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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Exciting weekend!

This weekend, Angelicquirk will be at Chic Pop Street Market 7 @ Jaya One, PJ on Saturday..... and then on Sunday, we'll be at Kaka Art Market @ Shaw Parade, KL! It's gonna be a power-packed weekend!! Looking forward to meeting a lot of you and having fun amidst crafters :)

On Saturday... Jaya One

On Sunday, Shaw Parade KL

Gonna call it a night... have been crafting non-stop and will still be doing so the next two days! Will take some pictures tomorrow (hopefully) to share on what you can expect to get! :) There's be new products that I love! Do you love stationaries? Then you might just fall in love with them too! :)


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Making things easier...

One of the cards I made for my card kits! Yes, I'm offering card kits now :) I know it's very expensive to buy supplies & tools and so I've made it more affordable for you to create beautiful cards on your own without feeling too big a pinch! :)

I have prepared the cardstock, rounded the corners (for designs with rounded corners), stamped the images, punched out the patterned papers with punchers and basically prepared most of the things you need. All you have to do is to colour the image and assemble them!

I have also included a picture sample of the card and some tips so that you can work on them at home. It's really simple & easy! :)

Time to head over to my FB page and see which kit you like and take one home! Each kit contains materials to make 2 cards and it's only for RM 17/kit! All materials provided are acid-free :)


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Personalized Handstitched Journal

I love it when my dear friend (& supporter) personalizes something she purchased from me :) Met up with Shirl yesterday morning for a chatty brunch session and also cos she wanted to get a present for her SIL. She asked me to bring some of the handstitched journals that I have for her to choose and so I did :)

She chose the giraffe print and said she will personalize it when she gets back home and I told her to email me a photo! :) And this is what she did! :)

She made the already pretty giraffe print (I love this print) even prettier! Gosh, I love how she used the mosaic tiles to make the name and how she added bling to the flower buds. It's not that visible but it's there! ;)

Do show me pictures of how you personalize things you bought from me. I will post it on my blog and on my FB too :)


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Doing my small part

When the tsunami hit Japan, I felt really bad for the people there and had thought to do something to raise funds for the victims there. Then a follower at my facebook page emailed me asking me if I have plans to do anything to help as well. But I was really tied up last week and couldn't prepare stuffs till now but here I am now. 

Below are the card sets that I'm selling to raise funds. Just email me to order as I will be making it as the requests comes in. 50% of the sale will go towards helping the people in Japan. I will make my donation through World Vision Malaysia.

If any of you are not from Malaysia but wishes to help. I will list these cards on Etsy as well. If you see that it's sold, just email me and I will re-list it again.

Everything you purchase from Etsy or my Facebook page from now till end of March will also contribute towards the relief fund.

Thank you in advance for your kindness. I believe every small part that we do counts.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Eco Design Bazaar

I was over at the Weld on Saturday. Participated in the Graphic Goes Green bazaar organized by CutOut magazine. It's been a while since I last went to the Weld. Honestly I've ever been there only for lunch with my hubs when he was working nearby previously. Else, I don't really go to that part of town. So, when the organizer said that the event is at the Weld, I was pondering if they would have crowd seeing that it's not really KLCC or Pavillion :P

There was not a lot of crowd and I found out from other vendors that the Weld survives mainly on office crowd so they don't really have weekend crowd. Even Delifrance closes at 3pm on Saturday and does not open on Sunday! That was an eye opener since I never know of any cafes that closes on weekends... LOL. 

That said, I had fun because I'm once again surrounded by crafters and although the crowd wasn't pouring in as we expected, there was a constant flow of people, albeit not many. Well, it gave us a chance to chit-chat and see other crafters' wares :) 

I'll be at Chic Pop Market next! On the 2nd April at Jaya One. So, come say 'hi', bring home an item or two (or more!) and immerse yourself in creativity and be rejunevated :) 

And if you do see anything you like here or over at my FB page, just drop me an email at angelicquirk@gmail.com to place an order. Custom orders are welcomed too :)


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Next destination....

Angelicquirk will be part of yet another super duper fun market! This time it's the Chic Pop Street Market at Jaya One on the 2nd April!! :)

It's in just about another 2 weeks and it's pretty exciting. There's gonna be a lot of fun activities and contests on that day besides lots of pretty things that you can buy back for yourself or your loved ones! :) 

Chic Pop has always been a market filled with lots of great fun, things to buy, ideas, inspiration and activities. So, do drop by and I hope you'll have fun! And do come by and say 'Hi' if you drop by, k? I will definitely want to say 'Hi' back :)


Friday, 18 March 2011

Where am I this Sat?

Angelicquirk will be at Eco Design Bazaar at The Weld, KL this coming Saturday!!! Which is technically today since I'm posting this at midnight :P

See you there!


