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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Wrapping Paper Flower

Been sleeping very late every night recently. Gonna look like a panda soon :P Also, coffee doesn't help keep me awake. I just drink it cos I love the aroma and taste. But it doesn't really perk me up... yikes!

Anyways, over at 365 Cards, it's Day 122 now and the challenge was titled, 'It's a Wrap'. Hmmmm.... I read through the post and it says to use wrapping paper on the card. Gosh, I don't really have wrapping paper in the house.

And then, I remembered the 'used' wrapping paper I saved from being thrown into the bin. One of my colleagues' birthday gift was wrapped in this beautiful purple papery wrapper (I don't know what's it called. It's soft, papery and a little translucent).

So, I went in search for it, found it and hand cut the flower shapes out, inked the corners of the flowers, pieced them together and sewed the button on :)

I kinda like how it turned out!

Code : HB0024
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90

I think I might make more of these flowers to use for future cards :)


Monday, 29 June 2009

Cricket....... Cosmo Cricket!

Guess what?

Cosmo Cricket is having a Design Team call and I found out about it from the very talented Amy's blog.

I want to try out too.... and yeah, a lot of people might think I'm crazy or insane. There are so many card makers out there that are SOOoooOo much better than me. That plus the fact that I don't have any cards made with Cosmo Cricket papers. But I have only just discovered their beautifully designed-patterned paper! Honest!

My order is in the mail and it will probably reach me in 2-3 weeks time and I can't wait to receive it! :)

So, erm, I don't have any Cosmo Cricket products to show but here are some of my card creations. It would definitely be an honour if I get the chance to represent them but if I don't make it this time round, it just means I have to be better and try out again next time! :)

Hope you'll like my cards;

Hope this is not an overkill :P ..... Thanks for stopping by :)


Sunday, 28 June 2009

How about love?

Well, now that I've attempted the chipboard album, it's time I 'embark' to scrapbooking (as intended about, erm, a year ago? :P ).

This is my first scrapbook page and this picture is of my mum and dad. I just love this picture so very much! It was taken on my wedding day. Mummy was arranging the corsage on Daddy's coat and I can just feel the LOVE looking at this picture! :)

I know I am supposed to scrapbook about my wedding but this picture is just too awesome and I have to scrapbook this first! :P

* ya, it's like they stole my thunder, right?*

I followed the sketch over at Scrap-it-lah for this page. Their June challenge sketch, that is. Besides following the sketch,another challenge they pose is to include a handmade flower accent on the page. The flower must be made with paper and button.

I made my first handmade flower :D

What do you think? This is my first try :)


Saturday, 27 June 2009

So Grateful

This card is based on
365 Card's Day 118's - I've been framed and Use It's recipe;
1. something inspired by nature (the butterfly and flowers, checked!)
2. polka dots (checked!)
3. use your favourite embellishment (I have too many favs... so, flowers, brads and ribbons-all in, checked!)
4. Mail it to someone (not in the mail yet, but will be ;) checked!)

There's so many things to be grateful for in life.

There's the waking up alive every morning, there's having a job that allows me to fuel my passion for cardmaking (& scrapbooking, soon).

There's being forgiven and my sins taken away from me by my Saviour.

There's my husband, who supports me in all that I do and loves me a lot! (though he's not romantic and all..haha).

Code : AO0015
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90

So, I'm making this card for someone I'm very grateful to :) Besides my parents and my hubby, I'm very grateful to my aunt who helped me a lot in many areas of my life. I love you!

Oh, and there's this card I fixed up in a jiffy because I just love the cowboy embellie :) Who will it go to? hmmmm.....

Code : AO0014
Status : Available!
Price : RM 13.90


Friday, 26 June 2009

My first chipboard album

There's going to be quite a number of pictures because I kinda took a picture of every page :P

Not sure how I was going to share it so I thought why not just post every page up, right? I hope the pictures will not bore you. The crazy sugar-charged squirrel is no longer super-charged. I need a nice, long nap :)

What do you think? Not too shabby for a first try ya? :)


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Crazy little sugar-charged squirrel

I was this crazy little sugar-charged squirrel last night. Managed to finish my whole chipboard album in one night! Actually slept oh-so-very late because of it but I think it's worth it :) Cos I love it! :D

Will take pictures of it and upload it tomorrow night.

For now, I just completed 365 Card's Day 117 Challenge titled 'Simply Stamped'.

It is a challenge for me seeing that they said we can only use one stamped image and one stamped sentiment! My card is going to look so plain! >.<

I thought for a while before settling down to these 3 cute little bandit birds (they are part of a halloween set, actually), coloured them in, stamped the sentiment on and included a sentiment inside the card too. I hope that's ok.

