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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Learning curves

This card will be going out to someone who's really sweet and a dear friend :) To be honest, I never expect to meet such nice, genuine people in the blogosphere but I did and I really appreciate you girls :) I know I may not be the best blog-friend cos I don't send things out to you as much as I would like to.. but you girls are really dear to me. 

I may not have as much time on my hands now as before but I am loving the challenges of a much bigger portfolio, new things to learn, to grasp. Well, the learning curve is always the 'hardest' and once that is tackled, life will get 'easier'. I am still going through that but hope that things will be smoother soon. 

Regular posting will resume soon, I hope. I haven't crafted in nearly a month! All these cards were created the week I was on leave before I started my new job! :P

Code : AO0121


Sunday, 29 August 2010


P/s : adding in the text after this post was up! Well, I uploaded the photo but was too tired to blog the other day... so I thought I will do it later but then, later didn't happen :P

And I suddenly realized that the post it up! :P sorry gals. I've been really busy and when by the time I reached home from work, it's already late. And I just want to kick back and not make cards or blog :P Lazy me... haha.... but I'm going to re-assess all this and plan out my time again :) 

Hope that things will be 'normal' again soon :) I really love this set of stamps! Look how they adorn the cardstock and transform it into an interesting backdrop! :)

Code : AO0119


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Been a while

I actually have quite a number of cards that I've made but have not shared. I've been tied up a lot recently and had to neglect blogging.... haven't taken part in as many challenges as I wanted to as well. Keep telling myself that I have to loosen up but it's so hard to do. I guess I'm kinda high-strung sometimes :P

Here's a card I made, 2 weeks back I think.... hope you'll like it :)

Code : AO0118


Saturday, 14 August 2010


My best friend is pregnant..... baby's due in December.... lol.... I told her to induce on the 8th December so that baby will be born on the day I got registered :P If I'm not mistaken, her baby is due around and I was hoping that she'll be born on my registration day.... crazy me, right? hahahaha....

Made this card for her... I think it's quite safe to post it here since she rarely checks my blog :P If she sees this, well, I'll just design another one for her then.... I love the sweet colours I used. yummy colours :)

Code : AO0115


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sending hugs

Do you love to be hugged? Or do you shy away from people who wants to give you a hug? :) 

I love a bear hug or even a normal hug from people I'm comfortable with. If I shy away from you, it's maybe cos I'm not comfortable. But it's not you, it's just me :P

Using Fancy Flourishes this time round and I inked the flowers to add interest to it :) Just a simple, relatively flat card that will fit in the mail nicely. The rhinestones and glitter definitely brightens the card up too.

Code : AO0114


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Thank you..... new shoes! :P

I love taking pictures in natural light. The effect it has is always more beautiful than I can ever imagine. Those who knows me knows that I'm not a big fan of using the flash. I will try to use whatever natural lighting there is.... but sometimes, flash comes in handy. It's better to edit the pictures later than have out of focus or blur photos.... 

Here's a card I made using one of the PTI sets that I seriously under-utilize :) Some people are great at this set but I struggle... LOL....

Code : AO0112

Oh, some sidetrack.... I bought a couple of new shoes for work the past week! haha... shoe shopping is a rare thing for me cos it's hard to find my size. Well, maybe if I were in US or Singapore, it would make my life easier but being a size 8 or 9 in Malaysia can be a bit challenging. 

I am so used to the salesperson telling me that they don't have my size anymore that I find myself only buying shoes when the one I'm wearing fails on me. So, I'm pretty satisfied that I managed to find some that I like & fits me! :)

Have a great week!


Monday, 9 August 2010

Love always

P/S : This is my second post so please scroll down to leave some love :)

Love always.... not the simplest thing to do all the time considering some of the people we deal with daily in our lives but Love is the greatest commandment of all.

I made this card based on CardPattern's Sketch 76... my oh my... how fast time flies...  76 sketches already! This is smaller than the standard cards I used to make... well, for fun, I'm going to make cards that are of different sizes once in a while. Shake things up a little :)

Code : AO0126

I feel sad for a person who used to be close to me. He seems to trust one particular person too much not knowing that the person spoke ill of him to others. She is always smiley and nice to him but towards others, she's just aloof. If only this space truly is one where I can reflect my feelings in privacy, I would write more but I can't.... this is never meant to be a private blog.... it's not for me to pour out my thoughts but rather share my cards :) So, I'm gonna shut up now.... :P


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Have a sweet day!

I'm trying to make it in time for 2S4Y's sketch 58. It's been a while since I took part... sometimes it's because I'm just too caught up and forgot about it... sometimes, Mr. Mojo decides to go on a vacation :P

Anyway, here's my take on Kazan's Sketch 58. I decided to make this card in really cheery colours. Something I don't do that often too.... not really my style, this card :P I would say my style leans more towards simplicity with lotsa layers... contradicting, right? haha...

Here's my bright & cheery card..... hope it'll cheer up your day too! Have a sweet day! :)

Code : AO0125


Saturday, 7 August 2010

Time flies

Wow... how time flies... I can't believe that I have not posted anything in 2 weeks! and the weeks just flew by... my oh my.

I am still around, in case you're wondering. Just got caught up with too many things that are happening recently (well, and the new job) hence the lack of posts lately. Been feeling so tired that I don't have the mood to edit or write blog post... tsk tsk tsk... what kind of a blogger am I, right? haha... maybe I have to be disqualified as a blogger .... haha.

Anyway, here's sharing a card that I made with you... hope that you'll like it :)

Code : AO0111