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Saturday, 24 May 2008

"The Team"

I'm feeling nostalgic -.-" This is the picture of "the Team" :) Not all are from the 'original' team but well, this is the team at the end of 2005.

I miss them. Very Much. Some more than others.

Yeah, I have no idea why I'm feeling so nostalgic. Shoot me. haha..


Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Quotes I love

The finger of GOD touches your life when you make a friend ~Mary Dawson Hughes


Monday, 19 May 2008

Prince Caspian (the movie) is out, Prince Caspian!! ... Oh my God...

*scampers off*

P/s: I SO SO SO am in LOVE with The Chronicles of Narnia. Doesn't hurt that the cast actually grows on you and oh, Lucy has grown prettier :) Will write a review about it shortly. Gosh, I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars!

*super grins*


I'm too busy for...

You know the song with the lyrics that go something like, " I'm too sexy for my voice, too sexy for my clothes..." sung by a guy with very husky voice? hehehe...

Just replace all the words "sexy" in that song with the word "busy" and it'll be all but just approriate for me at this moment in time. Well, actually, I've been so bumped up since I started my new job a month ago. Studying, working, doing my reports almost all the time.

Work is consuming my life. I'm "working" even during my private time, back home...oh where oh where has my personal time gone? :P

I just *hope* this is a phase. I don't mind work but I am just hoping for a breathing space. Time to watch tv or read a book on my personal time without worrying about the report I'm supposed to send or do.



Saturday, 17 May 2008

Quotes I love

Inspired by quotes from Monaco's blog, I'm gonna include some quotes I love from time to time on my blog too :)

Here's one to kick-start things,

To Love and Be Loved is to Feel the Sun from Both Sides ~ David Viscott


Friday, 16 May 2008

Sex without Love ...

Apparently Sex Without Love is Just Exercise.. hmmm... Quite quite true, isn't it? Scarily true.

Took this picture, obviously, without the permission of the person wearing the t-shirt :P

Quote of the day, I say.... quote of the day.

So people, don't just do it for the exercise, k? You can go jogging or try yoga instead. Gives you a good adrenaline rush and a great dose of endorphines too. Greater than sex! Runner's high. Heard of that? *grins*


Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sometimes you just need to be positive

Okie, so I might not be the chirpiest, bubbliest person around. I used to be leaning more towards that side of the scale but as years gone by, I don't know. I became more easily agitated and prone to shed tears.

Boy, I never used to shed tears easily. Nope. Not even in the toughest situations. In front of the telly, alone, yes. But never around others *shy*

But now, tears flow more easily. Good or bad? I think it's more of the latter. I should have more control. sigh. All this tears shedding thing came after I started dating. So, I guess I have to 'put the blame' on my ex-bf..haha. He was afterall my first love. The one who 'opened' me to the world of BG relationships (BGR).

Ahhh, but all that is besides the point isn't it? Seems like I digressed. Or didn't I?

Over the last 2 years, life has been in the category of 'topsy-turvy' for me. Especially in the area of work. Maybe it's more prevalent in that area. I don't know why. Ever since I left my first company, my directions never seem to be really clear nor heading to a desired path. I constantly feel that I'm in a crossroad. I constantly feel restless and now that I'm in my new job, I feel very insecure and stressed.

So much to learn, so much to catch up and so little time. I don't know how I can cope. I have not spent so much time at home after office hours reading or doing office-related stuff for quite a while. And when I'm ticked off by a 'senior' just 3 weeks into the job, I felt super miserable. I won't deny the fact that I have thoughts of quiting but a part of me tells me to persevere on.

See, it's a tug of war...again. I'm trying to be positive. Thank God I have friends whom I can call and pour out my feelings to. They have also been my source of comfort and encouragement. Of course, God, I thank you for listening to me, though I feel I don't deserved to be listened to cos I have not been very near You.

After getting my feelings off my chest and a good night's sleep. I am feeling more positive. I shall have to keep reminding myself to take things in my stride and be bolder.


Tuesday, 6 May 2008

This young child ROCKS!!

A dear friend emailed me a link to this YouTube video. It's about a 5-year old who was born blind but can play the piano by ear since she was 3.

It's very touching. She's not even the mother's own child. She was adopted. I admire her mother too for the love she showered upon this little girl.


Sunday, 4 May 2008

And when the clock strikes..

I have no idea what I will do or how I will react. I've been quiet. On my blog, that is. Haven't got the time to write, haven't got the time to craft. Need to find an outlet for my pent-up frustrations soon.

Contemplating solution that a blogger friend took. Not sure if I should yet. I think I should contact her first and then evaluate from there.

I just can't understand. I need just the basic informations to do my job. Why can't the said person just give it to me? Won't he want me to do my job too as it would ultimately affect his? Sigh. My bro says maybe I'm a threat. But oh please. I'm so blardy new in that job lah. Maybe he just plain doesn't like my face *shrug* Either way, I'm in some kind of deep sh*t.



Can't wait for this release, though!

I have an addiction to the Chronicles of Narnia. So much so that I wish it really is true and I could be sucked into it. Only thing is, I wouldn't want to return. Well, I think the Pevensies might not have wanted to, either.

Yes, I know I'm no longer a 'child' and in the book only children were 'allowed' into Narnia from our world. I would like to think I have the soul of a child still and that in my heart of hearts, I am forever one *grins*

Can't wait for the release of Prince Caspian...let's just hope it won't dissappoint me. I have a very *vivid* imagination :D


Saturday, 3 May 2008

It tells the truth? Oh, really...

I'm talking about the movie "The Golden Compass". I know, I'm a bit late on catching up on my movies but better late than never, right?

The cast it boasts is admirable. With yummy eye-candies in the likes of Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Eva Green, it should be worth a watch just because of them :) The CGI and sets are beautiful to boot too. I am impressed with the cinematographics, music scores and the acting.

Sad thing is, I don't really understand the movie. Initially I thought, heck, as the show progresses, it might make more sense. You know, like those suspense movies? But it never did. I give it credit for all the beauty and the actions it has but a solid story line?? One that expands? Nada. Nope. Zilch.

BF says maybe we have to read the book first. But that doesn't make sense. Most movie adaptations from books were of course not as great as the writings but it made sense. I could understand the plot in Memoirs of a Geisha, LOTR, Narnia, Harry Potter series to name a few but this one just doesn't really have the gelling effect.

In terms of special effects and eye-candies, I think it's worth a watch but it's nothing to shout about. Maybe the book ain't that worth reading either. I have read all the above mentioned books, though. Every single one of them. Of course, the power of the mind is greater than what any movie producer can create but this one, sigh. I think they need to make it more 'understandable'. I was still in the 'huh'? mode when the credits came up. Did my research on it in Wiki but uhm, I still think this plot doesn't really tickle my fancy and boy, am I one to love fantasy.