was... busy busy busy creating but just too lazy busy to update the blog.... terrible, right? LOL... yes, I know. Sometimes I feel that this is more a full-time job than it pretends not to be :P

I'm sharing this card that I made many weeks ago... why? erm, cos I don't think I have shared it and the ones I am going to update here, I wanna do that over the course of the days.... so, here.... my little teapot :D

Code : AO0144

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Here's to a great new year!! woo hoo~~~


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas and love

First time making a card with banners! :D And I'm kinda liking it.... cos it's fun to make and it makes the card kinda interesting too...... This cat reminds me of my cat, Tinsel. A Ginger naughty cat but my Tinsel has those huge, round, deceiving angelic eyes... HAHAHA...

Stamped the background with distressed stripes stamps... drew the cross-stitch since I can't bear to poke a needle through my paper... made the banner using PP and baker's twine.. you can't really see it but it's the red and white baker's twine... just like the one I adhered behind the sentiment.

Drew the little hearts myself and glossed it up to make it look more 3D and I based this all on Cardabilities' Sketch #17

I know it's the Christmas season and all but this is like a mix of Christmas and love and hello all together! Notice my little snowflakes at the side? I glittered them up! :) 

Hope you like my card and do hop on over to Cardabilities and join us with this fun sketch! :D


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Arts for Grabs!

I had the most fun the last weekend! This is my first time participating in a handmade art market (I don't think there's many in Malaysia as well) and it was the jolliest time for me in quite a while! 

I met so many indie artists and fell in love with so many things but I had to resist temptation and I only spend on a handbound notebook. Well, I have a very, very soft spot for stationaries..... and notebook is one of them! It is a very lovely notebook! And the seller offers classes which I already signed up for! :P

My hanging wall deco :)

My stall shared with Alvin... have to think of better ways to display in the future to accommodate more things! :P

My 'shop' name! :) Hand-drawn & hand-stamped

Some of the things for sale

My notecards were very well received!

Stuck some cards on the wall to grab attention

As far as experience goes, AFG has given me a good one & I made quite a few good friends. My neighbour and I even collaborated towards the end of the second day selling my mum's handmade blooms which she turned into a pin. She pinned it on her tudung, and I immediately got sales! lol! We're gonna talk about how to go further into it! :P


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Arts For Grabs

I'm going to be at the Arts for Grabs (AFG) with my friend, Alvin, showcasing (of cos all items are for sale) our artwork. Alvin takes great pictures and this time around he's showcasing his pictures of sceneries & sunsets around the world :)

As for me, I'm showcasing my handmade cards, notecards, gift tags, altered photo frame and chimes. Gonna be offering classes to make mini albums & stuff too. Come along, have a look and see if anything from our booth tickles your fancy!

Location : Annexe Gallery, Central Market
It's at the building adjacent to Central Market at the back... Just walk through Central Market to the back, take the lift to the 2nd floor or walk up the stairs to the top floor.
Time : 12noon - 8-pm

There'll be a lot of other indie artists showcasing their  wares too! Come! Have fun! Chat with us! We want to see you!!! :D


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Some things....

... that I've been working on. I haven't participated in challenges for quite a while now but of course, I still have my Cardabilities 'duties' to 'perform... hehe.. 

In the course of Mr. Mojo escaping from my creativity bank and has not seem to want to be found, I've been making some gift tags and note cards :)

What do you think? If you like it, you can find them on my Etsy store! :)