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Monday, 31 August 2009

Pink, White and Black

You know.... I really should be in bed but I couldn't resist completing at least one challenge before I say goodnight to the world :) I had spent the whole day making bookmarks and didn't have the time to make some cards... so, of course I'm itching to at least attempt one! :P

Today's challenge over at 365Cards is based on a movie : Pretty in Pink. It's a Movie Monday challenge. Well, to be honest, I have not heard of this movie before but the colours on the poster inspired me :)
Here's my take on this challenge :)

Code : AO0053


God Loves You!

Finally completed ALL the bookmarks that my aunt requested. Took me a whole day to do it.. hmmm :) Maybe next time, I shouldn't be so ambitious and wanna make 3D pop-up for ALL the 22 bookmarks :P

The cutting is what takes time... that and the concept-generating part. I suck at making boy-themed cards/bookmarks. Girlie ones are SOOooooOo much easier to make! :)

Anyway, here's my bookmarks. Hope you like it too!


Sunday, 30 August 2009

Another Super Sketchy Sunday

It's Sunday again... and when it's Sunday, there's Super Sketchy Sunday over at 365Cards! Here's another fabulous sketch... I've been slacking again on making cards and having some sketches to base the design on definitely helps!

Here's my card. See, I'm still smitten by the pre-embossed cardstock :D I'm loving that it gives the card some character eventhough the base is white.

I haven't stamped any sentiment on it yet cos I'm not sure what I want on it yet. Maybe it'll be 'Best wishes' or 'Happy Birthday'.

Code : AO0052

Tomorrow's a Public Holiday for me :) I can't wait to craft more! oh, and probably catch up on reading too.....


Bookmarks for kids!

I bought some Dotted Swiss Bazill papers after falling in love with it! And now, I think you might see quite a lot of cards with this background for a while... :P I will *try* to remember to use normal cardstock but no promises!

Anyway, my aunt asked me to help make some bookmarks for her. It's for some 7 year old kids that she teaches.

It's easier to make girly bookmarks but boyish ones? aiks... I think I might have problems with that.... cos I don't have any stamps with cars or trains or boyish stuff... I think I know what to buy in the near future to add to my massively growing stash! :)

Thankfully, DH never really asks how much I spent on all these art supplies. That and also the fact that he really supports the things that I do :)

So here's 2 designs so far. I will have to make another one de
sign at least... something more boyish... oh, and my aunt wants me to add the words 'God loves you'. Hmmm... I'm thinking to either stamp them on or print them out and paste them on the bookmark... what do you think?

Code : T0001
Status : Custom Order


Saturday, 29 August 2009

Craft shopping is dangerous business

Really.... it really is! :P

Okay, here's what happened. My EK Success 1/4 inch corner rounder decided to 'die' on me today. It's plastic on top and metal on the bottom, right? (If you use this, you would know :) ) The plastic holding the top portion and the metal bottom portion broke. sigh. Yes, it snapped. Looks as if the thing has been used for the longest time but I only bought it 3 months ago.

Seriously. I'm not joking. I've only been using it for the last 3 months.

So imagine my agony when I wanted to round some paper with it this morning and the thing snapped. sobs. I then decided I'm going to invest in a Chomper Crop-A-Dile in the future... but that's not the story.

I called up one LSS. They don't carry this brand anymore. And they're not sure if the Carla Craft's corner rounder they have is 1/4 inch... And since DH wanted to go shopping, we dropped by another LSS. I bought mine there, so I figured they should have another.... Oh, we don't have the Chomper here in M'sia yet so I have to order and I need to use the corner rounder quite desperately... hence, the searching.

I went into the LSS, searched high and low... asked for assistance and they are sold out on it. The last one they have is reserved for another customer. sobs. And when one goes into a craft shop, one will MOST certainly browse around... right? Which I did.... and ended up with a bag of stuff when I left the shop. Without the item I initially intended to buy... aiks.

I fell in love with Bazill's new swiss dots paper. It's pre-embossed with dots!

