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Monday, 8 December 2014

Planner Love

I have always loved stationery of all kinds since I was a kid and when I discovered the world of planners, oh boy! It was like unleashing a kid in a candy store... There are just so many that I love and want.. haha... Although I did kinda justify each one that I bought, which may be many to some and few to some too :P It really depends on how you see it.

I take out the pages to stamp the images I want on them. It makes it easier to stamp the image clearer to place the page on a flat surface. 

At the moment, I am using ink pads from Papertrey Ink and Hero Art. And yes, my stamp pads are the mini ones because I figure it takes quite a while to finish using them anyway and I will invest in the standard size ones when we move to a bigger place.

Here's a close up of my December monthly view. I used different colors for different activities. And oh, I made the laminated divider myself, stuck washi tapes on them and wrote down the sections with  a washi pen. That way, if I need to change the sections, I just peel off the washi :) Easy peasy.

How do you stamp your images? Right on to the pages in the planner or do you take them out like me? Do you use different colors too? 

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