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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Stolen 'thunder'.... irreplaceable ...

Yesterday was hubby-to-be's birthday! We didn't get to celebrate with each other this year, rather we kinda 'celebrated' with all his relatives.... All were gathered to celebrate his aunt's birthday which is sometime early December. So basically, his 'thunder' was stolen on his birthday (exact day, somemore!)... ho-humph.... anyways.. at least he had a cake and birthday dinner on Friday by his friends and I :)

Well, it sounded as if it was a combined celebration only for us to find out that there wasn't that intention at all. I felt a bit sad for him as it felt that he was pushed aside on HIS birthday. He's a nice fellow with a good heart-lah, he was all jolly and ok (maybe cos he has received the present he wanted during the early part of the day... HAHAHA...)

All I can say is at least we had a nice dinner, birthday cake & movie-outing on Friday night with his friends. Ryan organized it and I'm the co-conspirator.. haha. We managed to keep it out of his radar only to have another friend, CJ, burst the surprise bubble.. Roy and I arrived at the destination early (to beat the jam) and I dragged him into a bookstore while waiting for the rest. He kept saying he's hungry and wants to have dinner and it wasn't easy keeping him in the bookstore at all (!). And then, CJ called... asking him about dinner and where's the rest.. I could hear from his response that he was a bit confused and took the phone from him... haha.

Anyways, CJ got a 'scolding' from me :P for spoiling the surprise.. Concluding this abruptly cos I'm lazy to blog on...

Will post up the pictures from his birthday in the next blog :)


Monday, 24 November 2008

Quotes I Love

As gold more splendid from the fire appears, thus friendship brightens by the length of years.
~Thomas Carlyle


Friday, 21 November 2008

Secret 'lil projects "status : to be revealed"

Gosh, it's a weekend and I have tons of report to write and complete to send out first thing Monday morning. Already I have delayed some as I really have no time. It is foolish to think that if I stayed in the office the whole day, I could complete all of it as there are endless phone calls to answer & follow-ups to do!

The wedding invites are finally completed. Time to post them out!

But oh, my hands are itching to make other, different cards :P Amidst this period where time is really precious, it will be trying to see how I can find time to make them. haha... I have plans too. Plans for a secret project for early next year since I will be on wedding leave :) I know... I'm supposed to spend time with future-hubby during then but he's supportive! My plan is to launch my 'lil project before we go for our honeymoon & ooh, I do hope to launch another 'lil secret project after that... too much of a teaser here?? haha.. But I'm sorry I won't reveal it till then. We just have to cross our fingers for it to materialize :)

I can't wait to launch my project! Well, I guess I have to get started bit by bit. If not, it will not happen!!

*so excited! really feel like launching into it now :P hehe..*


Post : Deleted

I deleted a post. If some of you popped by a few days ago, you would have noticed a post I wrote recently on why I was feeling depressed or sidelined. Well, I've taken it off the blog as I realize somethings I just want to keep nearer to me than to expose it to the whole wide world.

Things are still crazy around me. Work. Life. Traffic jams. Paper work.... oooh, how cumbersome they are :P Wedding preparations... haha.

Finally the cards can be considered ready and are currently being passed to friends, family & colleagues. I have called some, text-ed some and will be calling more to formally invite them once again & arrange to post to or meet up with them :)

Then it's make-up trial, choosing worship songs, confirming the speaker and lead worship leader, rehearsal arrangements, guest list, RSVP, ......

Thank God for strength. I need more. Been under the weather lately.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Monday, 3 November 2008


Although stress & depression can kill ..... as well as a whole lot of insecurities,

I just *pray* that I can get through this stage of my life triumphantly.