That's why I said craft shopping is dangerous business..... dangerous to my wallet!! :P

And what does an ingenious girl do when she desperately needs to use the 1/4 inch corner rounder but can't get her hands on a new one?

This is what I did ------->

It worked!! :P

Well, at least I'll have something to use until the chomper arrives..... if my LSS brings that in >.<


Thursday, 27 August 2009

Loving my Chandelier

Combining 2 challenges again tonight.... :) One from 365Cards and another a sketch from Card Patterns.

I'm not very good at creating vintage looking cards. It's one of those challenges that I try to avoid :P But I've got my chandie stamp that I have not broken out from its packaging yet and I can't wait to use them (am going to get my hands on some Inkadinkado's as well.. saw some online. Need to scour the LSS to see if they have any :P )

Alright.... anyway, the challenge for Day 180 is Going Vintage. Amy did a fantastic job inspiring me, by the way. And CardPattern's sketch #29 is fun but challenging.

Code : AO0051

I distressed the cardstock and also the patterned paper and then inked them with distressed ink to create an 'aged' effect. Then I drew the swirls on with silver and gold pen. I wanted it to have an aged look as well... like discoloured brass... then I punched out the butterflies with my favourite puncher of the moment, layered them and voila! my card is done :)

It did take me about close to 2 hours to get this whole thing working.... well, like I said... I'm not that great at making vintage cards :)


It's a flower but it's not...

Confused? I was... for a while :P

The challenge is to use a flower as anything but a flower!

I created a card that was not up to par (Leah, you're very kind but I think I was far below par) and made another one to replace the one that I made initially. I couldn't have a card that was not in-line with the DT's designs on PaperBlooms! They all interpreted the challenge so well! Check out the DTs' cards over at PaperBlooms! They are beautiful!

Oh, by the way, this is the final week of my August stint over at PaperBlooms as their Guest Designer. I'm going to miss working with the girls :) I loved every minute of it and I'm going to miss 'belonging' somewhere :)

Here's my take on the challenge!

Code : AO0050

Now, go on... head on over to PaperBlooms and join in the fun! :)


Monday, 24 August 2009

A little Birdie told me....

that it's your birthday,.... you are awesome.... that you should be here with me....

This card is based on 365Cards' Super Sketchy Sunday, another wonderful sketch provided by the wonderful Pam :) It took me thinking a while before creating this card. And I actually made a boo boo that I covered up with the patterned paper strip on the top :) It turned out better than I imagined it to be, though. Oh, I actually stamped the circle image on the card base one by one... It was from the Hero Arts Christmas set (from years back).

I don't normally make green coloured cards, if you noticed.... so, this counts as breaking out of my shell too :)

Code : AO0049


Saturday, 22 August 2009

Precious Girl

Code : CC0007

Made this card as a request from Hubby's cousin for her friend. She wanted a card that's simple and not too complicated and it's for a baby girl. Coincidentally, my package from TwoPeas just arrived the weekend before her request and I got to use my Little Yellow Bicycle's baby Safari Stamp Set :)

Was kinda excited to break it out from it's packaging so I was delighted that she ordered a card! :P

She's already given it to her friend... hmmm... am wondering if her friend likes it too :D


Your Next Stamp 1st Design Team Call

There's this new stamp company called Your Next Stamp and they're having their first DT call. I was blurfing (a new term I learned from ~Amy~) when I saw their designs, I decided I wanted to try to be on their team. I love their whimsical designs.

They actually asked for 2 card designs to be posted for them to see but I've decided to add a third :P I'm hoping that will increase my chances?? :P

So, all I have to do now is to wait patiently, as they wrote on their blog and wait for their announcements on the 5th Sept.. let the waiting begin :D


Friday, 21 August 2009

Absolutely peachy

Well, somethings are and some are not. I just had the most unpleasant experience with IKEA staffs earlier in the evening. I'm sure this only happens in the Malaysia branch and not those in other countries, ya? *I'm being sarcastic but it could be true.. I don't know* I normally have a pleasant experience shopping there but today was just not good. And I'm too mad to elaborate.

