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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Photography blog rebooted

Am restarting/rebooting my photography blog over at Through the Looking Glass..... go have a gander.... will be uploading both here & over there regularly....



Saturday, 24 April 2010

under the weather

Gosh, has it really been a week without card postings? I'm so sorry gals... I've been under the weather... was lacking the mojo at first and then was struck with a viral fever. Body was aching and then the fever crept in too.... sigh.... am feeling so much better now.

Gonna start creating again. Pop by again soon, k?


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Addicted to a certain butterfly

Hmmm.... so I'm addicted to a certain butterfly.... the Monarch butterfly punch! :P I've been trying to withhold using too much since I bought it. But I think I handled that quite alright... with only 2 other cards featuring these butterflies, no? :)

I made this card based on the Colour Cue {3} Challenge over at Wplus9 and Card Pattern's Sketch 60.  

Lovely colours & sketch I must say. I might just make a few more cards based on the color combo & also the sketch. This card took me quite a while to get done cos I don't have anything planned in my head. I just looked at my paper & scraps and pieced them together. I had to stamp the background.... :P One other thing I'm addicted to, stamping! haha.... added some faux stitching to the card too... felt that held the card together better :)

Code : CC0011


Saturday, 17 April 2010

Coffee bliss

This card I made is based on 2S4Y's bonus sketch.... I would have wanted to post it up with the first sketch by Kazan but I couldn't wait to post up that one up! :P

I'm liking this one a lot too.... Somehow they seem to gel all too well :D

Saturday's always our laundry & house cleaning day.... and this one is no exception... Lotsa work done :) Now it's the ironing... haha... I do ironing while watching tv... what about you?

Oh, and you know what? Nescafe came out with the new White Coffee 3-in-1... and Old Town dropped their price to match Nescafe's... HAHA.... that's bliss, I tell you. They've been monopolizing the white coffee market for far too long :P Bought the Nescafe's White Coffee to try and it's quite good. Not as sweet as Old Town's so I guess that's a plus point! :)

Code : AO0080


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My first Cardabilities Sketch :D

My first week over at Cardabilities and this is the fabulous sketch that Karan came up with :) 
It's lovely, isn't it? I was jittery and thinking hard on how to create a card based on this sketch! Well, it is afterall my first DT stint. I hope I didn't dissappoint :)

There are more lovely sketches lined up. Be sure to check out Cardabilities site as well to see what the other DTs have come up with based on this sketch. I'm sure they are all inspiring.

Do play along with us :)
See you over at Cardabilities!

Code : AO0074


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Butterfly wishes

Code : HB0056

You know how much I was raving about these monarch butterflies, right? I am so loving the details but I do agree with Amy that it is a bit messy :) 

Made this card based on Kazan's Sketch 50 from 2S4Y. Was thinking of posting this when I've completed the bonus sketch but oh well, that could have a separate post of its own in a day or two :)

I stamped the background for interest and added rhinestones on the butterflies too. The red makes it pop, no? 


Sketch 58 Super Six!!!

Guess what? Happy hippity hoppity news! :D

I am so honored that my card is picked by Card Pattern's as one of Sketch 58's Super Six!!!!

That's me ---> Quirky with the sofa on the card .... Oh oh, thanks for making my day!!!! My first time appearing on Card Pattern as a Super Six!!!! So, so honored & happy!!!!

Can you imagine me doing the happy dance with a huge grin on my face? :D


Saturday, 10 April 2010


You know a long time ago when polaroid was all the rage? Don't remember? It's alright... I don't really remember that time too :P I just remember my neighbour asking me to pose for a photo with her and the photo comes out from the camera and wow-ed me... haha... I was about 4 or 5 years old, I think.... quite a long time ago....

and then I saw this little baby on Jessy's blog and fell head over heels in love with it.

And that's how I got sucked into the world of polaroid..... But it's too cute to resist, don't you think? :P If you saw my post on the envelope album last week, those photos are taken with this baby. Too cute, right? It wasn't easy getting this baby but I managed to track it down online... hehe... the wonders of the world wide web.

If this goes on, I think I will be certified a nerd/geek soon... sigh.... I am officially a very *broke* but a very happy geek!



Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thinking of you

Code : AO0078

I'm loving the soft colours that I used on this card :) I challenged myself to use a colour other than black for the sentiment and I'm liking the effect. Me likey!!!

This card is based on Moxie Fab World's sketch... I was a bit daunted when I saw it..... had to draw and fussy cut the speech bubble out and the cute little mouse too :) 

God has the best plans for my life and I'm claiming it! In Jesus' name, all will go as planned with His peace in my heart :)


Back up....

Here's 2 cards that I whipped up last night for 2S4Y's challenge this week :) It's been awhile and it feels good to participate again :D

Big monarch butterflies... fluttering around.... nice, isn't it? I've been lusting for this puncher since last year! But buying it online would incur very expensive shipping charges...... so, I hesitated... that and the fact that this puncher sells out pretty fast :) Imagine my joy when I found it in a LSS yesterday!!! :D

This is based on 2S4Y's first sketch. I used glitter on the leaves and butterflies to make them sparkle... 

Code : AO0077

Second card is from the bonus sketch :) Just bought the doily lace puncher from Martha Stewart and I'm loving it! What a beautiful border it creates... I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with it.

Code : AO0079


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Need a couch day?

Code : AO0076

These 2 little sofas were supposed to be for the card that was made previously but then I realized that the card wouldn't fit 3 sofas :P So I made this one! Love how the layers match up.... and the buttons... ahhh, love..

I need a couch day..... Just lounging with a cup of hot steaming coffee, a good book and the tv on in the background.... what? I love white noise :P  Extroverts prefers environments with noise, hence the tv turned on even if they are not watching it :)


Monday, 5 April 2010

Your Couch or Mine?

Code : AO0075

Hallo peeps :) I'm back. Been missing in action for quite a while... we, crafters, do have a life outside crafting too, right? LOL....

Anyway, I was checking Card Pattern's sketch 58 and decided to participate. Like I mentioned, it's been a while since I participated actively in challenges. I am more of a freestyle kinda cardmaker, I think. Sketches help (and I love them!) but lately, I am more freestyle than anything :P

So, your couch or mine? It's time to relax :)


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Blessed Easter!

Gosh, I've been MIA for a while now.... ooops. Am kinda tied up with non-crafting stuffs :) 

I'll be crafting later tonight (I hope, fingers crossed) and hopefully take some pictures & blog so that I can schedule them to be up later in the week.... quite a tall feat, but hopefully I can achieve at least 80% of what I set out to do.

Am still contemplating some things. God has only the best planned for me. I just need to embrace it :) Praying for a peace of mind (& heart).....

Happy Blessed Easter, everyone :) For He is risen & all our sins and inequities has been paid for when He died for us on the Cross in Calvary many years ago. God loves you!! :)

p/s : Easter is not about bunnies & easter eggs ya... *winks*