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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Kissy, Huggie....

It started first with stamping and cutting the images out.... then colouring, blending and glossing......

And then, more conceptualization to turn them into fun cards for Valentine's Day! :)
Well, you can use them for other occasions too... birthdays or just to say "I Love You".... Cards are coming back in trend, you know... :P as my friend calls it, "Retro e-mails"

Cards can be ordered individually or in a set.. :) Just indicate it to me when you send me a mail :)


Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Was on hiatus for the last two weeks from my blog.... not that I stopped creating. I still was... busy busy busy creating but just too lazy busy to update the blog.... terrible, right? LOL... yes, I know. Sometimes I feel that this is more a full-time job than it pretends not to be :P

I'm sharing this card that I made many weeks ago... why? erm, cos I don't think I have shared it and the ones I am going to update here, I wanna do that over the course of the days.... so, here.... my little teapot :D

Code : AO0144

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Here's to a great new year!! woo hoo~~~


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas and love

First time making a card with banners! :D And I'm kinda liking it.... cos it's fun to make and it makes the card kinda interesting too...... This cat reminds me of my cat, Tinsel. A Ginger naughty cat but my Tinsel has those huge, round, deceiving angelic eyes... HAHAHA...

Stamped the background with distressed stripes stamps... drew the cross-stitch since I can't bear to poke a needle through my paper... made the banner using PP and baker's twine.. you can't really see it but it's the red and white baker's twine... just like the one I adhered behind the sentiment.

Drew the little hearts myself and glossed it up to make it look more 3D and I based this all on Cardabilities' Sketch #17

I know it's the Christmas season and all but this is like a mix of Christmas and love and hello all together! Notice my little snowflakes at the side? I glittered them up! :) 

Hope you like my card and do hop on over to Cardabilities and join us with this fun sketch! :D


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Arts for Grabs!

I had the most fun the last weekend! This is my first time participating in a handmade art market (I don't think there's many in Malaysia as well) and it was the jolliest time for me in quite a while! 

I met so many indie artists and fell in love with so many things but I had to resist temptation and I only spend on a handbound notebook. Well, I have a very, very soft spot for stationaries..... and notebook is one of them! It is a very lovely notebook! And the seller offers classes which I already signed up for! :P

My hanging wall deco :)

My stall shared with Alvin... have to think of better ways to display in the future to accommodate more things! :P

My 'shop' name! :) Hand-drawn & hand-stamped

Some of the things for sale

My notecards were very well received!

Stuck some cards on the wall to grab attention

As far as experience goes, AFG has given me a good one & I made quite a few good friends. My neighbour and I even collaborated towards the end of the second day selling my mum's handmade blooms which she turned into a pin. She pinned it on her tudung, and I immediately got sales! lol! We're gonna talk about how to go further into it! :P


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Arts For Grabs

I'm going to be at the Arts for Grabs (AFG) with my friend, Alvin, showcasing (of cos all items are for sale) our artwork. Alvin takes great pictures and this time around he's showcasing his pictures of sceneries & sunsets around the world :)

As for me, I'm showcasing my handmade cards, notecards, gift tags, altered photo frame and chimes. Gonna be offering classes to make mini albums & stuff too. Come along, have a look and see if anything from our booth tickles your fancy!

Location : Annexe Gallery, Central Market
It's at the building adjacent to Central Market at the back... Just walk through Central Market to the back, take the lift to the 2nd floor or walk up the stairs to the top floor.
Time : 12noon - 8-pm

There'll be a lot of other indie artists showcasing their  wares too! Come! Have fun! Chat with us! We want to see you!!! :D


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Some things....

... that I've been working on. I haven't participated in challenges for quite a while now but of course, I still have my Cardabilities 'duties' to 'perform... hehe.. 

In the course of Mr. Mojo escaping from my creativity bank and has not seem to want to be found, I've been making some gift tags and note cards :)

What do you think? If you like it, you can find them on my Etsy store! :)


Monday, 29 November 2010

Thank you Butterflies.....

I love Cardabilities time of the month, don't you? They have one of the nicest sketches for cardmakers and scrapbookers alike! :)

And here's my take on their latest sketch.... Sketch #16 already! :) You can always go over to Cardabilites and have your hand on any of the previous sketches... Just go to the previous month's blog posts :)

Code : AO0142

Hope you like this card too :) Freehand cut the 'landscape' and the tree is actually a branch from one of PTI's sets... haha... I don't have any sets with trees so I had to improvise :)


Sunday, 28 November 2010

These are ....

