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Friday, 26 March 2010

Envelope Album

I didn't manage to make any cards last weekend, except for one, hence the lack of posts this week :P I was busy starting and completing 2 new projects, though. An envelope album and a 'flip' album (I think that's what it's called...)

Here's the envelope album that I completed. I love mini albums. I guess I like mini stuffs better than large layouts... haha... I seem to have trouble with 12x12 scrapbook pages but am perfectly happy with mini albums :)

Just a few pages from the album.... I think I'm going to make more.... it's addictive plus it's really quite fun to make :)


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Product Review : Marvy Uchida mini Glue Tape

The LSS that I frequent (so frequent <pun intended>, the shop assistants there and I are friends now :), kwim?) asked if I would like to do a product review for them and I was trilled. Why wouldn't I? I get to try out a product :D

My first impression of it was... whoa... what a cute looking thing! And it would take so little space in my pencil case :D And erm, well, a girl just loves cute things, right?  This has got be be one of the cutest looking product in the scrapbooking market at the moment... well, in the glue tape category at least :P You know how 'mini' this thing really is? Only about 2.75 inches!!!! It's that tiny. 

I brought it home and tried it on my projects. It's easy to hold. Nice grip and the adhesive slides out easily. For a product so small, it sure packs a punch! The adhesive is quite strong too. In fact, I used it on photos, acetate, paper & ribbon and they all held down nicely :) Although, I feel that Kokuyo's Dotliner's stick much stronger, you wouldn't be able to peel off your project once you apply this little baby's adhesive on it and press them down firmly.

All in all, I give this glue tape a 4.5/5 stars! It does its job well, saves space in your pencil/scapbook case and is a steal! The LSS told me it's less than RM 10!! :) How cool is that?


Saturday, 20 March 2010


This is a new site I just discovered.... Embellish Magazine :) And they have a fabric colour challenge this time round.... to use the colours blue, green, red and kraft. Ooooh... thank God they said we could use black too :D

This is my take on the challenge. What do you think? I'm glad I took out in Bloom to play with again... it's been a while. 

Code : AO0073


Friday, 19 March 2010

It's the weekend again

Had a great dinner last night with colleagues. It's always nice catching up and having food as well, right? :P

It's Friday today and tonight is the start of the weekend... woo hoo!!! Weekends are always welcome in my books.. Have got some errands to run this weekend but I hope to complete them soon. 

Here's to a great weekend, people :)

Code : GWS0006


Thursday, 18 March 2010

It's time to start again... :)

This is actually based on Card Pattern's sketch #55. I have not joined many challenges for some time (for reasons known to some but please don't speculate... those dear to me would know) but it's not because I don't enjoy them.... :) I totally do and I hope you will see more of me participating at challenges at various sites soon :)

I choose to make cards and I want to make more scrapbooking projects too :)  Maybe I will even embark on a 365 project soon :)

Code : AO0072


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy Happy Happy News!

Guess what? :D

About two weeks ago I chanced upon Cardabilities Design Team call from Jessy's blog and decided to try out for it. So, I sent in my application (got a reply from Karan to let me know she received it. That's really sweet & I appreciate it) and waited....

Waiting can sometimes be quite a task, isn't it? :) so when I got an email from Karan of Sketchabilities & Cardabilites a few days ago informing me that I made the Cardabilities team... I was beyond joy!!! Thanks! :)

I made the team & I can't stop beaming (ask my husband and he'll tell you I was jumping up and down in the room & out.... but don't believe that, no... I didn't do that :P).

Do drop by both the Sketchabilities and Cardabilites blog for inspirations & love :)


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Living by design

Attended a two day course since Monday and it has been insightful. I love that I really learned something that I can take back from this course. I mean, the other courses I attended were also good but I seem to be able to take back more from this one :) and I'm glad.

We can all benefit from being better people and striving to be better people. Taking proactive approaches in life rather than reactive ones, living by design and not by default.... I caught a glimpse of what I really want to do with my life from this course. And I'm going to work my way towards it.

Code : GWS0005


Sunday, 14 March 2010


We celebrated grandma's birthday last weekend :) Her actual birthday is last Wednesday but since my uncle & my parents had to travel from outstation, we celebrated it a few days late.

I love family gatherings (that doesn't involve drama) cos there's always a lot of catching up to do :) Drama's are tiring and a waste of time but some people just love it. And it happens everywhere... not just at home. It's-all-around-us. s.i.g.h. Unfortunately. 

Well, I guess we just have to live with it and learn how to handle it better :)

Code : HB0055


Friday, 12 March 2010


Sometimes I create many cards in one day and then don't post them up until much later. I don't have the time to make a card a day so when I find a little time, I will make as many as I can and thanks to scheduled posting, I can schedule them for posting anytime I want. 

Of course, the text I sometimes include later. But most of the time, I actually do blog in advance.

I love this birdcage I got from Hambly. It's just so pretty. I *almost* didn't want to cut them :P How could I? haha... But I had too cos I really hoard too much :P

I love the bokeh effect my camera does now.... happy happy :D

Code : HB0054


Thursday, 11 March 2010

green with envy

Update : It was not Moxie Fab World that I saw this challenge... aiks... It was caardvarks! I was browsing through their blog again today and saw the image inspiration..... so yeah, this is inspired by caardvarks :)

Well, not exactly :) I was browsing Moxie Fab World last week and saw the image they put up for inspiration. It has birdcages in white and green and it was beautiful :)

I haven't used this birdcage stamp from Basic Grey in a while now.... But I still love them a whole lot. Just as much as I love the Hambly birdcages :)

Hope you like this card too.

Code : AO0071


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Where my cards are :)

My cards are for sale in CzipLee, Bangsar :) It's in both the shops, the main outlet and the one opposite the road next to 7-11.
So, now you now where else you can go see my cards :)


At the main outlet, just next to the cashier near the entrance

At CzipLee Plus, next to 7-11 opposite Bangsar Village 2


Thursday, 4 March 2010

Take time for... tea

or in my case, take time for coffee :)

My new love is Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato. The caramel makes the coffee even more delicious :) And I relish in the times when I sit down with it, whether I sit down at the cafe or if I take it back home. I enjoy it either way.

There's something about this card that I like and the more I look at it, the more I love it. I think in a way it's how the colours match up. Or it could just be that I love the lace sticking out from under the buttons and teapot :) Oh, the lace is a gift from my bloggie friend, Cindy. Isn't she sweet?

Code : AO0069

I hope I get to meet her soon for a cuppa :)


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Manly card

Made another manly card :) I think I deserve a pat on my back each time I make one...haha.. cos I always finds it the hardest. This one turned out pretty fine, I must say. I hand cut the stars and also the tag. Drew out the shape of the tag (roughly) and then cut it out. Not too bad, I must say.

Code : HB0053

Haven't been out for a photo-walk for some time now. I think I might be able to go for one after work one of these days. Let's see :)