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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Need a couch day?

Code : AO0103

It's Cardabilities time again!! :) This is from sketch #6 which also coincides with my last sketch with them.... sobs.... yeah, my term is up. It has been super fun working with a great bunch of ladies and Karan has been wonderful providing sketches & being a fun lady :)

And yeah, I need a couch day.... a lot of things has been happening around here. Hence, I've not been creating as much as I would love to. I guess I have too many things on my mind. Hope to clear that 'fog' in my mind soon and get on with things. It's like I might need another break after my hols... haha.... gosh, how much I miss Melbourne. 

So, yup. I need a couch day.... anyone else needs one? :)


Friday, 25 June 2010

Ice Creams & Lollipops

Ice creams & lollipops are sweets that could lift some folks' spirits up.... like the magical chocolate (that works for me)... well, I love coffee too but I normally won't take coffee near bedtime. Although it doesn't stop me from sleeping.... I don't want that much caffeine coursing through my veins :)

Was looking at these stamps that I have..... ice-creams and lollies and I thought, why not make a card with it? So, here it is!

I used glossy accent on the sweets to make them look delicious..... like how you'll want to sink a bite in 'em :)

Code : AO0102


Wednesday, 23 June 2010


This poinsettia set was from a Christmas set but well, who said poinsettias are only for Christmas, ey? :) Fussy cut all the flowers out (that was a chore since there's so many corners), coloured them a bit with Copic to create some shading and blinged it up with rhinestones. Love the cardstock, though.... the popped up dots made the flowers more interesting, no? :)

Code : AO0100

Love how this turned out. Was working with no sketch and plan in my head, actually..... just piecing it together as I go along.... :)


Monday, 21 June 2010


Was stumped by the colours Dawn chose for Color Cue {5} Challenge but I finally managed to churn out a card following her colours :D

The colours she chose is so pretty, no? It's just me that was stumped by it.... haha..... I am still having a missing case of my mojo. It comes & goes a lot, so I take a lot more time to complete a card but well, I still enjoy making it :)

I am using my PTI Bloom set again.... Love this set. It's so versatile :) Polka-dotted the whole cardstock and fussy cut all the blooms and leaves. That took quite a while :P

This card, I think, I will keep for display on my craft room and won't sell it. Make a wish.... dream a little.... create sometime.... I can't wait to have my own craft room :)

Code : AO0101


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Thank you... merci.... arigato

This is a one layer card that I actually quite like :) I'm not sure if it's the colour combo or that layering some of the flowers on top of each other help make this card more interesting... of course, the colour contrast of the blues & greens too....

Am going to send this card to my aunt & her family who has been a gem accommodating us for the whole extend of our holidays. She's the one who taught me that when people come to our house, we have less and the Lord knows & will bless us for that. That's not an easy thing to do, to open our house to people & just give :) 

So I just want to let her know how much I appreciate her for her hospitality, her giving attitude and her advices... she doesn't know but she's someone I look up to. She's this strong lady with character but a humble heart. Not many are like that.... :)

Code : AO0097

Hope she likes this :)


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Have a break

Sometimes we just have to take a breather.... step back and just relax. Life is too short to get hung up on stuff that may not matter. But as humans, I guess that is easier said than done. Maybe for some, it's easy to just look away but to others, they may take some time to contemplate on matters.

But whatever or however life takes us, always remember to take some time out. no. matter. what. Do something that you like, that you thoroughly enjoy. Don't bother about what other people think. Their opinions are theirs. We can choose to accept or ignore it. 

We have a choice in life. For everything that is placed in life, we have a choice to make :) 

Anyway, here's my card. I drew the cup myself since I don't have a stamp with that image... hehe... based this card from 2S4Y's sketch.

Code : AO0099

I would prefer to take my break with coffee but well, sometimes tea is good too :)


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I'm here for you

Do you like butterflies?

I know I do.... especially those with really intricate looking wings.... and I love that with all the new butterfly stamps that are available in the market now. They have really intricate looking wings :) 

Here's another one of the cards I made before I left for hols... simple, pastel coloured card.

Code : AO0094


Monday, 14 June 2010

So happy for you

It's Cardabilities time again!!!

I can't believe we're at Sketch #5 already. Kudos to everyone who's been an absolute joy to work with :)

Code : AO0095

On a side note, 2 of my colleagues are leaving our company. 1 of them is my girl.... sigh. Like I said to her, it would be great if she doesn't leave but I can't (& won't) stop her career advancement. That would be very selfish of me or our organization. People move on especially after a period of time, for greener pastures. Both of them, being young, will definitely try to seek out better job opportunities that promise better monetary rewards. That's just the norm.

I wish both of them the best of luck in their future endeavours. Only God knows if our paths will cross again... but that said, we're still friends & can still meet up to share stories :)


Cooler, chilly air

You know what? I am down with stuffy, leaky nose, sorethroat & headache..... not a good combination at all.... sigh.... My mum said it's probably due to change in weather after my holidays but, I didn't get sick when I was there!!!! :(

If I'm so sensitive to change in weather, shouldn't I get sick when I was there too? It was so cold & chilly compared to hot, sweaty Malaysia.... boo hoo..... Maybe I'm more suited to stay in cold, chilly weather... HAHAHA.... that's me dreaming :P

Well, enough of my boring story... Here's my take on Card Pattern's Sketch #68. I stamped butterfly images on Pink Paislee's paper. I like that :) I glossed up the butterfly image as the focal point too... :)

Code : AO0098
Hope you like this too :)


Sunday, 13 June 2010


It's been a while since I took part in challenges, well, the last couple of weeks to be precise :) Some of you who has been following my blog would have already known that I went on a holiday (yeah!)...

I'm back and this is my card based on 2S4Y's sketch. I know at least one sista who would love this card.... wanna make a guess? no prizes, though :P

The owlie is from Unity Stamps (found it at my LSS... to my surprise!) and I *think* my mojo is slowly returning... I've been lazy on the creating side. 

Code : AO0096

Still have tons of photos to be sorted and scrapbook-ed. Help me! :P


Saturday, 12 June 2010


Hey, I just realized I haven't shared a couple of cards that I made before I went on hols... They've been sitting in my camera waiting to be shared... LOL.

Here's one I made for a friend. She requested a card to give to her friend for a housewarming event. I hope she likes it.

This is earthy with a home-y feel to it and I do like it more each time I see it. This is one of 'em cards that grows on me :)

Code : AO0093


Friday, 11 June 2010

Strawberry & Chocolates

I miss this!!!

Since I'm mojo-less still and am still trying to make a card..... I thought I will tempt all of you with chocolate covered strawberries.... hehe.. Love love love them!

Am having sore throat now. I'm *guessing* it's the McD that I had for lunch and then the gorging snacking on Shapes biscuits. That is definitely heaty! sigh.... am suffering from the consequences now :(

But on a side note, I am definitely loving this new blogger templates too :) Makes things so much easier to change a layout and everything looks super professional, right? :D



I've been experiencing a lack of 'mojo' since coming back from holiday..... all I managed to do was select the photos to be printed out and that was about it.... sigh..

It's not a nice feeling to be in a situation where I'm finding it sooooOoooOOo hard to be creative. Gotta go stare at my supplies again now. Let's see if anything comes up soon :)


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sneak peek

A little sneak peek of a project I'm working on..... I'll be posting the full project soon. Keep your eyes in this space :) well, either that.... or pop back for a visit again soon!