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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This Saturday....

Angelicquirk Handmade Crafts will be at Jaya One to participate in the 3rd Crafty Art Market! :)

This time, it's going to be bigger and better! There's going to be non-Etsy vendors as well... can't wait to check out everyone's things! The 'bad' thing about me participating in art markets is that I will be spending quite a bit too... haha... but oh well, let's support handmade! I love quirky, quaint handmade items cos they are all unique and lovingly made :)


Monday, 25 April 2011

Batik Ribbon Bookmarks

Haven't taken proper pictures of these precious bookmarks yet but here's some shots from my 'very outdated' 1st gen iPhone :P 

I guess as with other crafting projects, once I start I can't stop... the problem is starting. Starting is always the hard part, for me anyways. 

These batik ribbon bookmarks are available at Kita-Kita, Damansara Heights :)

Will be taking some better photos of these beauties. Look out for them :) Or you can get them at Kita-Kita. It's a gem of a shop tucked in Damansara Heights in the same building as Chef & Brew.b


Save some, love some! :)

Updated many scrapbooking kits, rub-ons, etc in "Craft Supplies for Sale". Do check it out! Bring home some stuff to love and save some money too! :)

These are just some of the items listed... go click on the tab and check them out now! :)


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Gorgeous Lights

I love the lights & shadows coming from this tealight holder :) There was a black out last night and these pretty tealight holders kept me company. Thank God the weather was cool but it took the TNB people sooooo long to come to our area to repair whatever went wrong.

Anyways, if you like this tealight holder (and a lot more designs I have) , then do drop by on the 30th April at Jaya One for Crafty Art Market 3!!! It's going to be awesome! :)


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Altered Tealight Holder

Updated : I added another picture of the tealights. Love them so much, I made more after I posted :)

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm hopelessly addicted to washi tape at the moment. So much so that I'm neglecting cardmaking and bookbinding for a while. Haha.... Yesterday, I made an altered box, upcycled it into something pretty to hold my washi tapes. Decorated it with washi tape too :)

And today, I'm decorating tealight holders with washi tapes. They look so darn good! My new product line for the upcoming craft market at Jaya One, Crafty 3 @ 30th April (Sat).

If you like them, you better come and grab them home! :) I'm going to apply a layer of varnish on it to to protect it further... by the way, it doesn't only have to be a tealight holder, you can use it to put paper clips, your rings, earrings... and it's really classy cos it's made of glass :)

Well, you can order them online by emailing me too... angelicquirk@gmail.com


Altered Box

Still a work in progress cos I may decorate it more as time goes by but here's what I did to a box we most probably will throw away... I'm recycling and upcycling and loving it! :)

I wonder how many of you remember the apollo biscuit snacks we used to have when we were kids. I bought a box from a friend sometime back and it was totally fun eating something I used to love as a kid. Now that the snack is gone.. I was wondering what to do with the box and with my recent obsession for washi tape, I thought, hey, why not make a box to put them in! 

And that's where the inspiration for this project came from :)

First I covered the whole box with kraft paper. Well, I guess most of you know how much I love kraft paper by now. I actually applied kraft paper to the inside bottom of the box as well to strengthen the bottom. I don't like a flimsy box :)

After the glue dried slightly, I applied washi tape to every corner of the box! :) I don't have a lot of washi tape yet so there's repetition of the tape used but I'm kinda liking it. I just doodled a bit on the box but that was after I took the pictures so maybe I'll share pictures after I play with the box a bit more :P

The little 'Fragile' and 'Keep Dry' sticker is actually saved from the packaging that the washi tapes came in :) I thought they were cute and saved them to use for my box :)


Monday, 11 April 2011


Ok... so the title doesn't really make sense. But yup, I've been slacking a little bit. I wouldn't say I was totally unproductive but I was not up to speed or up to my expectations. It could be the lack of sleep due to my hubby being sick (and thus coughing the night away.. waking me up endless times.. pity him.. he doesn't get to sleep much either) and also the fact that Penny underwent surgery to be spayed last Wednesday. I was awake at times during the first 2 nights to make sure she's ok.

Still feeling l-a-z-y..... I have a couple of ideas brewing in my mind. Excited to put them into action. Also need to think of ways to make more money... haha. Have to be more discipline and really put my thoughts to action.

Will update with more pictures soon..


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Penny recuperating

Penny went for spaying yesterday morning. Then we brought her home to recuperate... so sad to see a big patch of her fur removed and the incision on her side. She was pretty upset initially then settled down a bit after we allowed her to sleep on our bed. We actually put her in her cage but she somehow managed to open the cage door by herself! Walked up the stairs and jumped on the bed! >.<

She was totally not supposed to do that right after surgery! sigh.....

She slept the whole night at my feet but this morning I had to put her in her cage cos I am worried that she might follow me up and down the stairs. She's very upset now... meow-ing away and trying to open the cage door... SIGH....

Penny in her "one bedroom apartment"

These pictures were taken in the morning when she was still 'ok' with being 'quarantined' in her one bedroom... As of now, she's meowing and trying to break free from her cosy home. Sigh... breaks my heart to hear her meow like that... But I can't risk her walking up or down the stairs following me around. I want her to heal....


It's Chic...

.. to participate at the Chic Pop Street Market! :P It's my first time participating and oh my, am I glad I did! The organizers are really friendly and the crowd was amazing!! :) Saw many smiles and that really made my day :)

I love people watching and it was fun watching people during Chic Pop. Lots of funky individuals all dressed up! I love their style although I'm more of a t-shirt/jeans kinda girl. I normally don't wear prints (or rarely) and prefers casual clothing... but I do like looking at people who dresses in vintage clothing. I think vintage clothing has style! :D

I had a lot of fun that day! I was hot and sticky but I'm happy! I guess going out for craft/art markets is a good thing for me cos I tend to stay at home to craft most times.. haha... craft/art markets allows me to have human interaction! :P

If you missed me, erm, I mean my handmade goodies... you can find me at the Crafty Art Market 3 at the 30th April (Saturday) also happening at Jaya One! :) See you!


Friday, 1 April 2011

Busy busy bee!

I've uploaded photos of my handstitched journals on my facebook page... will list them in Etsy on Monday since I'll be at 2 craft markets this weekend! Haha... I can only list what's left :P But will be making more, so fret not! :)

Here's some pictures of the journals for you to have a look see first... Will update more next week! Have been and is still busy like a bee preparing for the next 2 days!!

oopps... I think there were a few more that I forgot to add in... oh well.... :P Go see them here then... LOL... no time.. gotta go! bye!