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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Week 4

How time flies.... it was only just the beginning of the new year and now, January is coming to an end. Moving on to Week 5 of the year already and I haven't accomplished some of the things I wanted to get done.. :P

Here's my Week 4 pages. I am still trying to figure out how to take pictures of my PL pages clearly without the plastic shine... sigh.. if you know how, kindly share. Currently photographing them indoors. Probably need to try outdoors soon....

And some close ups :)

Feeling a little under the weather now.... tired and stuffy nose. Think I'm going to just sleep the day away, snuggling with my darling Penny :D


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Week 3

 I find Project Life quite a fun way to document our daily/weekly activities.... it's 'easier' than the conventional scrapbooking cos it doesn't require as much embellishments. So far, I am able to keep up with it but I will always do it 'one week late' cos I print out my photos at the end of the week. I also don't put too much pressure on how many pages each week takes. If more things happen that week, it may take up more pages and if not, less. I find that less stressful than trying to make everything 'perfect'.

Of course I will continue to scrapbook... but definitely less :P Perhaps for the bigger or more memorable events... but PL definitely makes it much easier to preserve daily memories :) PL and the iPhone.. haha.... taking pictures has never been easier :)


Monday, 21 January 2013

Busy bee....

 For the past week, I was busy completing pages in a mini album from our Vegas trip and also PL pages for week 1 & 2. The week seem to fly by when I was doing things I love... It was a good thing I already edited some of the pictures when I was in Vegas so that I could print them straight away when I reached home. 

I decided to keep the pages pretty simple actually. Just some random embellishments and washi tapes here and there and concentrate on the photos and journalling.

Ordered this stamp set cos I wanted, well, almost everything from this set! :D

Caved in and bought the bought the Little Bo Peep wood veneers from Crate Paper as well. I saw some pieces I could use for my future baby projects :) And of course, how can I not snag the stars wood veneers??? It's so hard to get them! And the exclusive SSS set is awesome! I love these 2 new stamp sets. I can see myself using it a lot for my PL, especially... and the cutest thing was a free gift from SSS with this order. Totally unexpected! :)


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Project Life 2013 ... Week 1 & 2

So, I decided to join the many wonderful ladies out there on the Project Life train this year. I ordered 3 different types of page protectors so that I can jazz things up if and when I want to :) 

 Will be using the 6x12 page protectors for dividing up the months.... I realized I can't put embellishments that are too bulky. Unlike scrapbook pages, these page protectors doesn't seem to be able to 'withstand' the bulk... haha...

I am using my existing patterned paper stash from my Studio Calico monthly kits and some of my 6x6 paper pads...

I kinda like softer colors and will continue to hunt for pastel colored patterned papers from now on :) Loving banners and washi tapes too.

Spending time in Vegas with Penny (mostly..) as hubby needs to go to work.

I love how hubby is so energetic and tries to bring me around on Friday night before we leave Vegas on Saturday. And on Sunday, he drove me to Anaheim to meet Amy. I really appreciate him for that as I know he was still tired from the drive on Saturday (and he still has work to do...). It's so wonderful to meet Amy after knowing her for years online. She is so sweet and she even got our baby some gifts! What a blessing! I am super grateful :D


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Vegas Mini Album

Yeay!!! I completed documenting our Vegas trip :D I kept it simple mostly and I will scrapbook some of the pictures later. Gosh, I seem to be doing more this year... Project Life, scrapbooking (cardmaking as well...but that's been on a back burner for a while...) and making mini albums as well. But it has been a happy process! 

This is not all the pages from the album.. just some of them. 

By the way, I love the size of the SN@P albums and the quality of the page protectors. I am very sure I will be getting more SN@P albums in the near future. Unfortunately I have recently bought enough page protectors for my PL, else I would have bought the ones from the new Simple Stories line. 


Monday, 14 January 2013

Vegas, baby!

 I was in Vegas with my hubby and Penny last week :) Hubby was there for work and I tagged along, just because... haha. It was a pretty long drive (for me, anyway.. Malaysia is a small country and anything more than 2 hours, I consider it a long drive... haha... ) but it was a fun one too. We got to chat more without the usual distractions of the internet or his work and just enjoy each other's company.

We were not even halfway there yet... LOL... but look at the scenery!

Visited M&M's world... 4 stories worth of M&M goodness! We watched the 3D film too... kinda fun :D

My favorite show of all time, CSI:Vegas. We had the opportunity to solve a crime in the crime lab.. haha... they even had vest for us to put on. Cool, huh?

We walked along the Strip and our timing was perfect as we managed to catch the musical fountain at the Bellagio... It was beautiful!

As we do not have full-length mirrors in our apartment, I was very happy that the hotel had not 1 but 2 mirrors in our hallway :D How can I not take some pictures of us together? :D

Penny's favorite activity every morning after she wakes up... she jumps off the bed and onto the heater unit which is beside the window where she will sunbathe and watch the scenery/people below...

The reason why we went to Caesar's Palace....

... cos hubby found out there is a Max Brenner there!!!!!! :D 

We also dropped by the Venetian after some chocolate love and it was beautiful inside.... I have so many photos to scrap! Good thing I have already resized, photoshopped and printed them... Spent the last two nights cutting them up too.. now I've got to catch up on my PL and my mini album for our Vegas trip! Wish me luck! 


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Things I made...

I have been quiet on the blog front but I have not stopped crafting! :) I was busy completing my first December Daily and then I decided to start Project Life this year. It's going to be an interesting year, with the arrival of our firstborn in March.

I was also completing a couple of album covers. I have a 8.5x11" and a 6x8" album that I have not decorated and I decided to beautify them. 

This is the cover of the 8.5x11" album. I was using it to document places we go for our walks but I guess it can be for anything now... hehe...

This is the cover of the SN@P album I bought during 2Peas Black Friday sale. I think it's a good deal. I love the size and quality of the page protectors. It's definitely a brand that I will look out for when I want albums of this size. I can't wait for their new page protectors to be out too.... to be honest, I love the Design A layout from Becky Higgins but I don't really like the quality of their plastic. So far, the best page protectors I've tried are those from Recollection, SN@P and WRMK. 

My December Daily! This year's theme is mostly kraft. I will go more colourful next year! :D