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Friday, 31 July 2009


I wanted to join the July Breakfast Challenge over at Scrap-it-lah but procrastination seems to get the better of me and I only managed to do it now :P

I know it's past midnight and this entry might not be accepted but if that's the case, it's alright too cos I am quite happy that I managed to sit down and come out with this layout :) I hope to be able to complete my wedding scrapbook soon, though.

And here's my Breakfast menu :)

Main dish : Nasi lemak - chipboard/stickers
Side dish : Sambal Sotong - Handwritten journalling
Dessert : Curry puff - rhinestones/crystals
Drinks : Teh O' Ais Limau - my choice of papers

One question though, can someone teach me how to take a good photo of a scrapbook page? I can't seem to get it all in a square screen >.<


BasicGrey Challenges

Wow...I'm so glad I happened on this blog. Another challenge blog for me to play along with... woo hoo! :)

They're having a giveaway. Crossing my fingers and toes! :)


Thursday, 30 July 2009

2 Sketches in one night :D

I have been thinking of joining in on 2S4Y's sketches since I visited their blog a few months ago but, hmmmm, actually I am not sure why I have not joined till today. I'm too sleepy to think of the reason anyway so I'm leaving you here with Laura's sketch 31 and the bonus sketch.

Amazingly, I'm able to complete both these challenges tonight. Maybe I've gotten a wee-bit faster in making cards... But the funny thing is, I actually wanted to incorporate Day 152's Peek-a-Boo challenge into this sketch but I forgot... I got carried away. Guess I'll have to make up for it tomorrow :)

Code : HB0030
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90

And here's the bonus sketch :)

Code : AO0037
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90



What's there to celebrate?

Life. Love. The mornings. The evenings. Coffee. Art. Cardmaking. Work.

Life cos I get to enjoy it with the people I love.
Love cos then life will not be dull and meaningless.
The mornings cos thank God, I am still alive.
The evenings cos I got through the day.
Coffee cos I can taste and well, coffee is just good :P
Art cos I can see.
Cardmaking cos I can indulge and release stress.
Work cos then I have the money to buy the then I have the $ to buy art supplies, food, clothes... etc.

And what else? hmmmm... Raspberry Suite Colour Challenge #13 :) I love the colours Dawn puts together :)

And here's my card :) It's based on the bonus sketch over at 2s4y. I will put that up in a separate post :)

Code : AO0037
Status : Available!
Cost : RM 14.90


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

You Can Do It!

I have been missing in action again :P Have been feeling lethargic since Monday evening. Wanted to complete more challenges but I just seem to be feeling tired all the time. I just want to lie down and sleep....

But I want to try and make something tonight and here's what I did. "You can do it" is the sentiment we're supposed to use on our card for the Day 151 challenge over at 365 Cards :)

Since the sentiment is 'you can do it', I decided to do it! :D

Code : AO0036
Status : Available!
Price : RM 5.90

I'm gonna have to try and see if I'm able to catch up on the past few day's challenges.....


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A Perfect Moment

A perfect moment indeed :)

I made this card when I was back at my parents'. Mummy loves to bake and I used to help her bake a lot when I stayed there. But I've gotten lazy. And she has not baked much since my bro and I left to work in KL. No one will eat up the cakes she bakes like we do :D Daddy does not really have a sweet tooth so there's no one to share the cakes with her.

I must make it a point not to be so lazy the next time I go back and bake something with her :)

Code : HB0032

I used Glossy Accents to make the cherries pop. It looks really yummy in the mixing bowl! :)

p/s : Oh, yes... that's my coffee cup in the background with some coffee stain on the top :P

Monday, 27 July 2009

Fruitful weekend

I went back to my hometown over the weekend. It was great bonding with my parents again. Well, isn't it always nice to meet up with our parents again? :) Not so much the same about siblings, but for parents, it's always great to see them again....

As always, I brought back whatever art supplies I could so that I can craft as well.... but the problem is that, there is no internet connection at my parents'. They don't really need it so they cancelled it a few months back. Perhaps it's time to get them re-connected to the world wide web :P

So I managed to complete 365 Cards challenges for the whole of last week but I could not upload the last 3 cards I made :( Actually I was late in completing the Saturday's one as well because I was already back in my hometown and did not have the access to view the challenge.... sigh. For the first time I 'managed' to complete the tasks... the internet is my barrier from submitting it... crap...

