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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

How to get a man to clean the house?

Received this video at work. I know..haha. that's bad. But emails like this make one's dull day at work appear brighter and more bearable. I actually click and watch this before I start doing my work for these few days.

I find it simply hilarious. Maybe some of you will find it kinky :P

Girls, do you think there is a possibility of this happening? LOL. Hope it helps with lightening your house cleaning chores *grins*

Hope this brightens up your day too!


Monday, 19 November 2007

Time = Money

Ain't that true?

Sometimes I feel that watching tv and being online is wasting my time. My time can be better spend crafting, meeting up my prospective clients on Unit Trust investments or reading up more on the happenings of the world to be abreast with world issues.

Time does equal money and that's the truth. As with all investments, the longer your money is kept in a particular fund (share/FD, etc), and if they snowball (interest added into principal), you'll get a lot more than what you invested at the end of the day. And if the snowballing effect takes place year after year, with distributions thrown in (Unit trust), you can be rest assured of quite a good return.

Time also allows us to see our money grow steadily. Unit trust investment is unlike share market where it is highly volatile. However, you must still be wise and choose a good company with reputable consultants to assist you along the way.

Time = Money. But all investments, no matter how safe they are, comes with a little risk. But that will be another blog topic for another day. Just remember, there is no foolproof way to get returns on your investment.

There is no free lunch in the world. Unless, of course, you mean putting your money in FD, where the interest is lower than our inflation rate :)


Saturday, 17 November 2007

Queen of a Nation

I'm the Queen of one of the largest nation in this world. Don't believe it? Why not? Just cos I don't introduce myself as one doesn't mean I'm not. I'm just modest sometimes *blush*

But I've decided to come clean.

It's time.

I want all to know. To know that I'm Queen and I'm cool. hahaha.

I'm Queen of PROCRASTI-nation. Hah, fear me. Bow before me!



Gosh.. I haven't blogged in number of days. Was I that busy? Was there so much to do that I forgot about blogging? Or was I simply just too caught up with other things? ahhh... I know the answer. I think I was just LAZY.

Writer's block doesn't help and so are certain issues that I shouldn't raise in a blog where some people really do know who I am. If only I have an alter ego. Hmmm..which gets to think that having a blog where no one knows who you are is good. You can rant and rant about anything in life and no one penalizes you cos they don't know who you are :D


But I might not be that hardworking to set up another blog site. I'm LAZY.

Need to get back to crafting too. Business is slow for me on
Etsy and I've been suffering from a bout of NON-CREATIVE-itis. And LAZY-itis. Better take some antibiotics and get well soon!

Will be posting up pictures of my crafts soon! Watch this space :D


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I want this...

I want to be carefree. Lying on a yacht. Feeling the breeze sweeping past me and the sun on my face.

I want to be enjoying the sun set. I love the array of colors.It never fails to amaze me. I want to be carefree. See how happy I was :)


Sunday, 4 November 2007

The Run

Look at the throng of people! This is just part of them. There are still many of them behind me as I took this picture :)

I'm glad to say that this year, there are many Malaysian faces. I think it's safe to say that there are more Malaysians running this year than expatriates . Which is a good sign. Our people are starting to be aware of the run that Terry Fox started so many years ago.

This is our country anyway and we should, by right. outnumber the expatriates :) Oh, there are many expatriates too. Whole families of them. It's just so cool to see a mix of cultures in the run. I'm sure Terry Fox would have been proud to see this year's turn out from heaven above :)

These are some of the shots that I took from the run today :) I was half jogging, half walking, half taking pictures. Next year, it'll be the same. I'll still take pictures..haha. Even though I heard some comments mentioning something about me taking pictures. sigh.. what's your problem. I like to take pictures. Jealous, I never take your picture, is it?

Anyway, that's besides the point. I enjoyed myself. I enjoyed the run. I enjoyed the crowd.. Wow..I actually do know quite a lot of people. I met quite a few people I know at Lake Gardens.

And you know what? Lake Gardens is actually quite quite nice. One of Kuala Lumpur's best kept secret. I like the greenery. Hmmm..planning to go for regular jogs there soon :)

Next year, I hope to see more people. I will promote cancer awareness.


Saturday, 3 November 2007

I NOT stupid

Don't think I'm really that naive. I don't believe in naivety. Because to be naive means to be stupid. Ignorant. Ignorant is not really bliss, as much as some of you will like to believe.

If you want to be ignorant, be a 'katak bawah tempurung' (frog under a coconut shell). Then your whole world is under that very shell you're under. You'll never know what's out there in the world. And the world is really a big place, no matter what you perceive it to be.

I don't mind being innocent. Not knowing what's really happening but certainly not naive.

