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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Card Recipe on 365 Cards

I've been lagging, lagging... way lagging in making cards. Couldn't catch up with 365 Card's sketches
unless I take a day off and just make cards instead... *now that's a thought!*

This card was for their Day 84's Card Recipe. No sketch but a list of 'ingredients' to follow in making the card. It's quite a breeze to create a mini-card, especially since there's a list to follow :P

Here's the recipe :

1 3x3 card
1 flower
1 brad
1 piece of ribbon
1 stamped sentiment

The no patterned paper part was both a challenge as well as a welcome. Cos I have grown to love including patterned paper and also, where am I going to put patterned paper on such a tiny card? :P

Here's my take,

Code : TY0003
Status : Available!
Price : RM 4.90 (USD 1.50)

I think I just might make a few more of these mini-cards and keep a stock of them. I think they will come in pretty handy when the occasion arises, don't you think?


A mini Card

Since I've been into making cards and been selling some, thanks to the encouragement & support of my colleagues & friends, I must of course make some for friends that is NOT for sale, right? :P

Made this for a colleague & friend for his birthday that just passed last Monday. How old is he? Aww... how can you ask me that? A girl's age is her secret and I guess a guy's age is theirs to keep as well, isn't it?

It's not the usual 4.5 by 6 inch cards that I make. This one is slightly smaller. A mini-card :) Just for the fun of it!


Friday, 29 May 2009

Am going for a facial (long overdue), clean/vacumm/dust/wipe/laundry, craft a little (or a lot), go craft shop, settle some stuffs for the new place (which isn't even ready yet) and do more stuffs.


I feel tired just thinking of what I have to do today...


Thursday, 28 May 2009

What a happy day!

and what a happy, happy day it is! :)

For a start, I was given this 'award' by fabricbutterfly to which now I have to share 10 honest things about myself to all of you. This is my very first award since I started this blog!! yippee!!

And secondly, my hubby is finally able to come home from work at a decent hour today. I have not seen him for the past few days. He reached home in the wee hours of the night and left before dawn breaks :( So, finally I'm able to see him and talk to him.... I know, how sad >.<

Ok. So, 10 honest things about me..hmmm....

1. I love paper/cloth bags and I collect them!! .... Not plastic ones, them I don't like.

2. I love coffee and I MUST get my daily dose in the morning. No, I don't become the Hulk or anything if I don't indulge in my coffee but I just must have caffeine coursing through my veins.

3. I love, love, l-u-r-v-e making cards.

4. And I also lurve buying paper, stamps, brads, well.... anything I can lay my hands on in a craft shop... I know, it's bad. My purse doesn't really like me going into a craft shop :P

5. Jesus is my teacher and it's not easy being His student. I fail many times and I'm still struggling to be more like Him in many, many aspects of my life.

6. I love bringing my colourful pens along with me everywhere I go -___-'''

7. I love my Moleskines.... all of them. I love the texture of the paper, especially those on the original Moleskines. The paper on the Cahiers just don't feel the same. Neither is it as smooth....hmmm.

8. I hate hypocrites. You like me, you say it so. You don't like, then say it so. Don't pretend.

9. I wish to strike the lottery so that I can have all the money I want to buy craft stuff and then make cards/scrapbook whole day without having to go to work!!! (unfortunately I don't buy... how to strike? :P )

10. I clean when I'm upset.

And that's my 10 honest facts :) and now I'll like to pass the award to.... (gosh, it's hard since I just started crafting and don't really know anyone...let's see);

Fi from my Crafty Spot
Kim from Angel at my Door
Vickilyn from Paper Hugs
Kristen from Kristens' Kards and Klay
Willow from Nature's Workshop
Rose from My Happy Place
Kristie from the Kristie Sessions

These are some of the lovely ladies who visited my blog before. I'm sorry I didn't link everyone who dropped by. Some day I will :)


Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Sometimes we have to make tough decisions and decide how to react to certain situations. Life, well, no one ever said that it's handed to us in a silver platter or in a bed of roses. Some have it easier, some have it tougher.

How we choose to act will determine the outcome and whatever repercussions that comes with it.

We all want to be liked. No matter our ages, our status, etc.... maybe some people really do not care (much) about how others view them, and some more. I secretly believe that all people care, some just are better at disguising it.

White, Black and Yellow.... these are the colours I'm going to be using. These are the colours representing my decision, my thoughts.

'Seek ye first thy kingdom of God and His righteousness. And all these things shall be added on to you..... '


Monday, 25 May 2009

Day 85 on 365 Cards

The sketch provided on Sunday seems like an interesting one. And I decided to make a Birthday Card with it.

The sender can circle the month and date of the receiver's birthday and you can even scribble down the year.... not of birth, of receiving... :)

My very good friend asked me to design 2 birthday cards for her.... I hope she likes this one. I personally love the simplicity of it :) Oh, there's the words "Happy Birthday" stamped inside.

