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Monday, 27 June 2011

Last Weekend

Last Saturday, I was at Jaya One for a 3-in-1 Bazaar! It was massive, it was huge, it was Chic Pop 8 + Crafty 4 + Bettr Weekend all in one! :) The crowd were treated to an array of vintage clothing/accessories, handmade arts and crafts and organic produce :)

I was of course under the Crafty 4 section of handmade arts and crafts, bringing with me my handmade journals, butterfly stickers, clothes peg fridge magnets, cards, supplies, and more :) I shared a booth with Melysa of Carbrinice Art and we both had so much fun! :) 

Then on Sunday, I went to visit my parents and their friends at Dataran Merdeka. Dad took part in the 42 km event at KL Marathon. The weather was a little bit sunny and we were all perspiring while waiting for them to arrive at the finishing line but it was fun to meet up with them :)

Had a great catch up session, lunch and then Mum & Dad went back to Johor with their friends. I loved this past weekend although it was a very tiring one :)


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Butterfly Stickers

For months I have been toying with the idea of making stickers. I contemplated over it because I wasn't sure what materials I needed and I can't afford to spend more on tools! :P So, the idea was merely playing in my mind until a couple of weeks ago when I saw a tutorial online. They were making paper tapes because of the recent washi tape craze and I thought, "hey, I could do this!"

I kept all my scrapbooking scraps in a file and this is the perfect opportunity to upcycle my scraps :) The paper are all so pretty. It's just that some of them are rather small in size but I still kept them anyways :)

Been punching butterflies the whole morning... I may do another butterfly pattern but we'll see. For now, I have these and I'm contented :) They come in 3 sizes and there are 30 in each pack (10 of each sizes). Colours and design are random and they are only RM10 per pack! Bring them home! 

They will debut this weekend at Jaya One! Oh, I'll be around the Starbucks area of Jaya One. Look for me! We don't know our booth number yet.. 


Monday, 20 June 2011

T'was ended a great weekend

I fell in love with Annexe Gallery ever since I went for a photo-shooting session with my friend to Central Market early last year. That was the first time I stumbled upon Annexe Gallery and the other quaint shops downstairs. I love the character and the feel that place exudes. Somehow, it is just an artsy place :)

Just this past weekend, I participated in Annexe Gallery's Arts for Grabs + KL Alternative Bookfest. This is my second foray there, selling my handstitched journals and other handmade knick knacks and I loved every second that I spent there :)

The crowd was constantly flowing in from the start on Saturday, all the way to the end on Sunday. I don't even have time to go around and shop myself :P At one point, I don't even have time to go to the washroom! LOL. 

I had a great weekend thanks to the A-team over at Annexe Gallery (Pang, Lee Kwang and Lali), my precious friends Nadiah and Rekha and of course, to all of you who visited, stopped by and bought my handmade journals & knick knacks! I really appreciate you! 

A big "Thank You" shout out to all of you! :)


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Reflections of the day

(Thanks hubby for this photo!)

Today is about to end but there are some things that I would like to reflect on.

1. The God I serve is really a Great God. He is awesome beyond words and I have experienced firsthand that He will not shortchange His children who obeys Him. For in Luke 6:8 it says, "Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you."

2. I really enjoyed my day, especially breakfast with Rekha, Nadiah and Bremen and Alison visiting and even Melissa who brought me Nescafe! :) Thank you God for your goodness in placing these nice souls in my life. 

3. Someone stole one of my journals... right from under my nose. You will be judged by God (I don't care which god you worship, you will be judged nonetheless. Just remember that). It really upsets me cos I really put a lot of effort, love and time into creating each journal.

4. Penny, my precious kitten, is sick. We came back to puke and diarrhea on the living room floor. My heart breaks to see her unwell. I pray that God will give her rest and heal her and not let her suffer.


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thank You!

A really sweet friend of mine searched high and low for a sheep image to use for my Logo and requested another friend to make these sweet badges for me! Oh, I am so blessed! Thank you Lord for the people you put around me :)

I pinned one of the badges on my purple pouch where I put all my threads and needles in for sewing my books and I'm so loving it there! Am going to wear the other one when I go for craft markets! :)

Thank you, dearie! You know who you are! :D


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Arts For Grabs!

Angelicquirk Handmade Crafts will be participating at Arts For Grabs this coming weekend (18th-19th June) over at Annexe Gallery :) There's going to be a lot of funky, cute, pretty handmade stuffs and also lots of books for sale! Probably lots of books you won't find in mainstream bookshops too!

Come join us for two days of fun and feast your eyes on our delectable handmade wares! :) Better yet, bring them home too! :)

See you there!


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sewing Journals

Here's a little peek at my tiny work table and the stack of journals that I need to sew :) I try to sew more when I can because the process of bookbinding is not something that can be done in an hour. It takes time to fold the paper, cut the holes, then sew the signatures together, make the covers, add elastic band (or leather cord, etc) and glue the whole thing together... Then the journal needs to be kept under heavy weight to make sure they glue/bond well together before I can take it out and show it to the world.

I love working on this tiny table because it's the only place where I can watch tv when I work. I sit on the floor and sew or fold the papers. If I wanna make cards, it's easier to do that on my craft table in another room. Sometimes I get backache and numb legs from sitting on the floor too long. I have to remind myself to get up and walk around for a while to relax my muscles... :) 

But I enjoy making handmade stuffs :) I cannot explain it, I just like it :)


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Of Handmade Soaps

My friend, Melissa sent me a link a couple of days ago to Indochine's Natural Handmade Soap. She bought a bar when she went back to Penang and the kind people at Indochine told her, all her friends can get a free bar too if they register on their website.

