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Friday, 26 December 2008


Manicures and pedicures are good way to see dead skin being slough off you.... I'm not a suitable candidate to do manicures since I love to keep my nails short but oh for the sake of doing it once, it does feel good :)



yellowfish said...

I just got my first manicure a while ago... I had never gone because I also keep mine pretty short. Turns out, I kind of liked it :).

Quirky said...

yeah, i kinda like it too but maybe just once in a while..nothing much to do if my nails are short :P

Easier to do crafts with short nails, anyways :)

Kimberly Monaco said...

hopefully you're enjoying wedded bliss at this very moment :) I hope everything went just the way you wanted it to. Can't wait to see pictures!!