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Saturday, 24 October 2009

M's Sketch Challenge #2

If there's one thing I can't not do is to participate in M's 2nd Sketch Challenge! :) Oh, by the way.... I made it into her top 8 for Challenge #1. Thanks M, for choosing my card! :D You made my day!

And you know what? M's sketches are truly great :) Mummy's little girl, without a doubt. One day, when and if I have a little girl, I hope she'll be like M :) Willing to share her mummy's passion to create.

Here's my card :

Code : HH0014

The colour of the ribbon is a little bit off on my screen. It's supposed to be a really nice soft apple green colour. I think the light reflected a bit too much off the ribbon :) Love this ribbon. It was part of the Bday gift from Cindy! :)


With Love

Love the weekends! Now, how many times have I said that already :P

It's been a while since I've combined challenges, so here goes:
365Cards, Day 238 : Fine Twine
Get Sketchy : GTS#11
Dawn's Challenge : Raspberry Suite Colour Challenge #18

Code : AAL0015

Now, I'm off to take a break before trying out a few more challenges (I hope!) and get some work done. I have this love-hate relationship with Excel (more hate, at the moment, I think... LOL).


Friday, 23 October 2009

Chandie!! :)

I know I have been missing in action quite a bit in blogland lately, not participating in as many challenges as I used to..... but I'm ok. I've just been slacking in updating :P Thanks for missing me (for those who does..haha)

Sometimes, I just get a 'creative-drought' and I can sit in front of the table and not create anything.... that and also, I've been kinda busy lately :) A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to sustain her obsessive crafting hobby, now doesn't she? What with the exchange rate and all.... I gotta work doubly hard if I wanna buy PTI or stuffs from TwoPeas. They are all in USD.... cost almost 4 times more for me, not including shipping... so, yeah...

Oh, I just bought a new chandelier stamp set from Inkadinkado :D I know someone who will love this a whole lot too *winks*

Here it is :

Code : AO0063


Happy 1st Birthday

A friend emailed me last night to request for a birthday card for a one year old baby girl :) He wanted it quite urgently too. Said he needed to pick it up from me tonight or tomorrow morning.

Well, since I don't have any orders to complete last night, I agreed to it and made this! :)

So glad I bought those alpha stickers. I think I will go back there and buy a few more... :P

What do you think? Like the card too? I've been tired so I have not been posting and blogging much. Hope things resume soon. Life's like that, isn't it? Ups and downs... Wish there's more weekends in a month! LOL...

Code : HB0043


Sunday, 18 October 2009

Get Sketchy #10

So fast!

Only weeks ago was I their GD for Sketch #2....! And I've missed quite a few sketches in between but here I am, back for Sketch #10  :)

Love the simplicity of the sketch. Mind you, don't let the simplicity fool you! It's still quite a challenge :P

And the bonus challenge is : Handwriting.

Gosh, I don't think my handwriting is exceptionally beautiful but here goes.....

Code : CC0009

I used my newly 'acquired' Glimmer Mist on the card... love the shimmery effect. I'm very sure I'm gonna be using it a lot more soon :P


Monday, 12 October 2009

M's Sketch Challenge #1

You know, I've always enjoyed reading and drawing inspiration from Savitri's blog (among others) and I have always loved looking at the pictures of her adorable girls :) She has the cutest girls!!

And I just read today on her blog that her daughter, M, is putting up her very first challenge! :) Wow.... those creative genes sure flow in her veins!

"M, I love your sketch and your example and would love to take part on your challenge too :) "

Here's mine :

Code : AO0061


Modified with spiders and all :P

Remember last week when I made a halloween-themed birthday card? My friend said it's not scary enough :P She wanted a scarier one for her friend.....

Now, I'm not really good at that department.... I don't watch scary movies cos I scare easily and I think it's a waste of money to scare myself... so, my take is more on the cute-scary.

Here it is, modified from the previous card... :)

Code : HB0040-1


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tissue paper flower

Thanks ladies, for the compliments on the tissue paper flower :) I will put up a tutorial soon. It's really easy.... and I'm so sorry I can't thank the person who initially put up the tutorial because I really really can't remember where I saw it from....

All these blogs linking and I just click and click and click... so, I can't remember where and how I got there...

Yes... I'm that bored sometimes... :P


Super Sketchy Sunday - Day 225

Another Sunday just slipped by.....

No matter how much I love the weekend, it just manages to escape through my fingers fleetingly. I want weekends to last longer.... If only God had rested another day after creating the earth .... :P

I managed to find some time to create some cards and here's the one I made based on 365Cards Super Sketchy Sunday : Day 225 :)

This is one sketch I'm having huge trouble with..... it's hard!! :)

Code : AAL0014


Always 29

Made this for a blogger friend some time ago.... :) Didn't post it up but I figured that she's already got the card some time ago, so why not? :P

Here's the card... she's always 29!

*sssshhhhh.... don't tell anyone!*

Code : HB0032


Friday, 9 October 2009

Tissue paper flower :)

I was blog-hopping or blurfing earlier and saw a tutorial on how to make flowers using tissue papers :D
They were so beautiful but I forgot to bookmark the page I went to...sigh... thank God I remembered the method (it's quite easy actually).

A friend of mine wanted me to make a card for a special friend of his. He wanted the colours red, white and pink and a flower (ala the purple flower I made some time ago) on the card.

