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Monday, 28 February 2011

Go green

I try to recycle and go green whenever I can.... like saving my scraps cos I *know* that I will use them someday, up-cycling used calendars, use own paper bags or grocery bags when out grocery shopping (unless I ran out of bags for my dustbins... I use my own bag), blah blah blah. I know I'm still not that 'green' yet but I hope to contribute to Mother Earth however I can...

I'm gonna share with you now, how I'm storing my mosaic tiles. I bought them loose in little plastic bags so they don't come with a container and I prefer them separated properly so that it's easier for me to pick and choose which colour to use. 

So, I thought of something.... haha... you know those egg containers? Those that comes either in plastic or carton materials? They have many compartments and do make a good separator for my tiles! Look at how pretty the colours are! :D

neat & pretty!

I separated them according to colour scheme... hehe... just how I like it! And you can stack up the cartons together on top of each other if you've got a lot of colours! :)

I love how I've managed to go green & save some $$ too along the way! Gonna be debuting my mosaic tile frames this coming Saturday at Lex, Empire Gallery Subang! I'm taking part in that craft market too... that's the last one for now... Not sure when's the next craft market... so be sure to catch us there! :)


Thursday, 24 February 2011


Am thankful for the little things in life.... like being able to sleep in when tired, to be able to stay up late into the night when absorbed in creative work.... to be able to take time out to read a book... to have my kitty accompanying me when I'm working.... and lots more. 

I remind myself to be grateful to the little things in life once in a while. Especially when I'm drained or stressed. I forget sometimes and complain nuts but today, I just feel thankful :)
Sharing a Thank You card I made.... very apt for what I'm feeling today :)

Code : TY0018


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fat Cats

I made some cards with these fat cats from Penny Black sometime back... it was posted on my Facebook page, I think... not sure if I've shared it here... will double check and if it's not already posted, I will share it :)

Anyways, a very nice girl saw those cards and asked if she could request them to be made into bookmarks for her friend. She mentioned that if she were to give her friend a card, her friend might just chuck it aside after reading it but if she gives her a set of bookmarks, her friend may just use it and that would make her happy :) Oh, her friend adores fat cats... hence the request for a set of fat cat bookmarks! :)

fat fat cats... so cute!

Photos taken at night so it's not the quality I would have loved

I made the bookmarks in different colours and different sizes to jazz it all up and make it more fun! :) Mainly used organza ribbon cos it's just so much prettier than normal ones... but I did use one in satin... again, just so it's all different :)

These bookmarks are already couriered and should probably reach her this very day as this post is being uploaded :) I do hope she likes them....


Monday, 21 February 2011

Things I bought

I forgot to post pictures of things I bought at the Crafty Art Market from other vendors :) I would have loved to buy more but oooooh, one step at a time :)

Fabric for my journals, magnet and handmade soap

By the way, the handmade soap smells so goooooooOOOood! :) I love it so much! 


Sunday, 20 February 2011

My new products :)

Quirky quotes in a frame.... you can place them on your desk, hang them on your wall or place it where you'll see it most! Makes a perfect gift too, for friends who'll love quirky, sarcastic quotes.

You can request for custom quotes or send in the quotes you want and I can write them for you. Each frame is painted with acid free acrylic paint, misted with glitter, stamped and varnished. All material used are acid free :)

My mum's handmade blooms made a debut too... this time as badges/brooches...  I attached the pin at the back so that you can pin it on your shirt, on your bag or even attach it to your plain elastic bands to spruce it up! You're technically getting  a lot of of each bloom! :)

p/s : 7 out of the 8 frames are sold but you can always send me an email to request for it... the blooms are mostly sold too but again, nothing like an email to inform me what you want and we'll get it done for you! :)


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Crafty Art Market 2 @ Jaya One

I was over at Jaya One for the Crafty Art Market yesterday and it was great fun! One thing I've learned is that you can never really guess which of your product is going to sell better... haha.... Different crowd, different wants & needs, I guess. But I'm slowly learning what type of products I have to create to pull in more crowd! :)

Hope to have newer products to showcase in the next craft market happening in 2 weeks time over at Lex, Empire Gallery on the 5th March :)

my humble display :)

My wire-bound journals & my mum's handmade bloom badges!

Top Row (R) : mosaic love... mosaic art! :)
Bottom Row : Postcards!

