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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Need a couch day?

Code : AO0076

These 2 little sofas were supposed to be for the card that was made previously but then I realized that the card wouldn't fit 3 sofas :P So I made this one! Love how the layers match up.... and the buttons... ahhh, love..

I need a couch day..... Just lounging with a cup of hot steaming coffee, a good book and the tv on in the background.... what? I love white noise :P  Extroverts prefers environments with noise, hence the tv turned on even if they are not watching it :)



~amy~ said...

CUTE...ISPY Cosmo Cricket:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful card.. lovely couches and combined elements on the background. two couches..hmm company for coffee too .. :) have a good day

BonnieRose said...

perfect... love it!