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Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Cards

Went on a Christmas Card making frenzy yesterday... lol... yes, not exactly. I have actually made parts of these cards sometime ago and yesterday was mostly assembling. Will be making another 15 cards (maybe) and I will call done :)

Trying to make some simple ones but ended up spending too much time coloring them and then glossing them up :)

And for the snowflakes, I actually added stickles on them as well... cos I wanted my snowflakes to sparkle.. haha

Celebrate the season! My favourite season in the year! yeay! Christmas is coming! :D


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Custom Wedding Guestbook

Besides the custom cake toppers, I was also given the privilege to sew a guestbook for the couple's wedding. The bride chose the fabric for the guestbook and I added the flower/ribbon on the elastic band  which are part of their wedding color theme.

The package has already arrived safely in the hands of the bride (yeay! I am always kinda nervous until the package arrives in the hands of the customer... safely..).

I actually "ingeniously" protected the flower/ribbon so that they will arrive in the hands of the bride the way it left mine :D

She wanted the back cover to be grey so that it doesn't get dirty when placed on the table for guests to scribble on .... the pages inside are all acid free Canson watercolor paper (cold press). I super love cold press watercolor paper; they have a delightful texture to them.

I used acid free glue and paper for my custom guestbooks unless otherwise advised by clients. Even the journals in my Etsy shop are made with acid free glue and paper (the paper are  100% recycled, acid free FSC certified paper).


Monday, 19 November 2012

Custom Cake Toppers

A friend from Malaysia asked if I could paint a couple of cake toppers for their wedding. It's my first time painting cake toppers though, but I do like challenges so I said, 'yes'. 

And this is what I came up with :) She wanted it to be similar to the images on their wedding invitation card :)

It's pretty challenging drawing the smaller details.. but oh-so-fun to do.. haha... I added extra 'butterflies' at the hair on the back of the bride because I thought that would look prettier :) Added some button details on the back too... 

I used Mod Podge to seal and varnish the cake toppers and I love how glossy they look (though it's supposed to be matte finish)... cute, right? Modpodge is non-toxic and that's why I used it instead of the normal varnish I have :)


Friday, 9 November 2012

Handmade Journals

I have started making journals again.... this time in 100% recycled, FSC certified paper. Well, also because I recently preferred creamy colored paper. 

I have posted pictures of the journals I made on my facebook page and am slowly listing them on my Etsy shop too. If you see any that you like and wish to purchase them before they are on Etsy, please do drop me a private message on my facebook page :)


Friday, 2 November 2012

Blog banner

Some ideas has been playing around in my mind to design a new blog banner... I changed it a couple of weeks back and then I decided I wanted to change it again. This time, I am finally satisfied with the results (let's hope for a longer period of time.. haha)

The cabochon flowers are from Studio Calico's kit... I love them but somehow always fail to integrate them into my layouts. Perhaps I will attach them to a frame or something. Will have to think about it more... 

I have changed the name of my little 'business' from "Angelicquirk" to "Evelin T designs" on my Facebook page (the url has been changed too). I will proceed to change it here on blogspot as well. Am still thinking of the best way to do it... should I just change the name here on the original blog or create a new blog and direct people there? What do you think?

I also made a little custom stamp for the new name :) I do hope this new name will be a whole lot easier for people to remember (fingers crossed!). 

Angelicquirk was a fun name and I was published in a number of local (Malaysian) magazines, however I wanted my little crafting business to meld into something more professional and I think a name change was in place.

We will offer custom and ready made journals & albums, scrapbooking, mini albums, altered shadow boxes and photography as well as some new ventures on the way (to be announced soon).

Maybe one day, Angelicquirk will emerge again under the umbrella of "Evelin T designs"... who knows?