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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Why a *lot* of girls are single

Apart from the below 3 reasons?

1. All good men are --> MARRIED
2. All good men are --> TAKEN
3. All good men are --> GAY

Well, hmmm.. I would say because most men are quite, quite NOT the gentlemen they are supposed to be anymore. No more chivalry, no more saving the damsel in distress, no more throwing of coats on puddles for the damsel to walk over... Nope. Things like that will only happen in, let's see.. MOVIES!

If you happen to chance upon guys like that, they most probably are in the above 3 categories OR are not and near extinction in numbers *grin*

It doesn't mean that just because women today are more independent financially and well, on the whole, men should just treat them like --> men because we are NOT men. We want to be treated equally ( etc, no more feet-binding, polygamy, no rights to vote, second-class to men, sex-slaves and what not ) but equality doesn't mean omitting chivalry, right?

Take for example, my female colleague tried to climb on the table to remove some hanging decorations in the presence of 2 (very) MALE colleagues and guess what? They just sat there. Being the independent woman I normally am, I would have climbed up and helped her but I decided to goad the guys into helping.

" Hey, why aren't you guys helping?"
Guy A kept quiet.
Guy B, " Ai-yah, she can do it without us."
"If you are a man, you would help her and not let her climb up there"
Guy A got up from his seat to help, still keeping quiet.
'' Wah, good for you. See (guy B's name), at least one of you are man enough."
Guy B got up from his seat, albeit reluctantly, to help.
Guy B," you come down lah..hold the chair for me. I will remove the decoration."


Why are a lot of smart, pretty, independent women single? Could be due to the simple fact that men are not men, anymore. Literally. A little chivalry and romance won't hurt. We, female, are more of the emotional kind anyway.

Hallo, we are not weak, okay. Chivalry just shouldn't be dead because we can handle so many things (yeah, superwoman). God made us your helpers. Helping you along in your life. Don't you decipher it anyway you like and make it like we have to do everything now, yo.

But that's another 'debate' for another day :P


Saturday, 23 February 2008


My latest obsession.

No, not the staying at home kind.. I do love staying at home *shrugs* I don't know why but I just love to stay at home. Sometimes I spend the time crafting, sometimes just lazing around watching the idiot box. I guess I have to 'credit' this to my upbringing. Mum & Dad usually stays at home. We seldom go out much and Sundays are days where I bury myself reading the newspaper. Cos that's what they do to. And that's where I get most of my 'useless' knowledge :P

Aahh, but I digress. My latest obsession is --> House, MD. I think I'm a freak for all kinds of shows that involves suspense, flashy medical terms and sarcasm..haha. I learn a lot from shows like these too (CSI, Damages, NCIS to name a few). I love shows I need to use my brain *grins*

Gregory House, the sarcastic but brilliant doctor in House, MD. Well, the eye candy helps..hehe.. Dr. Cameron and Dr. Chase are quite, quite pleasing to the eyes. House isn't half-bad. I think he grows on you.

Quit staring at me....haha

My love for the sarcastic, crippled Dr has not waned *chuckles* Trying to get my hands on Season 1. I only have season 2 & 3. Can't wait for the next season!!

*be still my beating heart :) *



the times I used to blog fervently about anything and everything that happens around me save for some really awkward or politically-incorrect things that I should not reveal lest I want part of my life ruined..hehe

I don't have that fervour anymore. Where is that fire? Well, maybe I've grown lazy. Maybe I don't want to reveal so much about my personal life to the people on blogosphere anymore. Maybe, there's a lot of maybe's.

So for now, I'll just stick to lots of crafting and more crafting news..



Monday, 18 February 2008

Absolutely lovely

The weather today, I mean. Yesterday was hot, hot, hot. The kinda heat you would expect since it's still in the Chinese New Year period (officially ending tomorrow..15th day already. Everyone ready with their 'kam'?). I am on Medical Leave at the moment. Since yesterday. Having a series of come and go backache. Could be due to an old injury or just because I have not exercise regularly for SoooOOoo long * I miss my Fitness First days..sobs..*

The pain is not so bad anymore, thank God but it can get so bad when it comes. But well, life's like that, huh? I just have to be a good girl and start doing more yoga to relax and strenghten my core muscles. Then perhaps, join the gym again? Hmmm, too much expenses. Maybe just be a good girl and jog around the neighbourhood. (have to buy pepper-spray first. recently security nationwide seems to be in the sh*ts)

Anyway, since I'm resting at home enjoying the pretty cool weather today, I'm gonna show you what I've been up to. Haha... well, nothing strenous. I crafted a bit. Gonna be doing more after I post this if I can get away from the computer (NoooOOOOOo!!! haha)

Seems appropriate for me :P

Cheery flowers all hand-cut

fantastic 'love' 4?

Just for you

I love you-in 4 languages

Missing you..dearly

Love-classic style

What do you think of my creations? Haven't put them on Etsy yet. Maybe tonight :)


Sunday, 17 February 2008

Jay Chou World Tour Concert

Who in the Canto-pop world doesn't know who the h*ll Jay Chou is? Hey, maybe some of you from Non-Asian region know this guy too. He's a rather talented musician in his own right. Plays the piano superbly, sings (or rather, rap mostly) well and his songs have very catchy beats.

Jay Chou

A heart throb for MANY, many young Asian girls (moi, not included..note : NOT a teeny-bopper) and maybe some NOT so young 'girls' too..haha, every see some 'aunties' going goo-goo-ga-ga over Jay Chou. Well, I have.

Quite a cutie, isn't he? :)

He's not the best looking and I think his face has the same expression throughout a movie ( If I'm not wrong, he acted in 3 so far) but well, he's super famous. And wanted. And to die for. And super cute, erm, sometimes.

* I need to check my pulse. Nope. It didn't race. Rats. I don't feel that way for him..hmmmm..Gimme Johnny Depp anyday, baby..hehe *

Jay Chou, Chow Yun-Fatt & Gong Li

Anyhow, he's landing on Malaysian soil for a concert in Stadium Merdeka this coming weekend. Tickets are sold out like hot-cakes. Last I heard, the only tics left are the RM 398 ones. The priciest of the lot.

And guess what... My brother got himself a FREE ticket to that concert. Ya, you didn't read me wrong. It's F-R-E-E. Wanna date my brother now? hehe..
Come on now, don't be jealous. Not good for ya :P

No, the sister ain't going cos she did not land herself a free tix. HAHA.


Wednesday, 6 February 2008

A devious plan

I'm quite, quite sure of it *grins* I've finally figured it out..

Spring cleaning before the Chinese New Year, that's what I'm talking about. Washing and cleaning, vacumming all nooks and crany, more cleaning and washing and baking and cooking and well, you get what I mean.

It just dawned on to me this morning as I am mopping the floor. This spring cleaning business. Hmmmm, I have a very strong gut feeling now that it must have been a devious plan concocted by our ancestors, somewhere in ancient China, to have the children help with cleaning the whole house without them refusing and throwing a fit.

That's it! This must be it *insert evil laughter*

Parents of old must have gotten tired of asking their children to help with housework that they all gather and came out with this "idea" to make the children clean the house thoroughly at least once a year...HAHA.

Aren't parents smart?

I told my mum what I thought and her reply was a simple, '' Ya-lah*, you mean it took you so long to realize this? "



Have a great reunion dinner everyone :D


footnote = * lah is a Malaysian slang