Anyway, I'm uploading them anyway and will be off to complete Sunday's Sketch and Monday's challenge. I hope to be able to complete this week's full set of challenges. Crossing my fingers and my toes :P

Day 145 - Ad Inspired

Code : AO0031
Status : Available!

Price : RM 5.90

Day 146 - Mirror Me

This one... I'm not sure if I got it right but here goes :P

Code : HB0027
Status : Sold!

Price : RM 14.90

Day 147 - Scraplift Saturday

I have always loved Amy's work! I'm scraplifting
this and made this one!

Code : HB0029
Status : Available!

Price : RM 14.90


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Just for you

Here I am trying to combine 3 challenges again tonight! And it's already close to 2 am... Boy, am I supposed to be sleeping and not up blogging about my card but...

I'm combining Day 144's challenge - You Raise Me Up! which is to incorporate at least two ways to add dimension to your card ( I used pop dots, heart accents & ribbon to add dimension....erm, does ribbon count? I'm not sure)

Penny Black Saturday Challenge Week 58 for this week is to create something Soft and Sweet. We are allowed to interpret it any way we like :) Oh, by the way I just found this blog because of my obsession for Penny Black stamps. They are like my all time favourite now... next to Hero Arts, Pink Paislee...oh well, I still love all my stamps :D

And CPS' card sketch. I first found out about this blog from the very talented ~Amy~. I rarely take part there but once in a while I pop by and am really inspired by their cards :)

Code : AO0030
Status : Sold!
Price : RM 14.90

How can I not love these cute stamps?? :)


Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I'm attempting 3 challenges in one card tonight :)

Day 143, Keep it to yourself : Sympathy
We're challenged to make a sympathy card without a sentiment on the card. We can stamp the inside but not on the cover of the card. This has got to be one of my toughest challenge yet.

PapertakeWeekly's challenge was to Pick our Own Colour Combo (from the ones they listed) :) All we've got to do is to create a card based on any of these colour combo ; pink, black, white, yellow, green, grey and lilac. I used black, white, green, grey & lilac.

Card Patterns' Sketch 24. Sketches always help when making a card. And this week, Card Patterns sketch looks like a simple one but don't let it fool ya :P You can do loads with this sketch!

And here's my card.... I think I've never paired purple with turquoise/green before... :) I hope my card fulfills the requirements of all the 3 challenges.

Code : AO0029
Status : Sold!
Price : RM 14.90

And the only 3-in-1 I can think of now is my coffee!! But it's 1 am here now and I'll go to bed now and dream of waking up to enjoy my coffee :P (yes, I'm an addict... to coffee... & art supplies!)


Monday, 20 July 2009

Another Card and I'm off to bed

Like I mentioned in the earlier post, I just got my hands on some really cute Penny Black stamps and I guess that's why I'm being inspired to make cards! :)

I'm so happy whenever I can buy some art supplies. Be it patterned papers, stamps, punchers or ink pads :) oh, and how can I miss out buttons and ribbons and brads and flowers!

Just too many favourites! my oh my.... Bought some clear stamps, punchers and a Coluzzle today.

Here's a sketch from PapertakeWeekly Sketch #14 which I attempted to create using my Penny Black clear stamp and KI Memories patterned paper :)

The Pink Elephant's Challenge # 24 is Animals... I've been making a lot of cards with animals on them recently. Here's one :)

Code : HC0002
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90


It's Movie Monday!

It's Monday. The start of the week.

I still love Friday evenings and Saturdays better. Even Sundays but up till the evening... cos then Monday is looming somewhere in the corner >.<

Now it's counting down to Friday again.... :P
Anyway, you know what's brewing over at 365 Cards? :) It's all about Twilight on Day 142, Movie Monday. You know, Twilight the book (& the movie?). Yup. The challenge today is to create a card inspired by Twilight. I haven't watched the show or read the book yet but my friends all raved about it :)

Back to the challenge; Pam said to let Twilight inspire us and to use black as the background colour and patterned paper where red is the dominant colour and embellish it with either glitter or rhinestones and everything else goes! :)

Black background ---> Checked!
Patterned paper with red as dominant colour ---> Checked!
Rhinestones ---> Checked! (it's in between the words 'One of a Kind')

I added glossy accents on some of the swirls on the patterned paper as well to add some dimensions.