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Coptic Stitching

Just like how the Copts did wayyyyyyy back in the 2AD. They did not have this cute matryoshka fabric back then... hehehe... so, lucky me! :P

I really like the little chain motif that coptic binding has on the spine of the book. It's pretty and hey, this one allows the book to lie flat too! I used to love buying journals and notebooks but now, I make them! erm, I still am very tempted to buy journals, though... I love pretty stationaries! Can't help it! If I have a million bucks, I think a lot of it will go into stationaries, scrapbooking supplies and photography! :P

See the lovely matryoshka fabric? It's oh so pretty, right? Cute matryoshka dolls in a row... I think they really do stand out against the black background! and you can get this lovely fabric from Fabric Fanatics! :)

Most of my fabric for my journals are from Fabric Fanatics... she's really great and communicative so I definitely recommend you to get fabrics from her! :)


Monday, 14 March 2011

Kettle Stitched Journal

I've been wanting to share more pictures of my handstitched journals but, erm... I've been procrastinating on photographing them. LOL... I've been in a creative and productivity slum recently. Hating the feeling because it makes me feel really lazy. And most of the time, I'm more productive at night... like an owl.. haha...

Anyways, I plucked my lazy bum away from my procrastinating seat and finally took some pictures. I even listed a couple of items on Etsy! woot woot!! Let's just keep those fingers crossed that it will translate into sales :D

Kettle Stitching

It has a cute, pretty detail on it....

and it lies flat!

I love that handstitched journals like flat! It's perfect for lefties like me! :D Whether it's kettle stitching or coptic stitching, they lie flat! Will share another journal I made with coptic stitching soon.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

A learning process

Life is a learning process... no matter where we are in life, what titles or positions we have or had under our belts, or how old we are, there are always things out there for us to experience and learn. Because we can never finish learning everything that life has to offer.

But one of the few things I've learned so far is to be true to yourself. To be honest and sincere in the things that we do. To be happy doing it and if sharing, share genuinely. We answer to God and to ourselves. So if we can honestly justify our actions to God and to ourselves, then no one else's opinions matter.

Principles and ethics of life needs to be adhered to.

We cannot stop people from their actions but theirs is not for us to judge. We just need to take care of our own actions. Be true to ourself.

And be happy doing it. This is a whole new phase of life for me and I'm loving all the lessons being thrown my way :)


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shadow Box Frame

My grandma's 78th Birthday was last week and we gathered as a family to take her out for dinner and celebrate with her :) It was fun gathering together, chatting, catching up, laughing and just enjoying each other's company.

Instead of chicken essence, toiletries, etc as birthday gift, this year, I made my grandma a gift from the heart :) My only regret is that this photo doesn't have my brother in it... he's in the US for post-graduate studies at the moment and so, that's why he's not in the picture... sobs.

This photo was taken during my mum's birthday last December :) We celebrated it with her friends as well. Grandma followed us back to Johor to celebrate with her. Was fun :) 

I love shadow boxes... because I can just put any embellishments I want and make everything more 3D :) I had wanted to make one of these for the longest time but as always, I'm queen procrastinator, you know... haha

Am gonna make more :) Warning : Making this can get addictive :)

p/s : you can order this specially customized for you as well. Email me at angelicquirk@gmail.com to find out how! :)

Monday, 7 March 2011


Hallo :) Thought I'll share a treasury that I am featured in on Etsy... well, I have been featured in a few treasuries before this but I didn't really post them here... will do so in the future... at least to add some fun :)

This treasury is curated by Jainabee... it's so warm & sunshine-y (if there's such a word....) :P Loving the items she chose :)

All the above are items from our very own Team Etsy Malaysia. Support local handmade products!


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Handmade Market, Lex Empire Gallery

We were at Lex, Empire Gallery Subang last Saturday. It was the first Handmade Market organized in that mall and it was fun! :) Well, the crowd was not as encouraging as the previous markets that I've participated in but it was fun! I guess there was not enough publicity yet (or they were not shameless enough in telling people about the event, as my friend puts it... hahahahaha)

Here's some pictures of my booth & stuffs :) I shared a booth with Square Art and my resident photographer/postcard buddy was there too!

I guess the organizers really have to step it up to promote the Handmade Market better to draw in the crowd.. especially cos they are on the 2nd floor of the mall and hidden in one corner.. Some feedback I heard from people were that the people at the information counters were not fully informed, there were not enough buntings and clear signages... my dad even had to put one of the bunting up properly on his way down the escalator... seems it was overturned.. someone must have knocked it over... hmmmm

That said, because the crowd was not as packed, it gave me the chance to go mingling with the other sellers and take lotsa pictures! Something I was never able to do at other craft markets! Well, pros and cons! hahahaha.... Still, I'm willing to go give it another try if there's another handmade market there... cos I like the fun people I surround myself with :)

A special thanks to my parents, grandma & aunt who came to support me too... It really means a lot to me! And as always, my hubby is there to help me & keep me company :) He's the sweetest! Oh, and Alvin (postcard/photographer) was around the whole day on Saturday too so I was not alone... yeay! :)

The partners-in-crime :)


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Find us, meet us, take us home at.....

AngelicQuirk and Square Art are going to be at the Handmade Market organized by Team Etsy Malaysia on the 5th March (this coming Saturday!!!) at Lex, Empire Shopping Gallery Subang :) 

Lex is on the 2nd floor of the shopping gallery... you won't miss it! Just look for the Lex Slide... the longest (or was it highest...) indoor slide in Malaysia! :)

This is one event you wouldn't want to miss if you love unique handmade items that are lovingly made! One of a kind items that you can't find mass-produced because we love to make our products unique and we take pride in making them so! :)

AngelicQuirk will be showcasing more new products... think lifestyle items and more stationary love for you! Square Art will be showing you that being 'square' is the new cool and how you can achieve that! :)