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Monday, 9 September 2013

Writing Backwards

I promised to post a video of how I write backwards... here it is.

Am still trying to figure out how to write 'normally' and achieve the results I want using my left hand. Maybe I have to adjust the slant more? Advice?


Friday, 6 September 2013

Practicing Calligraphy

I have another affection besides my love for all things paper and stationeries... I recently fell in love with modern calligraphy! 

I have seen it online for quite a while but did not take the plunge and tried my hands at it but I could not resist anymore and so I went to buy a set of calligraphy pen and ink to get started. I love that this is the dip ink set and not the ones with cartridges. It just makes the experience so much more fun and authentic.

Writing calligraphy as a leftie poses quite a number of challenges. Although I overcame smudging a long time ago... and I could write italics pretty alright (my first taste of calligraphy was 18 years ago, believe you me) but modern calligraphy totally threw me off.. haha... to achieve this effect which is so easy for righties, I have to write backwards!! 

I will post a short clip of how I wrote backwards in the next post!


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Illustrated ABC Print

So, I have been busy lately... doing quite a bit of illustration and watercoloring which has been so therapeutic and wonderful :)

Some of the illustrations, I turned into cards and they are currently available at The Buttercup LA. They will soon be available on my online shop too (which is in the works at the moment).

I had so much fun drawing and painting these animals for the print.... I had to research some of them too as I wanted this whole print to be ALL animals only :)

It will be printed without the watermark, of course, and packed in a cello bag with backing to protect the print. This print is 8.5 x 11 inches and printed on 110 lbs white  acid-free cardstock.

As the shop is still in the works, you can purchase my artwork via email at evelintee@gmail.com 
Payments will be made via secure Paypal transactions.