Let's move on to my card.... Today's challenge over at 365Cards is "Just Peachy". We're to use peach as a dominant colour on the card.

This looks peach to me.... I'm very sure peach is pinkish-orangey :D

Code : AO0047
Price : RM 4.90


Another Blog Candy discovery :)

Check out this BLOG CANDY! It's absolutely delish!! :)

*crossing my fingers & toes hoping I'll win*


Love & Acetate

Woo hoooooo!!!

Guess what? I'm Guest Designer for Get Sketchy's sketch #2! So so SO happy to be given this opportunity to share my love on their blog :D I actually applied for the Design Team position when they were looking for their DT but I didn't make the cut *sobs sobs* Oh well, I love the girls they have chosen to be on the team so that makes the hurt a bit less :P

And when Bree emailed me to be the Guest Designer, I jump in my seat (literally!). I couldn't be happier (well, I could be happier if I'm on the DT...ho hummm... :P) And from that moment on, I was just waiting for her email to send me this sketch to work on.

This is the first time I'm making an acetate card. It proves to be more challenging than using normal cardstock. I realize that sticky tape sticks exceptionally well on acetate and erm, it will never come off... unless you want to destroy your card! But that being said, I still had a lot of fun with it. It challenges me to find ways to hide the glue from the inside of the card.

I forgot to take pictures of the inside but I used butterflies to cover the glue dots and a strip of paper the same colour as the ribbon to cover the double-sided tape. And I can't take pictures of it anymore because it's already in the mail to my parents :)

Oh, I'm proud to say that I'm using recycled ribbon as well :) That ribbon is from a gift I received. I kept it cos it's so beautiful and still so new!

Code : AAL0011


Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mixed message

What kind of mixed message am I talking about? I'm talking about Day 173's - Mixed Message challenge. Pam really challenges us daily, without fail :) Mixed message is about incorporating THREE ways to create a sentiment to make one big sentiment. We can mix and match things like stamped, alpha stickers, handwritten, computer-generated, transfers, etc.

For mine, I used rub-ons, puffy sticker and handwrote my sentiment. There, 3 ways to create my sentiment.

I also made this card based on 2S4Y's sketch 33. Another beautiful sketch by Kazan :)

I get lethargic spells once in a while. I don't know why. Maybe it's the lack of sleep but I sometimes feel that sleeping is such a waste of time. I'll rather be up crafting and blog-surfing :P But when I sleep, I don't really like getting out of the bed too... cos it's nice and comfy under the blanket. Kinda contradictory, right? oh well....

Code : HB0036
Status : Sold!
Price : RM 14.90


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Regular card posting to resume....

... soon.

Been kinda tired again this week and didn't really participate in a lot of challenges. Slacking in 365Card's challenges for this week too. Not sure if I'll be able to catch up but I'll be sure to complete as many as I can :)

Oh, do come back here in the next few days :) Have some announcements to make! :D

I'll leave you here with this card I made some time ago. Not sure if I've shared this before... sorry you have to see it twice if I've posted this earlier :P

Code : HB0016


Monday, 17 August 2009

Joy - My first acetate project!

Today's challenge over at 365Cards is to create a card that doubles as something else :) Oh boy, this is another toughie! They are piling us with toughies, each passing day, huh?

I've been wanting to make myself a bookmark. I love bookmarks growing up cos I love to read, a lot. Don't read as much these days as I wish I do, but this little bookmark will come in handy :)

I've adhered cardstock to the back as well so I could actually write a message and give it away as a card if I want to. But I think I will keep this one :) This is the first time I'm making a project using acetate as well. Am loving the effect! I'm sure I will be doing more projects with this soon!

Here's my card. Day 170's Double Duty :)

Thanks for looking! :)


Sunday, 16 August 2009

Just because

Had a busy afternoon today! Lotsa fun, laughter and getting to know new friends! :) Met some very lovely ladies during the craft gathering over at the LSS... It's really great to meet people with the same love for art/scrapbooking supplies as oneself. Most of them mutter the same thing at the cash register, ''You know, I don't buy new clothes or shoes anymore after I started scrapbooking."