.... what's been keeping me away from my crafts for a while... well, not entirely their fault. Mr. Mojo decided to take a leave of absence too, so it was double jeopardy :P

Adopted two kittens last month to add into the family... we already have Tinsel, the ginger male cat and the two additions are Penny, a tabby and Leonard, another male :)

Penny's very sweet and she enjoys being cuddled... Leonard is more like Tinsel... enjoys cuddling only when he's really sleepy but he's still generally a lot more gentler than Tinsel.

Look at the paws.. cute, right? different colours! :P

Hugging self while sleeping... bliss....

Tinsel has gotten used to them and enjoys fussing over them. They still 'fight' and the little ones will make a lot of noise cos I think Tinsel is too rough... but overall, they are getting along fine :)

Hope you enjoys the pictures! :)


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

of stuffy nose and surprises!

Loving Penny Black! how can I not? I have a huge love for their hedgehog stamps! :)

Here's another Christmas card I made... likey likey? I hope you do! :) Well, I'm still suffering from stuffy nose and general lethargy... sigh... not a good sign... sigh... But I've been creating. Will share with you gals shortly... just not now. It will be a surprise! :P

Code : Christmas10-9

Have a great day, ya! As for me... I'm just praying for the nose to be better... sigh....


Sunday, 21 November 2010

God is good :)

Sorry I have been away from my blog for some time again.... sigh... I seem to have this yo-yo blogging effect :P Been feeling under the weather recently too. Had the fever and chills couple of days back and then now, the flu is still running full speed ahead! :(  My poor nose is like a leaky tap... sigh

Sharing yet another card I made weeks ago... nothing new that I've done in the recent days. Gosh, I really need to make something! :P

Code : AO0137

Well, I did make some cards but they were orders from a friend... thank you for your order (if you happen to come by and read this!). Am gonna start with another order. God IS good... He supplies, one way or another! :)


Monday, 15 November 2010

Cardabilities Sketch #15

It's Cardabilities time again! :) Another fabulous sketch from the very fabulous Karan!! :) I had a lot of fun with this sketch and I see the other girls in the team did too! :)

Here's my take on the sketch.....

Code : AO0141

Creating has been slow for me.... I haven't really created in quite a while. No mojo.... I have done the challenge that my dear friend posted to me and the photo has been taken but honestly I am not that pleased with myself cos I think it's not good enough... hmm... maybe a 2nd attempt at it would be better...

Thanks for dropping by and remember to head on over to Cardabilities to join in the fun! The inspirations are endless! :)


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Re-opening of my Etsy Store

I started listing in my Etsy again... this is my, what, 3rd attempt? lol.... well, considering the first 2 times, I didn't really take really good pictures and wasn't committed enough... I hope 3rd times' a charm for this case! :)

Do drop by my store and hope you'll make a purchase of something you like! Will be listing very often... like, once a day or once in 2 days so do keep an eye out for items in the shop! :)

Have a great day ahead! Loving the weather today... it's nice and cool! Just lovely! :)


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

come back, Mr. Mojo

Another card I made sometime back.... haha... I think I haven't made a card in 2 weeks. Oh boy, one of the longest stretches of Mr. Mojo leaving me. I think Mr. Mojo went for a holiday without telling me... how sad... :P

Just a simple card today. Love the pop of colours :)

Code : AO0136

Hope that you'll all have a great day! :) I definitely need a Mojo and inspiration boost! One crafty friend gave me a challenge to help me get my mojo back.. am going to attempt that later :)


Monday, 1 November 2010

Fat Cat

I love using Penny Black's Christmas stamps when making cards for the season. This fat cat is so cute isn't it? And he looks so snug in that thick sweater! :)

My days has been filled with much things to think and consider about and the lethargy isn't helping.... Am praying to achieve much more than I can. In God, all things are possible and I am claiming that :)

Code : Christmas 10-8

Sometimes I want to be a gypsy and just live life.... simple, nomadic life to see the whole world! :)


Saturday, 30 October 2010

Cardabilities Sketch #14

P/s : Happy Halloween ya! It's not a big celebration over here in Malaysia but I'm sure everyone else is having lotsa fun! :P

It's technically still the 30th here as I'm typing this but I guess by the time it's posted it should have entered the 31st... drats... LOL.... I've been pretty busy lately and I guess it slipped my mind that I have to write a Cardabilities post today! silly, forgetful me >.<

And to top it off, there was a member event at a LSS and I was there for most of the afternoon. Managed to meet up with Shirl before that and it was great catching up with her! :) 

Here's my take on Sketch #14 over at Cardabilities! It's yet another fun sketch and I hope you will all join in the fun! :)

Code : AO140

Just a smidgen of fussy cutting on this card but I'm loving it! :) Am so glad I bought the Hambly paper with the bird cages too... can't seem to find them anymore...