Code : HB0011
Status : Sold!
Price : RM 12.90 (USD 4)

Will she like it? :)


Saturday, 23 May 2009

Father's Day - in another 3 weeks?!

In a blink of an eye..... it will be Father's Day.

For the benefit of those who find it hard to remember when Mother's and Father's Day is, there is a very simple formula.

Mother's Day = 2nd Sunday of May
Father's Day = 3rd Sunday of June


I've made 3 Father's Day card so far. Up for orders :) All different in design, taste, flavor :)









Take your pick :)

Email me at angelicquirk@gmail.com/leave me a comment in my chatbox or on this post :)


Friday, 22 May 2009

Just a lil' update

Am having a bit of a tummy upset. Don't know why. Maybe I ate too quickly and I was too hungry just now. Tummy's kinda filled to the brim with gas at the moment... sigh. Feel bloated and uncomfortable....

Anyways, made 2 Father's Day card already since few nights ago but I haven't taken any pictures of them yet. Will prolly make another 2-3 designs more and post them here together... or maybe not.. We'll see. You might get to see them before I make the rest... :)

Gotta go shower now. Have a cell group to attend. Oh, by the way, the office cell group today was a blast. Well, it always has been a blast since we started it. Am so glad God led us to start it :) And I'm thankful to all the members as well. Everyone's doing their part so it's great! :)


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Soft, soft colours :)

I'm been scratching my head to design a card based on Card Pattern's latest Sketch. Sketch #15. It's a beautiful sketch but I think I must have ran into a HUGE creative-block which have since caused me many unproductive cardmaking days >.<

Here's the sketch ;

And here's my take on the sketch :)

Code : HB0010

Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90 (USD 4.50)

I am liking the soft colours I used. Love how the flowers on the tree seem to pop as well. I used Copics to colour the sentiment. Oh, by the way, does the ribbon count as plaid? Over at 365 cards, the call for Day 80 is all about plaid and I don't have plaid patterned paper. Am hoping the ribbon counts as plaid :)


It's hip to be square!

But of course it is :)

On Day 81 over at 365 Cards, the requirement is to make a card that incorporates 5 squares. I made one a few weeks ago while I was back in my hometown. In the middle of the night when the house was quiet and sleeping. Yup, everyone went to bed, leaving me alone... :)

Code : HB0005
Status : Sold! (can reproduce with different patterned paper)
Price : RM 10.90 (USD 3)

That was also when I just bought the Inkadinkado stamp set and I can't wait to play with it :) I love the green and the brown. I think I can some what make a twist and change it into a card themed for another occasion. Let's see if I can rise up to that challenge.

On another note, a good friend of mine volunteered to help take pictures of my cards with her Nikon D90 *wow* That will be so cool! I know the quality of my pictures aren't that good cos I usually take them at night when I finish the card and the lighting I have isn't great....

Can't wait... :)


Monday, 18 May 2009

Not the usual colours

365 Card's Sunday Sketch, I used some colours that I normally wouldn't. Well, to each their own, right? We all have our favourite colours and well, not so favourite ones.

I find this sketch a bit tricky although the designer's on 365 Cards did a fabulous job creating their cards. I might try to make another card with this sketch, just to see what else I can whip up :)

So this is what I came up with.....

Code : HB0009

Status : Available!
Price : RM 10.90 (USD 3)

What do you think?


Sunday, 17 May 2009

I'm trying another sketch idea :)

As I was 'blog-hopping' yesterday, I chanced upon this
blog and they have this sketch that I thought I should just give a go at :)

Oh, and they make such beautiful cards! Love their stamps. I wish I could get my hands at stamps like those. What we have here in Malaysia is so limited in choice. Only a few brands available......

Anyway, here's my take on the sketch. Am going to try my hands at another 3 sketch designs later tonight. I think it'll be cool if I can finish 2 out of 3 later in the night :)

Code : AO0008
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90 (USD 4.50)

Am giving this to someone special but I can always remake it (with a little tweak or exactly alike..up to you) if you like the design :)


Friday, 15 May 2009

I dream....

I want to go for a holiday! A break away from the mundane happenings of everyday life... a break away from work.

I dream of being away in a little hut with a verandah large enough for me to put a craft table and work on my crafting all day long. I dream that the hut will be either on a cliff overlooking the ocean or in the highlands surrounded by mountain tops. There will be fresh air aplenty and lots of land area for me to explore and keep fit :)

I dream that I have enough money to sustain my lifestyle and not have to worry about if I have enough to buy my art stuff or to survive daily.

I dream, I dream....

Who knows? Maybe one day, my dream will come true :)


Thursday, 14 May 2009

Snacks help :)

I was trying not to kill my hobby/love for card-making by taking the last 2 nights 'off' from any card crafting. But I was not totally off it :P I was cutting my cardstock as the card base.

Anyhow, been feeling quite blue because I cared too much about what people say about me and you know how people say depression makes you lethargic? Well, I was.

