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Friday, 21 November 2008

Secret 'lil projects "status : to be revealed"

Gosh, it's a weekend and I have tons of report to write and complete to send out first thing Monday morning. Already I have delayed some as I really have no time. It is foolish to think that if I stayed in the office the whole day, I could complete all of it as there are endless phone calls to answer & follow-ups to do!

The wedding invites are finally completed. Time to post them out!

But oh, my hands are itching to make other, different cards :P Amidst this period where time is really precious, it will be trying to see how I can find time to make them. haha... I have plans too. Plans for a secret project for early next year since I will be on wedding leave :) I know... I'm supposed to spend time with future-hubby during then but he's supportive! My plan is to launch my 'lil project before we go for our honeymoon & ooh, I do hope to launch another 'lil secret project after that... too much of a teaser here?? haha.. But I'm sorry I won't reveal it till then. We just have to cross our fingers for it to materialize :)

I can't wait to launch my project! Well, I guess I have to get started bit by bit. If not, it will not happen!!

*so excited! really feel like launching into it now :P hehe..*



Meeky said...

Congratulations on your coming wedding. Hope that this new chapter in your life would bring you marital bliss forever.

Quirky said...

Thanks Meeky :)