Friday, 29 October 2010

Be merry

Hey there! Have fun and be merry! :)

I've been feeling mojo-less and the cards I'm posting now were the ones I made some weeks back... oh boy, Mr. Mojo please come back... >.<

So for now, here's a cheery card to share :) Not really my style... hehe..... Not enough stamping on this card... :P

Code : Christmas 10-7


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Friends to the end

Gosh.... mojo-less and having the writer's block both at the same time... hahaha... potent combination of death! :P

Today is a good & bad day for me... more good than bad, though I wish it was a good-good day with very itsy-bitsy bad in it instead of the one I had to face. Managed to meet up with my friend cum business partner and then catch up with my camera-enthusiast friend :) Wish I had more time to spend with them both, though.

But then early in the morning, one of my clients 'forgot' we had a prior arrangement to meet up... sigh... The world doesn't revolve around him alone so it's ok. Anyway, he was apologetic and said we'll meet another day. Well, things happen and when they do, it's not always for the worst. Maybe I'm not meant to meet up with him today :) And for whatever reasons, no use to get too worked up. 

God always has a higher way so I have to trust Him for whatever happens :)

Here's my card to share with you today.... something simple and elegant (whenever there's pearls, I feel that it's more elegant :P)

Code : AO0135

What do you think?


Monday, 25 October 2010


I love Christmas.... it is indeed a wonderful time of the year. I only wish that I can spend it buried in knee deep snow and a hot cup of cocoa :P Christmas in Malaysia is erm, just not the same... no snow!

This Christmas tree stamp is a cutie, isn't it? I believe it's from Cindy's RAK from last year... LOL.... I didn't have the chance to play with it all year long but hey, now is the time to break it out and use it! :)

Code : Christmas10-6

Am loving the bright pop of pink from the baby blue card... do you? Nothing's much been happening in my life lately.... am a boring ol' sap now... LOL.... Am hoping to get a better compact camera, one in the range of LX3 or g11... I don't mind a slightly older model since it will be cheaper... any suggestions, ladies?


Sunday, 24 October 2010

a wish....

A wish... that's all I'm asking for...

Here's an inked up chandelier from Inkadinkado... :) I have yet again been neglecting ALL my other stamp sets and have only been playing with PTI's sets... waiting for my WM and Wplus9 to arrive so that I can have more variety... :P

Code : AO0134

I actually love the bright combination of colours. Very cheery, don't you think? and we all need something to brighten up our days sometimes, don't we? :)

Love layering stamps too... did you notice the text on top of the polka dots? loving it! :)

Hope you girls are having a great day, where ever you are! :)


Thursday, 21 October 2010

singing lil' hedgehog

Would you love to have a cute little hedgehog singing Christmas hymns to you?

Oh, I would....!! I think I have to stop reading fairy tales... LOL... but I want to re-read The Chronicles of Narnia. I finished the book really quick and I really love it. Love the magic, suspense, trill and adventure that they have. I wish I have a magic wardrobe that I can walk through and appear in another world... then you would say that I'm already too old for that, huh? :P

Code : Christmas10-5

We are never too old to dream. Just need a little focus, a little motivation and push in the right direction.... Let's all be dreamers in our own rights! :)


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Tea Break?

Inspired by Card Pattern's Sketch 86, I came up with this card! Inked up my Tea for Two teapot again. Love the contrast of colours on this one. I initially wanted to make it a really simple card with no background stamping and just the teapot at the corner but then I saw the sketch and decided to based it on the sketch instead :)

Code : AO0144

Hope you like this card! :)


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sip & Relax

I'm inspired by both Wplus9's Colour Cue {9} Challenge and 2S4Y Kazan's Sketch #64. Love the soft colours in the challenge which serves as a little reminder for Breast Cancer Awareness as well. I used to work for a pharmaceutical company and my colleague who's in charge of Herceptin (for Her-2 type breast cancer) would give us some pink ribbons to attach on our clothes or bag when we were out visiting doctors. 