I made this... Hopefully he likes it. I based this card on 2S4Y's sketch #36. I used Text Style over the PP and distressed the sides using chamomile and chai ink. Then I sewed the edges to give it more interest. The 'ribbon' strip was made using Retro set :) I stamped it over white cardstock. Looks like a strip of ribbon, ey? :)

Can't stuff it in an envelope, though. It'll totally ruin the flower... Still thinking of how or what to put the card into.... any suggestions? :)

Code : HB0041


Thursday, 8 October 2009

No win :(


I didn't win anything from the PTI WCMD challenges  >.<
I really weally really wanted Floral Fusion....


I've got no fate with that stamp set thus far.......


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Halloween-themed Bday Card

My dear friend ordered another card from me. This time she wanted a Birthday card with Halloween theme.

At first I thought of making one with witches and ghouls but that would be too scary for a Birthday card, no? :P Well, I would have drawn cute ones :)

Then my PTI stamps arrived and this idea came to mind :) I based the card on Pam's Super Sketchy Sunday Day Day 218 and bingo, here's my card! The colours are based on Halloween and so is one of the 'embellishment' :)

I am loving it more each time I see it. Hope that she will like it too :)

Code : HB0040

I distressed the edges of the curves, embossed the sentiment and added glossy accents to the stamping :) It really pops in real life!


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

This week began great here!

Firstly I celebrated WCMD with lotsa cardmaking, chatting with Cindy on MSN, getting things up and ready on my blogshop and then.... I find out that I won some stamps over at Get Sketchy and then I am one of the Top Trio on 365Cards this week!

How else can a week be better for a person who absolutely loves making cards?  :P

Will be busy these few nights with some orders and data analysis :) Hope to share my cards with you soon! :)


Sunday, 4 October 2009

PTI WCMD Challenge #4 : Australia

The last of PTI's WCMD Challenge :)

Inspiration #4 is Australia. The challenge is to use dots or masking technique... you know, like how the Aborigines does it in the caves?

Here's my take on it :)

Quite tiring dotting all the images.. should have chosen masking... :P

Code : FC0004


PTI WCMD Challenge #3 : India

PTI's 3rd Challenge is the beautiful India. All the countries they have chosen so far are so colourful culturally. Their art is colourful and so is their costumes :)

Here's my take on India, with rhinestones .... They love sequins, rhinestones... shiny stuff so, here :)

Code : HH0010

I actually didn't expect to make a Christmas card inspired by India but somehow, I did. The images from Guide Lines are kinda funky snowflakes lookalike, don't you think? Added blings on them to add more interest on the card :)


PTI WCMD Challenge #2 : Mexico

Challenge #2 on PTI is Mexico

Mexico to me is colourful yet earthy. I'm not sure if that's accurately describing it but from looking at pictures, that's how I feel about it.

Would love to immerse myself in their culture one day... hopefully one day soon :)

And here's my take on the challenge.

Code : AO0060


PTI WCMD Challenge #1 : Japan

The card making community celebrated World Card Making Day yesterday! and PTI has some really cool challenges up over at their blog :) I'm going to try out for all 4 of the challenges because I really REALLY really really want the Floral Fusion stamp set. Well, I couldn't buy it here as that was given out to customers who attended the CHA and spent a certain amount.

I wish I had the money to fly over there too!!! >.<

So, what I can do is join the challenges and cross my fingers hoping to win! All I want is the floral fusion.... gimme gimme gimme! :P

Here's my card for PTI WCMD Challenge #1 : Japan

Code : AO0059

I used Japanese Washi papers for this challenge. Been hoarding these paper for quite some time cos they are really pretty but can be a tad expensive :) Love how they pop up against the white, don't you?

I'm so glad I collected my PTI order from the Post Office on Friday :) The cardstock is PTI too.. Love the heaviness of the paper :)


Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy World Card Making Day!

3rd of October has passed for us here in Malaysia but I still just wanna shout "Happy World Card Making Day" to all of you :)

I was really busy updating & doing some housekeeping on my new blogshop AngelicQuirk Designs :) There's still more things to update but I guess I can reveal it now :) I had wanted to start my own blogshop for the longest time but had always procrastinated... but here I am now, updating and posting on WCM Day! :) Quite cool, huh?

Oh, besides that, Cindy and I posted a challenge to each other too to celebrate WCM Day. Since we stay so far apart, we celebrated WCM Day the online way :P  I'll be posting my card based on the challenge she gave me in a few hours. Need to get ready for church now :)

Happy Crafting and do visit my blogshop for a look or buy something! :)


Friday, 2 October 2009

Enjoy the moment

Made this card for a friend who's birthday is coming up soon :) Hope she likes it. Am using my new PTI stamps which I'm loving so much! I'm addicted to in love with PTI... and the rest of the brands, actually. When rummaging through my stash, I realize I have quite a lot of patterned papers. Inks, I have the staple colours I need, lots of clear stamps and some wooden block ones, a growing collection of punchers, ribbons, flowers, Copics...

 LOL.... so that's where all my money went!

I hope to move all these things into my work area soon. I'm actually occupying a small area in our bedroom now :) Hubby is kind to let me work there cos there's only one tv in the house and it's in the bedroom. I like to craft while watching tv :P

Well, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and World Card Making Day! I am going to do something with Cindy later in the day though we're living 400km away from each other!! We're going to do an online challenge :D

Code : HB0039

Will update you girls later :)