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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Love ya

Wow.... are you as excited as me for this new sketch? This one is a bit mind-boggling and challenging to me... looks like too many layers and I was like, whoa...... hehe.... 

Then I decided to be more of a rebel than I was in the previous sketch and erm, rebelled real bad :P Here's my take on Karan's beautiful sketch. I hope I didn't butcher it too much! LOL...

Took out my PB cute hedgehog stamp for this card... well, I'm trying to love my other stamp sets too :P

Code : AO0092

Hope you like my take on the sketch..... well, don't rebel too much, k? I don't want Karan coming after me.... HAHAHA


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Cupcakes & glittery sprinkles

Code : AO0090

Another cupcake attempt! Am liking this cupcake set (that I, unfortunately have not the time to play with more) and the other stamps it comes with. Will definitely play with it more once I get my hands on them again! :)

Another weak attempt at a one layer card. Somehow this still lacks some oomph, to me, that is. I added glittery sprinkles on the middle cupcake and used the blender to blend all the colours in but something is still missing.....

Any suggestions? Other than that.... have a great day! and drop by again soon...!! :)


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I'm late in posting this....

Cindy told me about this sometime ago but I was kinda busy & tied up so I haven't even thanked her for informing me (thank you, sweetie!!)...... but I was super excited about it! It was a piece of super happy news!

My card was one of the chosen cards for WPlus9 Design's On Cue Colour Challenge! I couldn't believe it!!! :)

This was the card that caught their eye :)

Thanks for choosing my card! Am still beaming here!!! :)


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Trying new things

Am enjoying myself trying out new things in a new environment. I always think that delving into something new develops you more as a person.

I'm trying out a different way to photography my card too.... notice the buttons strewn out around the card? I saw this on a lot of blogs and they always look so pretty so I'm trying it out too :) I love how the photo turns out...... :)

I love the sweet colours on this card. And the doily lace and the buttons! And oh, do I love buttons!!! :D

Code : AO0089


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Heartfelt Happiness

Was thinking of putting two colours that I seldom use with one of my favourite colours, blue! I'm really diggin' the hawaiian blue cardstock from PTI.... I'm super bias to the colour blue, anyway.....

Combining my favourite monarch butterfly again, with pearls to bling it up and using a new stamp set from Tim Holtz :) Quite a beauty that set. I'm just lazy to cut out the red rubber, attach it to the cling sheet and then cutting them out one by one.... I think I will just stick to acrylic stamps >.<

Code : AO0088

Hope you like this card, though.... I know I do, immensely :)


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Have a sweet day!

It will be a sweet day, right? I guess, many a times.... how a day turns out depends on our choice. It is our choice to be happy or sad, to rant or solve a problem... and sometimes, we have to be humble no matter how good we think we are.

I guess for me, I think that the richer a person is, the more humble they should be... the more knowledgeable they are, the more they should be nice, the more influential they are, the more they should think of others. Well, you get what I mean.

So, it's alright to know our worth... to know how good we are at what we do. But to also have grace. Nobody is perfect & people make mistakes. God gave us grace, so why can't we extend it to others?

Code : AO0087

Have a little grace & have a sweet day! God first love so that we could love....


Sunday, 16 May 2010

3 Christmases ago...

Found these photos taken 3 Christmases ago, back in 2006. I was helping out in the make-up department for the Church play.... I think it's called, "Something playing in my Ear". Correct me if I'm wrong, peeps :)

There were a few characters that we needed to put extra work on. One is Jesus... and the other is an Old Man... The pictures aren't very clear but you can see the what I mean :)

He's supposed to be covered in blood & bruises. Jesus on the way to the Cross.... It was challenging to both me & Samantha because of all the make-up needed. And to make it look like blood too! But God gave us ideas & I think we were able to pull it off :)

Ben was supposed to be an old man.... he's in his early 20s... hehe... challenging or not? We had to make him look like he had white hair too.... and his mustache as well. All fake... he ain't got a single strand of white hair....

Here's Rayson after full make-up. Suk Yin was helping him with the costume. Look really bloody, right? Well, Jesus was flogged, whipped, tortured for our sakes.... He was really hurt.

Brings back a lot of memories, these pictures :)


Friday, 14 May 2010

Cardabilities Sketch #3

It's Cardabilities #3 now! Wow... time flies, right? It's the 3rd sketch now :D I am a little bit of a rebel interpreting this sketch :P I tweaked it a little but I'm liking the effect.... let's hope I didn't get Karan jumping off the chair.... hehehehehe....