Here's my take on both the colour cue challenge and the sketch :)

Code : AO0143

Can you see another set that I rarely use? lol.... Love this teapot set too but, again, I don't use it enough.... I didn't buy as many sets from PTI this year, don't think I would be eligible for the free anniversary set next year :P But then again, I am not too pleased with the way they handle customer's concerns. 

Remember when I asked about feedback on postal to the US? It was sent to PTI. Some of the epoxy stickers were damaged and they said I could send it back for a replacements. So I did, with registered mail... last October! And they said they never received it. I gave them the tracking number and they said it only shows the item reaching US but not to their doorstep so they cannot send me a replacement. I am speechless.... why would I spend money to send back the items then? and it was USD7 for both the epoxy stickers. If I knew they were going to shrug responsibilities so easily, I wouldn't have sent it back... just use the ones that are not damaged. Feels like I'm at the total losing end in this :(


Monday, 18 October 2010

Just a note

I try to alternate posting my Christmas cards creations and cards for other occasions... I dread to think that you girls will get bored if you keep seeing the same theme :P Am not making any Halloween cards cos it's not a big celebration in Malaysia and there's no one for me to send them to! :) So it's just Christmas and everything else for now :)

Code : AO0133
Took out my Vintage Picnic set and started inking them again. It's quite a fun set but I don't use it enough... seriously. Sometimes I just take them out and look at them, erm, then put it back... LOL....

Well, today's post is a rather short one... nothing's running through my head right now so nothing to ramble on about. Let's see if I am 'talkative' tomorrow :P


Sunday, 17 October 2010


*Update* ~imagine me doing the happy dance~
Remember a while back when I submitted this LayOut of my recycled upcycled calendar for Papier's Photo Inspiration Challenge? I just received news that I won!!! Yippee yay yay!!! :D Check it out here. so so happy!!! :D

This is another variation of the Christmas card that I posted earlier... I switched up some of the buttons and changed the colour on the ornaments too.... I am not producing Christmas cards as fast am I want to... and I want to churn out some handmade gifts to my friends this year... so it's gonna be quite 'project-packed' :)

Code : Christmas10-4

First time ordering stamps from Waltzing Mouse and Wplus9... hope to receive my stamps soon! Can't wait to play with them... and no, girls, I didn't buy a lot... hehe... Just a couple, serious!

Just a quick question, if you have a tracking number for the package you sent and the tracking shows that the item left Malaysia and arrived in the US, but unfortunately did not state whether it reaches the recipient's doorsteps, does that render a "I'm sorry we can't replace your products because it didn't state that it reached our office'?

Would love to hear your comments :)


Friday, 15 October 2010


I want to thank God for a wonderful week and I'm believing in more wonderful weeks in the future. You know, I'm actually writing this in advance... It's Monday now but I'm claiming God's goodness, blessings and favour for a wonderful week ahead and come Friday, I want to give Him thanks for all that has taken place :)

It takes a lot to be strong but even more to be courageous, isn't it? and it takes a lot of perseverance and self-motivation to get a lot of things going. As I've mentioned earlier, Procrastination has been trying to engage in a close friendship with me but I've been trying to shake him off. I don't mind him as a casual friend but not as a close buddy... no no no... I prefer the company of Motivation, Hardwork and Perseverance and I have to make effort to be best buddies with those 3 chums instead! :)

Wish me luck ya?! :P

Code : AO0132

Here's my card. I want to prepare to thank Him for his goodness.... :)


Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sketch #13 on Cardabilities!

I couldn't contain my happiness and here's the reason why! I've been accepted back for another term with Cardabilities!! yippie yay yay!!!

*doing the happy dance*

Basically been doing the happy dance since I received Karan's email :) Thanks Karan, for having me again. And here's my take on Sketch #13. It's a really beautiful sketch and you may see more cards based on this sketch here, in the near future :)

Code : Christmas10-20

I used PTI's Mod Squad for the 'snowflakes' on the cardstock. I don't have any snowflakes stamp and so I had to improvise. They do look like snowflakes, right? :)

Go on now... hop over to Cardabilities and check out the cards created by other DTs and of course, get out your stash and start making a card too! :)


Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Love buttons a lot..... a whole lot but I mostly hoard them and don't use them enough :P So I'm trying to incorporate them on my Christmas card now... 

Took a couple of days off from posting Christmas cards but now, I'm resuming it :P Well, it's be an on and off thing so that I don't bore you ladies (or guys... if there's any at all) who visits my blog here. What do you think of this card?