Lol... to which I totally agree! I haven't shopped for new clothes or shoes or even go for pedicures anymore! :P Saving all my moolah for art supplies...haha... I'm such a hoarder! But I love, love, love them SO much!

That aside, this is the card I made based on Day 166's card recipe. I'm a bit slow on completing this because I really found this challenge, well, erm... challenging...

Ingredients -
4x7 card
5 blossoms
wet embossed sentiment
3 different patterned papers

I'm combining this with Get Sketchy's Sketch #1. If you have not gone to their blog, you should. They just started but the sketch is gorgeous!! :) I'm using glitter pen on the butterflies, 3 kinds of patterned papers including the butterflies :)

Here's my card based on 365Card's recipe and Get Sketchy's Sketch #1

Code : AO0046
Status : Available!
Price : RM 15.90


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Learned a new word - "toile"

No, I didn't spell toilet without the 't'. The word I learned today is 'toile' and I learned it over at 365Cards. Their challenge for Day 168 - Touch of Toile. We are asked to use toile as the background pattern. You can click here for more info on the meaning of the word.

I'm combining challenges again... I like doing that once in a while *grins*

So, besides Day 168's challenge over at 365Cards, I'm combining with Card Pattern's Sketch # 28 and The Pink Elephant's Sketch # 27.

I'm using the BG aviary stamps that I just received in my mail today!!! I love this set a whole darn lot! And I was waiting for it for the loooOoooogest time :P Well, 8 days is LONG, right? .....

I can't wait to use it more soon :) Gonna get some Tim Holtz distress ink from my LSS soon and try some other techniques. That would be cool :)

Code : AO0045
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90


What just arrived!!!

My art supplies package just arrived from the US!!!!

Ooooh, I'm loving my stamps, punchers and papers!!! Oh, how happy can a girl get?


ppssssstt... can you hear me squealing in delight all the way from where ever you are? :P


Friday, 14 August 2009

For you

Today's challenge over at 365 Cards is a toughie! I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm having serious troubles with it :) Day 167 - 'Gift' Card. The challenge is to create the card to look like a gift, making it look like a wrapped present.
I thought long and hard. I think it's even harder than yesterday's challenge (which I will attempt later in the night or tomorrow morning).

Here's my take on it :) I'm going to have to finish another custom order for another friend. She wants a Baby Congrats card :)

Code : AO0044
Price : RM 4.90

Have a nice night, peeps! Thanks for looking! :)


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Seeing Stars

Day 165 - Shape Up!

It's another Shape Up challenge over at 365 Cards :) Today's challenge is to make a Star the dominant feature on our card. It doesn't have to be a star-shaped card. The star just has to really stand out!

I haven't been using my star stamps quite as often as I hope to and I have been getting queries (suggestions?) to make more masculine cards :) My cards tend to be more, erm, feminine... yeah, I know. I will keep that in mind :)

So, here's my card... Stars, buttons and more 'masculine' colours! I actually stamped the 'Happy Birthday' 3 times... The stars on the cardstock was stamped repeatedly too. Quite cool considering I did it freehand... I don't have a stampamajig (did I spell this correctly?) :)

Code : HB0034

Status : Sold !
Price : RM 14.90


I'm Guest Designer over at Paper Blooms

Happy Wednesday to all of you

It's midweek! Finally :) Another 2 days and it's the weekend!! I've got a bit of mix feelings for this coming weekend cos as much as I look forward to the activities to be held, but I do love my time alone. And I won't have much of that with back-to-back activities that's going to happen this weekend.... I'm a bit of a loner :P

Oh, but can you guess just how excited I am today? Nope? :P I'm so very excited because I'm Guest Designer over at Paper Blooms for the month of August! *wow* It's such a privilege for me to be their GD :) Thanks Leah!

This week's challenge is to create a home decor piece. It can be anything you dream up from simple to lavish! :)

I made a frame art that can be hung or sit on a table :) It's sitting on my table at the moment as I craft.

