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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Thank you... merci.... arigato

This is a one layer card that I actually quite like :) I'm not sure if it's the colour combo or that layering some of the flowers on top of each other help make this card more interesting... of course, the colour contrast of the blues & greens too....

Am going to send this card to my aunt & her family who has been a gem accommodating us for the whole extend of our holidays. She's the one who taught me that when people come to our house, we have less and the Lord knows & will bless us for that. That's not an easy thing to do, to open our house to people & just give :) 

So I just want to let her know how much I appreciate her for her hospitality, her giving attitude and her advices... she doesn't know but she's someone I look up to. She's this strong lady with character but a humble heart. Not many are like that.... :)

Code : AO0097

Hope she likes this :)


1 comment:

~amy~ said...

Oh she's going to LOVE it!