Too many excuses. Don't give that to me. Don't do it if you're not willing. Just don't give me excuses. Do it willingly or not at all.


p/s : I made that 'Not stupid' logo myself :)

Friday, 2 November 2007

What happens if..

you planned for a second honeymoon with your wife and your parents-in-law, niece and brother-in-law wants to tag along?

Will you :

A) postpone the trip to sometime they can't make it?
B) grudgingly agree for them to tag?
C) told them you already bought the tickets?
D) pretend you're not going anymore?

I am not sure what I will do. Most likely (B). Cos I'm not very good at refusing people. It's bad. I know. I end up doing it grudgingly. Bad for health. hehe.

But this is not my scenario. My team leader planned to take his wife to Bali, Indonesia for a second honeymoon a few months back. His wife's whole family wanted to go along. Thank goodness he's quite a happy-go-lucky kind of a person. He was not too happy (who will?) but he went along with it anyway.

Worst part is that he had to arrange their tickets, transportation and hotel stay as well. haha.. What a good son-in-law.

What was supposed to be a honeymoon became, erm, totally unromantic :P Well, at least he had a good time too. It was not that bad, according to him.

I'll like to know what you would do. I've already mentioned my answer *winks*


Thursday, 1 November 2007

T-shirt Not Nice...

I got this reply, " Hi, Can I cancel my order for the Terry Fox Run t-shirt cos I just checked out the link you sent. It's not nice wor."

My blood was just about to reach boiling point when I finish reading the sentence. I think this has to be a one in a million response. It's a wonder how I could calmly think of a response that's (I think) tactful yet straight to the point.

My response, " Hi, we're doing this for charity. Not because the t-shirt is nice or otherwise. You can cancel your name from the list. No problem."

To which I receive a reply stating, "Oh, I'm sorry I forgot the real purpose of buying the t-shirt. You don't have to cancel my name off the list."

Well, up till before I left the office, the said person has not paid me. If said person still does not make a payment before cut-off time tomorrow, I will just omit said person's name. It would be futile and quite dumb of me to make payment for said person first as he/she already said the t-shirt is not nice wor (slang).

I need to get over this... Sleep. Sleep shall cure this. Just not let me find out who this person is. Plain idiotic (I'm lost for words..how should I describe this).


Really, it's Unofficial..

yes, I assure you. I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

You see, I was all charged up to go for the Terry Fox Run in KL this coming Sunday. Being all charged up like a Duracell bunny (cos Energizer's logo ain't a bunny), I decided to encourage my fellow colleagues to join the good cause.

.... And I was rejected. Hmmm, early in the morning and I was rejected. Not a good way to start the day. Excuse = Sunday is the only day I can sleep in..

"duh, same here partner, same here."

Dissappointed as I was by his response, I was still charged. You see, Duracell bunnies last REaaaL long (note:not a Duracell sponsored post..haha) and then it hit me! Another way I can raise awareness is by sending an email on the event to ALL the Klang Valley staff!! And there's plenty of us. Even with the harshest law of possibilities applied, I'm still definitely gonna get something from someone :D

So, I composed my email and took an excerpt from the Terry Fox Run website and proceeded to send out the mail.

Wow! Within minutes of pressing the 'Send' button, my phone was ringing off the hook!! But, erm, they were all asking me if they can buy the t-shirt from me. Note the word 'from' :)
I'm not even an official volunteer from the Terry Fox Run committee! Nevertheless, I'm guessing most of them responded cos in the last line of my email sent out, I wrote, "If you're too LAZY or too BUSY to run, buy a t-shirt and donate for a good cause."

Hmmm...maybe that's why they thought they can buy from me...haha. I meant it in a very general way. Go click on the hyperlink I created and find out how you can purchase from there.

Anyway, for a good cause and if I actually responded by asking them to do that, I don't think many will. So, I took up the role of the 'Unofficial Volunteer Coordinator' for this event in my office :D

Boy, it was not easy. So many phone calls and emails came pouring in. And erm, one particular one from Compliance saying I'm not suppose to use office mail for personal works. To which I politely replied that it's not my personal works. All I did was sent out an awareness email and was suddenly 'volunteered' to do it.

I think I did quite a good job so far. Preparing the spreadsheet. Making sure I double check who paid and who has not.

I will be collecting the t-shirts tomorrow from SJMC. Thank God for the arrangement. Actually, I think He arranged everything. He wanted me to do this. You see, I already took half day leave to visit a Dr in SJMC tomorrow. And the new t-shirts stock are arriving tomorrow at 2pm. There's a shortage at the moment.

Can you see how creatively HE orchestrated everything? Making sure everything laid out properly?

God is an AMAZING God and none can deny it :D He showed me to do good, be gracious and He is teaching me how to organize, coordinate and plan, even if it's the very basic.

Thank you, Lord ~Amen~