Managed to get creative and made a card today! *yippee*

It's rather simple but I am loving the simplicity of it :)

Code : AO0007
Status : Available!
Price : RM 12.90 (USD 4)

Why the title? Cos I created this card after snacking on Chipster.... hot & spicy! woo hoo!! :)


Blog candy!!

Check this
blog candy out!

Look at what Crafty Cat is offering... wow!

I spotted another blog candy over at Shari's too :) What a cute candy! See the bunny and cupcake.... :)

Gosh, I hope the random number generator or whatever mechanism they're using will finally turn in my favor! :P

Wish me luck?!! :)


Monday, 11 May 2009

Super Sketchy ....

How much do you love.... ?

This was the sketch on 365 Card's Super Sketchy Sunday - Day 71. It obviously isn't Sunday anymore but that doesn't mean that I can't be sketchy, right? :P

"For you with love"

I think it's a very universal card for someone you love. It can be for a birthday, anniversary, or just because .... :)

embossed the heart sentiment

As usual, it's blank on the inside so that you can write all your love notes inside.

Code : AAL0008
Status : Sold! (can be reproduced with different coloured patterned papers)
Price : RM 14.90 (USD 4.50)


Sunday, 10 May 2009

I'm on a roll.......

I made this card for my mother-in-law based on
Card Pattern's latest sketch, CP Sketch #14.

I cut out extra 'hearts' for another project earlier

I've been trying to add the sketch design for CP #14 using the url mode and I don't know why but it's just not appearing. I had this problem the last time too and only manage to upload the image when I saved it first and upload from my laptop. Can somebody tell me why this is happening?

Please pop by Card Pattern's blog to check out how the sketch looks like. I am running out of time and need to get ready for dinner with the in-laws soon :)

~ toodles*


Woke up early for this ...

So I woke up early this morning but I did not go for the first service in church. Why?

Because I made this card for my Pastor! :)

Didn't have the chance to create it last night cos I went to watch Wolverine with hubby (by the way, Wolverine is AWESOME). Movie ended about midnight and I was still recovering from late nights so I opted to sleep instead. Besides, my head was throbbing. Not a good sign for someone hoping to have creativity, huh? :)

Anyway, I made this card based on the one I made for my mum. The style is almost the same except a tweak here and there.

My Pastor is really a superb lady. Really hope she enjoys the card!


Friday, 8 May 2009

For what my Mum will receive...

Just completed a Mother's Day card for my mum last night. I know that it will reach her late by the time I send it out to the post but I do think this is another one of the best cards I've done so far :P

I fall in love easily... haha... with my cards :)

Enjoy the pictures. She's not internet-accessible at the moment, so I think it's quite safe to post it here.

I dotted the top border with pearl liquid to add some dimensions :)

hand wrote the words on this card. I don't have stamps that says, " I love you Mum"

I give glory to God for the inspirations and the ideas that pop in my head. I thank Him as well that my Mother's Day cards were well received, as were my other handmade cards. Already have enquiries on Father's Day cards :)

Will get on to designing Father's Day cards and have the pictures posted up by the next weekend, k? Thank you for your words of kindness.

Edited : By the way, it so happen the colours that I used totally could be inspired by this picture I saw over at 365 cards. They have great photos for inspirations as well besides Card Patterns :)


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Thank You

BIG THANK YOU to all of you who were kind enough to have purchased my cards :)

More to come, I hope. And yes, I do hope to work on those Baby Invitations. That will be my first custom bulk order if it works out :)


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

In need of some light

...... like seriously.

The next thing on my list of things to buy will have to be a table lamp!

Most of the time, I only get to do my crafting at night and I am not getting enough sunshine shining down on me as I work :) It makes cutting small corners a bit of a hassle & of course, I know it won't be good in the long run for my eyes.

Was table lamp hunting last night but I couldn't find any that is nice and works well. I want white light. None of those yellow, dim light. I don't know how people work or read with yellow light. Guess I'm just not used to it :)

Anyone of you know where to get a decent table lamp? Those with white light, k? :)

Something like the one in the picture below...?

picture from Amazon.com


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

CP Sketch #13

Headache and low blood pressure kept me at home today. Slept almost the whole day but decided that I should at least do something and not while the whole day away so.....

I made a card :)

Have been following Card Pattern's blog since last month, I think and this is the first time I'm participating in their Sketch. Making a card based on a ready sketch is challenging but in a way helps as well. Maybe I'm inexperienced so I still took a very long time to complete this card. But I'm loving it.

CP Sketch #13

Cut out the flowers and attached them using double-sided tape to make them pop. Also added VersaMark Dazzle in frost to make the card sparkly.

One of the cards I love the most so far :)

Code : AAL0005
Status : Sold! (no repeat)
Price : RM 15


Another Giveaway!

Chanced upon another giveaway!

Look at all the goodies!!

Wow.. there are some really generous people out there :)

Head on over to her blog to check out ideas for scrapbooking, card making and more....