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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Sold.. :(

I sold my iPod mini...sobs..yeah, I'm kinda sad. Cos I miss it so much! Hope the new owner takes care of it as well as I did.
She (new owner) messaged me to inform me of how amazed she was with the condition of my precious iPod..hehe..
Looking forward to better things in life now... :) till then, actually there's no till then... I will always miss you, darling iPod.



Yes, I've been M.I.A (Missing in Action).


It's not that I've quit blogging nor have I stopped browsing your blogs. I still do albeit the fact that I don't really leave comments. I'm just *invisibly* visiting your sites. It's a bad, bad habit of mine to read people's blogs every night...hehe..it's an addiction I can't seem to cure. Quite like my addiction to coffee (yums!). But, I'm not complaining. I enjoy it. I relish in it...hehe.

Been going through some tough decision making months and it's gotten worse lately, hence the absence in blogging.

I shall be back. HAHA... :P

You guys can't get rid of me so easily *insert evil laughter*


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Palace build in the Clouds

Oh, and then there's this piece of news on The Star regarding the death of Zakaria Deros. Okie, so it's not funny and it's mean to laugh at his death (or anyone's, for a fact) but I personally do think that he died (of heart attack) because he was SO SO SO afraid of being penalized by Law for all the wrongdoings that he's commited since Selangor is now mainly wrested by the "Opposition" and they are bound to dig all the skeletons in his closet in due course.

Who is this Zakaria Deros? He used to be a council man but resigned when it was found that he had abused the law and built himself a palace worth RM 30 million on state reserve land and also not payed tax for a satay stall his family owned for 12 years, again built on state land. How dare he, you say? Oh well, things happens. I ain't gonna write more about him. A penny for my thoughts though, if he was so fearful he died of heart-attack, I think a string of this event is going to happen..hehe...I'm sure there are plenty more who are corrupted (more/less..still a crime).

I'm betting they are all sweating and having difficulty falling asleep...well, maybe some of the dense ones are still enjoying themselves not wary of what's to befall them. Arms of Justice, may you stretch long and nab them!

I hope that 'palace' he built will be donated to charity..be converted into an old folk's home or an orphanage. It's HUGE with swimming pool and a 2-hole golf course...

Don't believe me? Go on, read about it here --> http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2007/7/21/courts/18370056&sec=courts

Okie, I'm lazy to post all the links. Just type "Zakaria Mat Deros" on Google and I'm sure you'll be tickled to death (pun intended) with things to read.

By the way, he was not penalized by court for what he did. I'm sure if it's you or me, we would be behind bars..but then I don't have so much money nor do I have access to state-owned land. Oh heck, I wonder why he's not penalized... Hmmmmm.....


The "Rakyat" has decided

The "Rakyat" (citizens) of Malaysia has voted in unison. The results of the 12th General Election shows that Barisan Nasional (Malaysia's National Front) is losing support from all races. Because if only the Chinese and the Indians are unsatisfied with the government, BN can still gain 2/3 majority in the parliament. This time around, even the Malays are losing confidence towards the party that have led this country since Independence 50 years ago.

Corruption, cronyism, price hikes (of everything) are rampant every since the 11th GE in 2004. In 2004, BN won a landslide victory. We, the Rakyat, gave our support to Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi and his government to lead Malaysia into even better times. Those times didn't come. In fact, it never came. He never delivered his campaign promises..fighting corruption? sigh..

To the "Opposition", I just want you guys to know that we, the Rakyat, voted you in this time round, largely because we are just TOO disappointed with the BN government and their so-called promises. Now that you are there in the position to make a CHANGE. I hope you make full use of it and deliver what you promised us during the campaigns. Let it not be mere talk. Let there be changes. Positive changes towards a truly Multiracial Malaysia where we are all known as Malaysians and not differentiated by our race, where we all have equal opportunities and where corruption is a thing of the past.

You have 4-5 years till the next GE to prove yourselfs. Make it count. Just so you know, we, the Rakyat, will be voting base on YOUR CALIBRE and how you PROVE yourselves in the coming elections. It's not that near... it ain't exactly that far either.

Learn not to DIVIDE and CONQUER. We all make up the country. Not any single race on its own. That's the BEAUTY of Malaysia. Let's make it beautiful and make the late Tunku Abdul Rahman proud of you and me :)

Good luck and all the best!


Saturday, 8 March 2008

Casting of votes

Ooh boy, the 12th General Elections in Malaysia is, well, considered closed and over. Votes are being tallied as I type. News are slowly being released through the mainstream media on which seats are won and by whom.

Kinda interesting. Puduraya (main bus depot in Kuala Lumpur) was packed and it was very difficult to secure bus tickets to go back to anyone's hometown. I tried to purchase my bus tickets since days ago but either the ticketing counter has internet problem or the personnel in charge was so unhelpful.

Anywho, bf voted in the morning and we went to Pudu to try our luck again so that I could go back to my hometown and vote. It's kinda exciting for me. My very first time voting! hehe..

The bus driver was slightly incompetent plus the highway was jammed at certain stretches. Needless to say, the journey was stretched and I was almost late to cast my vote..which would really piss me off since I made this trip solely for this particular reason.

I arrived 15 mins before 5pm. Swished out my IC and got my a** to the polling room where I cast my vote. wow... I've performed my duty as a citizen of Malaysia, as a Malaysian and now, I can rightfully rant and rave should I feel like it when something about my country doesn't seem right.

It is my basic rights as a Malaysian and I'm proud to serve my country :)