Well, I have always loved handmade stuff and have been using Michelle's handmade soap for a couple of months now. And now, I'm given a chance to try more handmade soap! Why not? :D

I'm a very happy girl when the Pos Laju guy rang my doorbell :) He was holding a small package. I forgot I registered on Indochine's website. So I asked him what it was and he said he didn't know.. haha...

I love their packaging! It's so pretty, right? And looks contemporary Oriental too :) I was like a little girl given a candy whenever I'm given a package! Can't seem to wait to rip off the wrapper on the package!

The smell is very refreshing and I can't wait to use it! For now, I'm just enjoying the packaging! :P


Friday, 10 June 2011

Showers of Blessings :)

Last week in church, I was challenged to give a certain amount into the offering bag. I had planned to give a different amount because I don't have much and when the ushers asked if I needed an envelope, I said, 'it's ok'. But as my church Elder spoke, I felt that prompting in my heart again and I told God, 'Ok. I give believing that you will bless me back, k?' I asked for the envelope and gave the amount God placed in my heart.

To be honest, it may not be a big amount to many of you but to me, it is, because I am relying on selling my handmade crafts now and don't have a stable income. I believe that He will not shortchange me and just went on my week. Went for supply shopping too and felt 'poor' after that.. But God works in His own way and own timing!

From Wednesday, I received an order to make 25 bookmarks and then subsequent orders for bookmarks came in too when friends saw the photos I posted in Instagram & facebook. And when I uploaded photos of my new mini journals, I received orders too! I was making a list just now cos I was afraid I might miss out any orders since they were all commented on the photos in my facebook page, and when I calculated, the amount that I will get from the sales of my bookmarks and journals is 10 times more than what I put into the offering bag last Sunday!!

He is showering me with His blessings and I am so thankful for that. I believe the lesson He wants to teach me is that; it's not the amount that matters to Him, rather it's my obedience that He's after. Just wanted to share my testimony to the world :D


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Journals with leather cord & charm closure

I'm trying a new closure for my journals... instead of using elastic band, I'm trying leather cord this time around. And I'm launching a new journal size too! It's a little journal that fits right into your wallet without you noticing it and it's so cute, you'll definitely fall in love with it :)

Of course, if you like this size but you want it with the elastic band, you can always let me know and I can make that for you :) For now, I'm in love with the leather cords and the charms that go with it. 

Hope you like them too! I'm off to make some bookmarks and cards now :) Haven't indulge in card making for a long time. Stay tuned! Probably will be updating them tomorrow :)


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My little helper & some news

Penny loves to watch me when I craft or rearrange my handmade stuffs... sometimes she wants to play with the things I've made, other times, she just wants that elastic band that's on my table. She loves simple things too and an elastic band is enough to keep her entertained for a couple of hours :)

These pictures were taken when I was using this tray to transport some of my journals to another room to photograph them. The moment I took the journals out, she climbed into the tray and plonked her body on it. So cute! 

And then she decided to take a nap in it. So, I just let her while I continue to photograph my journals and do my work :)

On some other news, some of you may know that I was 'co-pilot' for Square Art. It was a venture with a friend selling mosaic tile supplies for art. But as much as I loved the business and the art of it, I had come to a place where I have to make a tough decision to let it go. It pains me because it was my 'baby' too but I guess it's something that had to be done. I need to concentrate on Angelicquirk Handmade Crafts, to think of new ideas and dream of new projects!

I'll be selling scrapbooking/mini album kits as well in the near future! Assembling the kits at the moment and will be listing them soon! :)

Thank you for your support thus far and I hope that you will continue supporting me! :)


Friday, 3 June 2011

Angelicquirk on Sherbet Blossom

I emailed Hannah of Sherbet Blossom a couple of months ago asking if she would do a review on my handstitched journals and to my delight, she replied with a 'yes' :)

I have been visiting Hannah's blog for quite some time and really love her posts and reviews so I asked if she could help me with my indie business. I sent her a kettle-stitched journal as a token of appreciation too and am very happy that she likes it! :)

Below is a printscreen of her review on my journal! :) I inserted a link to so please do go over to her blog and give it some love as well! :)


31 MAY 2011
Journal Reviews.

I'm a huge journal writer. I believe in documenting life, no matter how simple that life is. Our lives may not be important to many, but they are extremely important to some. I hope that my children and grandchildren will be able to know me through my writing.

I was emailed on the same day by two wonderful journal companies to review their products and was thrilled to do so. They are completely different, but equally charming. I hope you all take a moment to check out their darling shops.

Evelin is a small, independent handmade crafter. She owns a darling etsy shop full of paper crafting galore. Her journals are darling and very well-made. I love the vintage style. Her covers are sturdy and paper is thick, high quality. I use very inky pens and there is no bleeding. I love the line-less paper. It gives me the freedom to write as I will. The price is amazing for a kettle-stitched book, too! I love that they lay completely flat as I write. As soon as mine is filled out, I will be back to buy another.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Random Instagram Photos

I just finished 3 days of craft market over at Sunway University and though sales wasn't as encouraging because it's apparently the study leave week, I had a great time bonding with the other crafters :)

But I think I'm too tired now to think of what to blog so here's some random photos I took with instagram for you :P 

my painting supplies... wanna start painting again

Monkey see, Monkey do :)

Postcards I sent myself from Bangkok

Will be back with postings of cards soon! :)