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Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I fell in love with this stamp set the moment I saw it online and when I saw it at my LSS, I knew I had to bring it home with me. It was indeed love at first sight!

But then I was very caught up with journal making the last couple of months and I could not find time to play with it (insert sad face) but now, I am making an effort to make cards again, so yeay! Do come back more often, I'm definitely updating this blog with A Little Bit of Everything! :)


Monday, 26 September 2011

Travels : China

Of all the places in the world I thought I'll visit, I never thought China would be one I visit before Italy or Greece.. why? I don't know... I always thought visiting China is for old people... so I thought I will one day visit the "place of my roots" (well, 3 generations ago we were from somewhere in the Mainland), when I'm much older and wiser.

But I went to China on my birthday this year with my hubby and his friends. We went to Beijing and visited The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, scaled the Great Wall, walked in the Summer Palace and strolled in grounds of the Temple of Heaven. I also fell in love with Hunan dishes there. Then we went to Jiuzhaigou and was mesmerized by the beauty nature bestowed on Earth and was totally captivated by it. Our last stop was Chengdu where my palate was numbed by Sichuan pepper while we had 'Ma la' steamboat. We also went to the Giant Panda Research Centre where we saw a Giant Panda greedily gobbling up his bamboo shoots, some sleeping in various positions, playing and even some baby pandas!

me in the grounds of Temple of Heaven

I love history of all kinds and I was wrong to think that China should only to be visited when I'm old.. I would love to explore other parts of it and learn more about the history & culture of the people, monuments, places... Photos and stories of the places I visited will be blogged over time here. If you wanna know more, please do drop by from time to time :)


Sunday, 25 September 2011


Anariel sneaked into my handbag and followed me out.. she was inside for a few days without me knowing and went everywhere with me  o.O

Took this photo when she decided to jumped out from my zipped pocket in my handbag and posed next to the little plant... LOL... she decided to come out and take a breather!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Happy Mod Birthday

Made another 2 cards with similar layouts  :) Am slowly making cards again whilst sewing journals. I am getting more effective managing my time :D


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Angelicquirk in FEMALE!

I am beyond excited! Smiling from ear to ear like a little girl being given paint & brushes (this is relevant to me cos I have loved drawing and doodling since I was little)!!!!!!!

A couple of months ago I was approached by Female Magazine for an interview. It is such a huge deal for me to be contacted by them and I have been at the edge of my seat since then, waiting for the article to be published and now, I can finally share it with all of you that they published an article about me in October's issue of Female Magazine!!!

WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!

Please do get a copy of the latest Female magazine, not only because I'm in it (but that's largely the reason... LOL!) but because Female is a fun-packed magazine I grew up with! :) 

So, go and get your hands on October's issue now!!! 


Making Cards again...

This is my second post for today! Please scroll down if you're interested to read the first posting... hehe... 

Well, I have not participated in card challenges for a while.. since I started bookbinding and participating in craft markets, I really have not been active commenting on blogs and making cards for challenges and for that, I apologize. I do 'lurk' at some of my besties blogs, though... I'm never far away... but today, I thought, "Hey, it's time to participate again!".

Here's my card based on Card Pattern's Sketch #133

and then I made another one in another colour! haha... I kinda love them! 

Unfortunately, every time I take pictures during the night, they don't turn out so well even after I tweaked them... hmmm, I may need to learn how to improve my editing skills! :P

Off to make a couple more cards and then it's journal sewing time again! Gonna be cutting fabrics and glueing them to covers tomorrow morning! :)


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

of time chasing

I've been busy sewing and binding books again lately because I'm chasing after time! haha.. There are a few craft markets back to back with each other and I needed to prepare more journals, just in case :) After this week, I am going to busy myself with one custom order and work on my other projects and let bookbinding take a back seat for a week :)

I've been lazy yesterday but today I busy myself with running to the post office and binding my journals together ;)
preparation before binding

letting them cure overnight

Oh, I participated in Arts For Grabs the last weekend and it was fun! I had an awesome time there, as usual!! I've said it before and I'm going to say it again! I love Annexe Gallery! The crowd this time is not as packed as the previous AFG but they are still great and it also gives me the opportunity to walk around and get to know other crafters better! So, I'm pretty happy with that :)

Here's the 'loot' that I brought home with me from AFG! I love everything there but I could only bring home some.. boo hoo... well, there's always next time! :)

Books from local authors
2 bookmarks, fabrics, coaster tile and magnet

This weekend, I'm going to be at the National Horse Show, Cheers2Art and another event if it's confirmed! Whoa... gonna be packed!!! :D


Monday, 19 September 2011

My Birthday Treat!

 My second Birthday surprise this year is from dear darling Mei! We had been talking about joining a clay making workshop for a couple of weeks and was deciding to sign up mid September after we both come back from our holidays but she decided to surprise me with a class right before my birthday! :D

I made a pencil holder (was attempting a mug.... but, erm...) and a small heart with Roy & my name etched on it.... while Mei made some really cute houses with birds perched on top of it! hehehe.. so cute, right?

Here's Mei and me! :) 

Thanks Mei for the treat! It was indeed a great birthday gift! :)



I just made myself a proper banner for this blog after so long! LOL.... and although my eyes have gone @.@ I am very happy with it... kept wanting to look at it. 

And now, I'm wondering why it took me so long to make a nice banner! It's so much more appealing... So, here's welcoming you again to "A Little Bit of Everything"... a place where I share my thoughts, photos, my rants & raves, happenings and of course, my crafting :)


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Unicorn Love

Onwards, forward into the plains... wind on my face and in my hair... magic in the air... and when we grow weary we then we stop by a stream... my unicorn at my tow, we both enjoy the sights. If we see a bird or two, we may talk to them, maybe or stop and chat with a wise old owl  :)

And here's my first birthday surprise! :) A blue unicorn to match my darling Anariel (who is pink, by the way). Darling Mel had a blue unicorn custom made for me to be Anariel's mate but because Anariel's horn broke (sobs!), the maker of the unicorns actually made me another pink unicorn who is the new mate for the blue one! 

His name is Alyan, elvish for Blessed

Left : Alassea the Joyful
Right : Anariel of the Sun

They are getting along very well and enjoys each other's company :) I love my unicorns so much! I try to bring one with me each time I go out... :P


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bookbinding is so-much-fun!

I conducted my second Kettle Stitching class 2 Saturdays ago but was away after that so I did not have the time to edit and blog about it! *drats, huh?*

It was yet another fun class! Totally different characters and personalities from the previous class :) I love meeting people from all walks of life and with different personalities cos I find people interesting!

They all sewed really beautiful journals but we always run out of time to take pictures... haha... too much fun chatting and sewing and eating!

Then in the afternoon, I had another session for Coptic Stitching :) Another fun bunch of folks, of course! 
Alassea and Alyan decided to join this class and galloped around on the table... thankfully, my students were kind enough and did not mind. Anariel was nursing her broken horn, so she was taking a rest and did not join in the prancing around.

Next class will be on the 1st October! Will you be joining in the fun? :)