The butterfly is coloured in with Copic then filled up with Glossy accent. Then I arranged the blings one by one to create the flourish you see. I think I might create a few more of these for gifts.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Colour Challenge

Day 164 - Colour Scheme.

They have a very bright and cheery colour challenge over at 365 Cards today. I have all the colours on my card but some of them are a few tones down.

hmmmm.... I wonder if that works as well *cheeky grin*

I was contemplating bright colours but my mood seemed to lean towards the softer, pastel colours tonight... I might just make another card for this challenge but for now, this is my take on it.

Oooh, and a thought just struck me just now on how to photograph my cards with an all-white backdrop :) It didn't even cost me a dime :)

Code : AO0043
Status : Available!
Price : RM 5.90


Monday, 10 August 2009

Masking it!

Whoa, hey... I made it to the Weekly Challenge All-Stars over at 365 Cards this week! Finally... finally I was able to complete an entire week's worth of challenges! :D

And today, they are challenging us to use masking technique on our cards! It's already Day 163, boy is the year sweeping past fast!

I did masking before but I got lazy so I don't do them as often now :P Did a lot of masking for my wedding cards.. maybe that's why I got tired of it for a while...

I love this butterfly stamp from Hero Arts A WHOLE LOT! I think you know it too cos it appears quite frequently on my cards :D

I stamped the butterfly image, cut out all the tiny hearts on the wings and used it as my mask. Then I stamped the rest of the butterflies and heat-embossed them. They are shiny and pretty on the card!

Gotta love the blues & greens!! :)

Code : AO0042
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Super late card :P

It's like super late again.... Darn, I really do have to practice sleeping earlier and start creating cards earlier too.... I was watching Chuck just now and was laughing so much, I forgot I wanted to create a card based on 365 Cards' Super Sketchy Sunday, erm, sketch! :)

Here it is. It's gonna be a super short post since I really do have to hit the sack now. Havin' the Monday Blues already! bleargh ....


Code : TY0011

Super quick and easy card :)


Saturday, 8 August 2009


Day 161's Challenge - Cool Collage is a real challenge for me. The goal is to overload on the blings & embellies and not leave a single place empty on the card! Wow... I don't think I'm very good at that... yikes. But I hope my take qualifies :)

I'm using Card Pattern's Sketch 27 for this challenge as well. Cute sketch and thank God for the sketch. It really helps put things together :) I love sketches, don't you?

Again another late night... I'm off to bed now, or well I might stay up to watch an episode of Chuck. We'll see :)

Code : AO0041


Friday, 7 August 2009

Thinking of You

There sure are some exciting news over at Get Sketchy! They've finally, finally announced their new Design Team members... I tell you, Bree was keeping us at the edge of our seat the whole time...lol...you can see from the chatbox that everyone (and I do mean, everyone) was waiting for the unveiling of the new team! What with the virtual cookies & oreos bribery and all... which by the way, didn't work :P

Well, back to me :P I managed to do some exercise after work today. Am going to try and work-out at least 30 mins 3 times a week starting today. It's not easy cos sometimes I reach home late and it's time for dinner but I'm going to make an effort. You know what? My shoulders don't hurt so much anymore after I do push-ups.... okay, only 10 miserable push-ups BUT I will improve! :)

For today's card, I'm using Card Pattern's sketch # 26 and combining it with Day 160 - Lovely Lace. This is a fab sketch and I pondered on it for the whole week before attempting to make a card based on it. And lace, hmmmm... I was looking high and low for lace. I bought this cute pom-pom ribbon (is that what you call it?) few weeks back and have been wanting to use it and FINALLY.... I love how it gels with the design for this card! :)

Oh, by the way, I arranged the rhinestones myself. These rhinestones are like those sold for sticking on mobile phones but I only use them for my cards. I don't fancy phones with blings...sorry, no offense to those who loves that :D

I used Glossy Accent on the wings of the butterly after I coloured it in with Copic :)

Code : AO0040
Status : Available!
Price : RM 15.90