Well, here's her sketch ;
And this is my take on the sketch :)

I didn't tweak it too bad, right? LOL..... my secret love for this flower.... sigh..... and lace.... double sigh :)

Code : AO0085

Do join us over at Cardabilities, k? :) muchas gracias :)


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sweet Thing

Code : AO0086

Just got these cupcake stamps from Unity Stamps at a LSS. Got a few other stamp sets as well.... hope to play with them soon :) I'm pretty much very loyal to PTI now... hehehe....

Am still trying to make one layer, simple, crisp cards but well... this one didnt make that list yet.... It's simple & crisp (I hope) but it's still not one layer.... 

I paper pieced the cupcakes and bling-ed the card a little :) Liking this. Let's see if I can churn out a real, one layer card soon.... I think that's my biggest challenge... LOL


Monday, 10 May 2010

live LAUGH love

This is one of the stamp set I contemplated on buying and then did not and after a good 8 months or so, succumbed to purchasing it after all :P And I'm glad I did.... I L-O-V-E it! very, very much! :)

Don't you think it is just gorgeous? The possibilities are quite endless with this one too.... I'm guessing you'll be seeing this a lot on my blog... haha... I'll try to remember using the past stamps too. I'm using a lot of PTI stamps now.... less of my Hero Arts, Sassafrass, Penny Black & Inkadinkado.... have a random one or two from Basic Grey and K&Co too.... 

I might do a destashing soon..... do you think anyone would like to buy some of my stamp sets off me?

Code : AO0083

Loving the manual mode on my dslr... seriously, seriously! This is the first time I'm able to capture the accurate colour of purple on my card! :) Happiness!!!


Saturday, 8 May 2010


I am very much in love with this cute little car set..... and the outline alphabets too. I can see great use for that set :P It's going to be a staple in my mini albums and cards too :)

Another set that I'm really besotted with is the "Friends till the End' set... I know it's an old set from PTI but I ordered it anyway after about 8 months since I discovered PTI :) The next card posted will feature that set... :D 

Code : AO0082

And I've recently started playing with the manual mode on my dslr.... it's way cooler than the Aperture mode... look at the colours! It's so much more accurate... MUACKs!! I love manual mode!!! :D


Friday, 7 May 2010

One layer, two....

This was my weak attempt at a one layer card... I have no idea how you girls make it and so beautifully too... but I have serious problems creating one layer cards... haha.....

This card was supposed to be for Kristina's one layer card challenge (which lapsed a week ago, I think). It obviously did not end up one layer so I did not enter it.... and I didn't make any one layer cards after this one either.... >.<

Code : AO0081

I do have a few more cards that I've created but not yet posted up. I get a bit back-logged sometimes when I totally have no mojo... and then I start creating again & take pictures of the cards but they tend to end up in the camera..... cos I'm lazy to upload them on the lappie.... 

But I've finally done it two nights ago... so, I'm back! :D


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cheer up, Buttercup!

I finally got my PTI order and am so glad I ordered this set! Well, I don't have any masculine or vehicle kinda stamps before so, I guess I'm very happy seeing this set :) I wanted to order the set with the airplane too but it was out of stock... :(  I will probably order that the next time I place an order...

I used the retro background stamp to jazz up the base and chose some bright colours for this card. I love the Hawaiian blue ink... well, honestly, I love the colour blue. My mother once said, there's no need to ask me what colour to choose, just choose the design... haha... cos I would definitely take blue (in any design).... :P

Well, I'm no longer like that, though blue is still one of my favourite colours!

I made this card based on Card Pattern's Sketch #62. Lovely sketch, really! I am gonna make a few more cards based on this! 

Code : AO0084


Saturday, 1 May 2010

Cardabilities Sketch #2

woot woot.... I'm a day late for Cardabilities Sketch #2!!! gosh..... am so sorry. It's May 1st now. Labour's Day but there's no replacement leave for today's holiday.. boo hoo >.<

Ok. Right on to the sketch.... Here's another fabulous sketch :)

And here's my take on the sketch.

Loving the lace... it's given to me by my fabulous bloggie friend, Cindy. Can you believe it? We have never met but she's so kind to send me stuff! :) Keep an eye out for your package soon, dearie... will let you know when I send it out :)

And here's a close up.

Code : AAL0035

The flower is handmade too..... I made a bunch some time ago for use :) Love 'em.