Just bought a Coluzzle and wanted to try making a round shaped card, hence I made this card round :)

Code : AO0027
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90

This card below I actually made before I attempted 365 Card's challenge. You can now guess that I bought buttons as well *grins*

Got the inspiration to make this cute bird from Papertrey Ink's latest stamp set. I gotta try and persuade my local shop to bring in Papertrey Ink's products (wish me luck!) If not, I always have to buy online and drool over other's projects while I wait.....

Code : AO0028

Status : Available!
Price : RM 5.90


Love these new stamps!

Just because I recently (
extremely recently...) purchased some Penny Black stamps and I oh-so-lurve them, I decided to make another card based on PaperBloom's challenge. Can't remember what the challenge is? It's Animal Fun :D

These mice are oh-so-cute, don't you think? I have some hedgehog ones too :) Can't wait to use them too!!! :)

I'm going to find more projects to use them :D And I think you're going to see a lot of them for some time.... But I'll *try* to remember to use my other stamps as well so that you won't get bored looking at these.


Code : HB0026
Status : SOLD!
Price : RM 12.90


Sunday, 19 July 2009

Something BIG is happening in September ....

Whoaa.... It sure sounds exciting!

Will I be up to it? I have no idea...haha.... It sounds very challenging. I hope I can catch up! :)


A sketch and some animal fun!

Super Sketchy Sunday over at 365 Cards once again! And it's already Day 141... How the year has flown by :)

They have a sketch over on their blog that we're supposed to follow and over at Paper Blooms, the latest challenge is titled 'Animal Fun'. We're supposed to use an animal as a focal point on the card :)

I've made this but I might just create others in the coming few days just for the fun of it based on the sketch or the challenge cos I'm loving them!

Here's my card based on the combined requirements.

Not the usual Christmassy colours :)

Code : HH0001
Status : Available!

p/s : I'm super loving the DCWV paper stack that I got from TwoPeas. Super super love!! :D

Saturday, 18 July 2009

What's Red, White and Black all over?

That's the Challenge on
Day 136 over at 365 Cards. I seriously wanted to try and complete all of 365 Card's challenges this past week but, sigh, I can't seem to find the time to complete them all. Better luck next week, I hope :)

Anyway, I managed to make this one. I got inspired to have a window at the side of the card from one of Kristina's videos :) Can't remember which video exactly, but I love her videos. The music she uses and her voice-over! Of course, her cards are excellent! :)

Here's mine :

I included white cardstock inside the card so the it's easier to write messages on :)

Code : AO0024


Raspberry Suite Colour Challenge #12

Dawn, from My Favourite Things, is really one of the most inspiring and talented artist I've seen online :)
She also has these great colour challenges that inspires me to mix colours I normally wouldn't :P

Love her new Mod Squad line in Papertrey Ink and I can't wait to get my hands on them and see what I can do with them.

Don't think the local stores in Malaysia has Papertrey Ink line of papers or stamps. If anyone knows there's any, please do let me know where to get them? Otherwise, I will just order online :)

Anyway, back to the topic on hand, Raspberry Suite Colour Challenge #12 calls for the use of 4 colours as you can see from the picture ------>

And here's what I've done. The flowers are
actually stamped and then punched out. And I learned how to make the butterfly's wings pop by curling it with a pencil :D Am loving the effect.

Again, why is it that my watermark flourish can't be seen in the photos? sigh... It is there! On the top left and bottom right of the card :)

Code : AO0023
Status : Available!
Price : RM 14.90


Thursday, 16 July 2009

I knew how to crochet once....

I was interested in crocheting back when I was 11, I think. Cos my mum was really good at it and she made me a lot of nice crochet tops to wear (yeah, I know... weather's hot in Malaysia..but I got used to it plus I loved them!)

So, I asked mum to teach me.

She was a perfectionist.

I was a beginner ...... who pulled the strings in one line tighter, then another looser.... you get the drift.

She would undo every single line she felt the tension was not balanced.

What happened was that she undid so many lines, so many times.... I gave up >.< My projects never seem to progress! I couldn't take it.... so.... But I asked her to teach me again sometime last year and I crocheted a lot of these little flowers...even improvising and crocheted 2 coloured ones.. I kinda figured out how to attach the threads :P

Ok... sorry that I rambled so much... Back to my card. I made this card based on CardPattern's Sketch 23. Figured I wanted to use the crocheted flowers cos they were so neglected in a plastic enclosure :P

Here's my card :)

Code : HB0025
Price : RM 14.90