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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bookbinding Workshop

Are you interested to learn the ancient art of bookbinding? Bookbinding is a fun, therapeutic and thoroughly enjoyable experience!

You will now be able to bind your own journal, album, sketchbook for your own use or as gifts for your friends after this class! 

There's no need to bring anything except yourself to this class! It's going to be totally fun and awesome! :D

If you're interested, please do email me your details at angelicquirk@gmail.com ;

Name :
Mobile number :
Address :
Website (if any) :

Payment details will be sent to you via email. Thanks!


Monday, 25 July 2011

Going Places!

Angelicquirk is going places! haha... pun intended! My journals are being featured currently in Going Places magazine :)

If you're flying MAS or Firefly this month, do check out the magazine on page 80 and you'll see my journals being featured there... it's on the bottom right of the page... quarter page, that's quite an accomplishment, ya? :D

It's a really awesome feeling to have this recognition and to be selected to be published! Thank you Going Places and Triona for this privilege and opportunity! :) I do hope it will create a lot more awareness for me and my brand! :)


Sunday, 10 July 2011

A long awaited Card post :)

Honestly speaking, I haven't been making cards for such a long time! Well, I guess I had a lot of cards still in stock so I didn't really bothered replenishing my 'inventory' but I am so aching to make some! I just had  not enough time in a day!

*sewing journals is time consuming.. well, not if you're only sewing one or two*

So, when I received orders to make cards, I'm really happy! :D Here's an order for a birthday card and 2 congratulations cards for wedding :)

"Love is in the air" & "Love birds"

Sorry about the instagram photos, which is appearing a lot on my blog nowadays (cos I uber love instagram), but it's also a faster way for me to take pics and I love the cool effects! :P 

Hope you like the pics! :)


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

its Urbanscapes, y'all!

Have you heard of Urbanscapes??? Yes? No? Well, Urbanscapes is an uber cool event! There's going to be a marketplace showcasing lots of unique handmade or non-handmade stuffs for sale, performances by artists and games for everyone!

It's going to be huge! It's going to be fun! It's going to be awesome!!!

Will you be there? 

Be there, or be square! :D


Friday, 1 July 2011

Where Journals with a touch of class can be found :)

If you're looking for handbound journals with a touch of class, you should drop by Kita-Kita at Damansara Heights (where Chef & Brew is) to check them out :)

I love that the shop is in a building on its own and the environment surrounding Kita-Kita is quaint yet soothing. It's a place I would love to chill out at and I'm so glad that they love my journals so much, they asked me to make them some with the Batik that they have :)

So, if you need a gift with a touch of class for a person who loves stationeries, you know where to look for it! Bring my batik journal home with you! :)

Will take more pictures next time to post :)