It was a fun day hanging out with crafty people! I hope you enjoyed the photos and do join us for the next craft market! I've got more ideas and more products to share with you! :) 

As for now, if you see anything you like, do just drop me an email at angelicquirk@gmail.com
More photos available over at my Facebook page too (just click on the link)


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Custom Hand-stitched Batik Journals

I guess I'm ever so happy & grateful to have learned bookbinding  :) I can't explain how I love to make things by hand... haha... it's a passion that I can never explain. People who share my same interest or love for handmade stuffs will understand the rustic goodness of it but some won't. 

I love my passion for arts.... handmade cards, book thongs, wire-bound journals, hand-stitched journals, photography, blah blah blah.... there's a lot more things in the pipeline that I'm planning in my head and hopefully they will materialize soon :)

These are two custom request Batik Hand-stitched Journals that I've made. I actually practiced making a lot more of these before making these 2. Was stitching-crazy! but Practice makes perfect, I hope *fingers crossed! :P

Top : Coptic Binding
Bottom : Kettle Stitch Binding

Won't be debuting my hand-stitched journals at Crafty Art Market, though... you can email to custom order if you want to lay your hands on one :) They will make their debut soon enough, just not this Saturday :)

oh, edit : I mean my hand-stitched journals will be making their debut soon but not the Batik ones. Batik ones are custom request by someone :)

email me at angelicquirk@gmail.com if you want a hand-stitched Journal of your own :)


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Crafty Art Market, 19th Feb (Sat) at The Bee, Jaya One

Angelicquirk Handmade Crafts is going to participate in the coming Crafty Art Market! woo hoo!!! We'll be bringing along our Handmade Cards, Book Thongs/Bookmarks, Wire-bound Journals and some new products which will debut at the coming market!

Am not revealing the new products here yet... if you wanna know what we're debuting, then come join us, visit us, support us at the Crafty Art Market, happening on the 19th Feb, Sat at The Bee, Jaya One!

It's going to be awesome! You won't regret joining us there! :)

Lots of other handmade goodies and local handmade artists showcasing their goods too! Come, have fun with us! :)


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Card Patterns Sketch #101

I have on & off participated in Cart Patterns' Sketches... they always have awesome sketches so if you can find time, you can join them and create a card or two based on their sketches! :)

Here's what I made based on CP's Sketch #101 :) Love the little submarine... haha... Been wanting to use my Waltzing Mouse stamps for a while but never got to it! I wonder why! They are so cute!

Isn't the submarine the cutest thing? haha... Addicted to make a couple more of these :) I glossed up the 'window' to the submarine too... can't really see in this pic.

Code : HB0058

Can't wait to make more cards... been making other things and I miss making cards!!! 


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Valentine is in the air

Time passes so quickly.... it feels like I just entered into 2011 but now it's past February, celebrated (& is still celebrating) Chinese New Year cos there's 15 days of celebration and soon it will be Valentine's day... wow... I really hope that time can stand still for a while sometimes. Just for a while...

Anyway, I praise God that I received some card orders for Valentine's day. One of them is a custom order from a reader and another is from an ex-colleague. Received some non-Valentine day orders as well today.. will get cracking on it tonight!

Here's what I made... hope they both like it! :)

Order 1 : he wanted a custom card for his gf... guess he'll be seeing it here first as the card is en-route to him via Pos Ekspress :)

Order 2 : A blast from last year's card but with improvements! :D Girl, I hope you love it! I added glitter mist on the card! It glimmers! 


Monday, 7 February 2011

Missing little mouse

My mum used to call me a mouse... cos I love to snack a lot and whenever she hears the cupboard in the kitchen open or the tupperwares being opened, she kinda knew it was me trying to sneak some snacks about... hahahaha.... my brother doesn't really snack so it is almost 100% me :P

Well, I've been MIA from my blog for a bit... was busy preparing for KLPAC, then took a break, attended a workshop and then in a blink of an eye, it was Chinese New Year! :) and that means, cleaning, washing, snacking, late nights and family get-together! :)

So, I haven't really been crafting... boo hoo.... I really admire crafters who creates daily like Amy! :) lol, girl, you're my inspiration... I do lurk eventhough I am missing in the comments section... sorry about that... love all your cards, though! :D

Oh, here's what the missing little mouse made about 2 weeks ago for a custom order. My friend was invited to a rainbow-themed party and requested for a custom order card & gift tag set. Here's what I made for him :)

rainbow-themed Birthday card


Yup, the flowers were self-made :) It's pretty addictive making them. I made quite a lot to keep and use for future projects! :)

Hope you like what I shared today.... more to come. Praise the Lord, I received a few custom orders for Valentine Day Cards :) If you would like to order one, do email me at angelicquirk@gmail.com or visit me at http://facebook.com/Angelicquirk