Here's my card,

Code : HB0023
Status : Sold! (but can be remade max. 2 times but with variations)
Price : RM 12.90

Yes, the cardstock is two-toned. Different shades of pink inside and out.

And it's already past midnight (again).... sigh. I need to hit the sack now. It's going to be another day filled with yawning and coffee-downing tomorrow .....



Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Attempting Scrapbooking

... for the first time!

I have been toying with the idea of scrapbooking for some time now. In honesty, when I first stepped in the craft shop, I was captivated by the beautiful papers and of course, the nice scrapbook pages they created and pasted on the walls of the shop :)

And then I thought I wanted to scrapbook about my wedding but it seems a daunting task .. why? Because I have not done it before and I didn't want to ruin my wedding scrapbook! hehe...

So, I'm starting with this one first. It's also very close to my heart. My first trip out of Malaysia (Singapore is not counted), fully-sponsored by my own self back in 2005.

6 friends and their adventure in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand. It's more than just about shopping! :)

This is the first page which I've just completed.

I know it's nothing to shout about compared to what the pros out there are making but this is my start :)


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Shopaholic anonymous? I hope not :P

One of our pastor's wife just gave birth to a very adorable baby girl! Very cute little baby. Can't wait to see her in church! :)

I made this card for the little family incorporating 365 Card's challenge for Day 114, Lovin' Lavender. I just swiped this lovely pack of Bazill paper (5 shades of purple) last Sunday and it's just perfect to use cos it has the colour I need for this challenge!

Cute, right? :)

Code : CC0005
Status : Can be remade :)

And what's this about shopaholic anonymous?

Well, to put it simply, I've been buying too much craft stuff lately. From paper packs, patterned papers, punchers and stamps (LOADS of them!) to brads, flowers and ribbons.

Darn, I really must stop this shopaholic trend before I seriously make a big dent on my savings :P

Am gonna be really serious about not making any purchases in all the craft shop I visit until August! I just have to stop buying anything for a month. Cold turkey!! HAHA... my hubby's definitely going to bet that I can't do it.

We'll see ya? I really do have a lot of stuff to use at my disposal now. I H-A-V-E to just stop purchasing craft stuff for ONE month.....

*it kinda sounds like I have to register myself in to shopaholic anonymous* :P


Monday, 22 June 2009

Posting Thanks

As promised, I am posting the other 3 Thank You cards my brother got me to make for our ex-lecturers. (Yes, my brother and I share the same alma mater and the same lecturers too because he studied the same degree course as me! :D )

It really was fun going back to college to visit them. One thing I must say is, I think they have not aged a bit! My lecturers still look the same! :)

My brother's batch ACB'05 (I'm from ACB'03) even prepared slide presentations to help prepare the current batch of students better understand what awaits them after graduation. I was asked if I wanted to share some of my working experience as well, impromptu!

They didn't expect me to be there and frankly, I was a bit lazy to go but I am SO glad I did. And if you can guess it, I did go to the podium and speak to the students. Managed to scribble some key points on what I wanted to say. Hopefully I delivered my thoughts well enough :) It was my way of giving back to my lecturers.







Will probably post up photos from the 'going back to College' trip soon :)


Friday, 19 June 2009

Rain... I love rain!

Woke up to a rainy morning just now.... I can hear the rain outside. I love hearing the rain pouring. I mean, I find it troublesome to get out of the house or walk around in pouring rain, but when I snuggled up under my blanket, I rally love the rain! :P

Also when I don't have to go out anywhere. The rain falling on roofs, cars, ground.... the sound of it is so soothing.

It's something everyone is looking forward to at this moment too, I guess. The weather's been scorching hot and with the el Nino and what nots, I thought more trees were going to wilt but thank GOD for the rain!

Just gonna post up this mini card I made sometime back but have not posted. I have many more mini cards that I've not posted.. hehe.. lack of time. I must find the time to post the photos.

Oh, and there's the Thank You cards I made for my brother's gang for our retiring lecturers last week. I will post those up by today!

For now, I want to attempt to make a few cards based on 365 Cards :)


About a Ram and a Horse

Update : Does the card below count as paper piecing? I am still learning & am not sure. Kindly advice :) Thanks!

I received this order from Hubby's friend about a week ago. He wanted a very special card for the one he loves.

We corresponded through emails and he listed down the things he wanted on the card.

I felt that it was a daunting task putting all his requirements on the card and also the style he mentioned he or she likes.

Up till now, I am not sure if he will like the card I made for his special someone. It's challenging for me to draw everything I wanted to use for this card. It's more like a collage than a card, don't you think?

I hope it tells the story of their love as much as possible.

The moment of truth will only be revealed when the girl receives the card. Will she go, 'Oh, this is lovely!' or ' ....... ' .

the words that speaks volumes

Code : AAL0010

Status : Custom Order!
Price : RM 25.00