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Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Just sharing another layout I made some time ago :)

Was trying to incorporate hexagon shapes into my layout and of course, I love the typewritten journalling... I think I made quite a lot of mistakes typing this and my hubby was asking me why the trouble in typing with a typewriter... haha... 


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

finally snapped some pics...

... of the layouts I made :) And then I realize I need to snap more pictures so that I can make more layouts.. haha

This picture was taken when we went to see the Hollywood sign back when my brother was here for a visit.. haha... yes, it's been quite a while :) 

Am excitedly waiting for some packages to arrive and also trying to get some work done. Off to cross some things off my list. 


Monday, 15 October 2012

It's a happy-doodah-day!!!

I received a really happy email late evening yesterday! I have been accepted into the Little Yellow Bicycle Cycling Team for their "Once Upon a Christmas" collection.... WOO HOO!!!! 

This is really exciting for me as I have not applied to be a part of any design teams for a while now.... It was a hiatus I had to take as I was busy with my craft business back in Malaysia (which I am re-starting  here.. handmade journals for the win!! haha). I was participating in quite a number of craft markets then and did not have the time to commit. But I am back and ! :D

This time around, I am striving for better time management so that I can apply to be a part of Design teams again and also make my journals and develop new items :)

I am so blessed to be chosen and be a part of Little Yellow Bicycle's Cycling Team... !! It's truly an honour!!! I can't wait to receive the items to play with!!

Check out their "Once Upon a Christmas" collection on their website now... they are so delicious and will be a wonderful collection for December Daily, 25 Days of Christmas projects or just cards or mini albums!