Code : Christmas10-3

Blogging can be quite a daunting task, isn't it? It takes time and effort and if there's no passion to it, it's almost like a job! :P That's why I am always in awe of ~Amy~ who finds time to update daily. How do you do it, girl? :)


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

How, why? recycle?

I shared a LO I made with a used calendar couple of days back, right? Well, I've always tried to recycle and use whatever scraps I have and not throw them away cos if we put in a bit of imagination, we could 'up-cycle' some stuff... which is why my hubby calls me a hoarder.. lol.. As I was cleaning up last week, I chanced upon this old calendar... from 2007! hahaha.... eh hmm... hoarder alert :P

Well,I always know that there's something that I can do with them instead of throwing them away... so, I 'up-cycled' my calendar. This is different from the usual recycling *winks*

Well, firstly, you'll want to tear away each & every single piece of the calendar leaving only the base. But here's another thought, you can actually leave the rest of the calendar months in and make it like an album instead of just using the base like me. Then you'll have a mini flip-project that stands on your table! :) hmmm... maybe I should try it next! :)

Then just start going through your stash, find your favourite paper, embellishments, punches and get started! :) I actually glued those pearls on myself. Not an easy feat... easier to just buy those that you just need to peel off and stick it on but erm, I'm el-cheapo so I had to improvise :)

I added stickles on part of the project too... just to make it more interesting. You know, I'm not really shabby chic but I love how this turned out! :) tell me what you think, k? :)


Monday, 11 October 2010

Just a short note :)

Just a short note today..... been hanging out with Procrastination quite often lately which is not proving to be very fruitful. There's so many plans, thoughts, things I want to put into action but Procrastination has been clinging on to me like glue!

*le sigh*

Anyway, am sharing a card here now, I've still been quite productive making cards though... but not as productive as I hope I would be. Well, sometimes you just can't force the creative juice out... and that I understand... la di da :P

This card is based on 2S4Y's sketch last week. I completed it but forgot to take a picture of it and by the time that was done, a new sketch is out! haha.... anyways, the lil' mouse just wants to say 'hola' :)

Code : AO0131

Have a great day, peeps! :)


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Planning, focusing...

Planning and focusing is one thing... but executing it is another whole different ball game. I know the saying, "Failing to plan is planning to fail" but just by planning and not executing is failing too. And another point to note, self-motivation has got to be one of the toughest thing to do! hahaha..... and procrastination seems to be it's best friend. 

I have to stop procrastinating and show myself that I can do it! :)

Enough of my rambling for today :P Here's another Christmas card. I love my little bow :P

Code : Christmas10-2

Boy, do I have to make some other cards and share them here to break the routine :P I am gonna create a tutorial.... hmmm..... crap, Procrastination is asking me out for coffee.... talk to you ladies later, k?



Thursday, 7 October 2010

Challenge... challenge

I guess most of you know that I'm a card-maker at heart.... there are times when I dabble in mini albums and small projects but I seem to shy away from 12x12 scrapbook LO :P

And yes, I'm still a bit shy..... I am definitely making a commitment to make two 12x12 pages by end of October but erm, for now, here's a 6x6.... start small, then we work our way up, k? :D

This LO is based on this "Photo Inspiration Challenge" by Papier. Here's the very lovely photo... how not to be inspired? *winks*


Very lovely kitchen and colours, no? I love it! It looks so clean and fresh... and since I don't create LOs a lot, I had to think quite hard to create mine.. hehe... I wish I'm a tad bit like Jessy, Amy or Savitri. They seem to create LOs effortlessly :)

Anyway, here's my take based on the photo above. This is an 'up-cycled' calendar... you know, those table calendar we throw away each year end? I hoarded saved some and it's proving to be useful! I love that it's already sturdy and makes a nice piece of art, ya? :)

Photo quality is not as good as I want it to be cos I took it at night and lighting is not fantastic. I love taking pictures in the morning or afternoon... the colours are always lovelier! :) The cardstock base is hand-stamped and then coloured to match the tiles on the photo.

I used glossy accent to highlight some of the tiles too and even misted the base and the flowers with gold iridescent spray. It looks a little sparkly :) Oh, and thank you Cindy for the lovely lace ribbon and doily... they help make this project work! :)

Love how it's already made to stand on the table! hehe... yeshhh, I'm lazy so this helps! :)