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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Journal for Emily

Recently, I received an email from a really nice customer enquiring if I am able to make a scrapbook/journal for his girlfriend who flies around the world. After a couple of emails are bounced between us, I started working on the project :)

He wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Emily, at the airport about a week from the time he emailed me and so we had a tight deadline :)

The cover has been mod-podged, sealed and varnished (3 layers of varnish) and I added nickel corners to protect the sides of the journal too.

The inside pages... they actually fold out so he has more place to put photos, ticket stubs and what nots when they travel together :)

There are 10 cities around the world that Emily travels frequently to and he wanted me to illustrate significant landmarks/things associated to those places... 

Can you recognize them?

It is and was a fun project!!! I love how they are going to make use of this journal to scrap their memories together.. how awesome is that? and the BF, my client, said he will update me on their pages when he can :)

How sweet of him, right? I hope Emily is happily surprised by his thoughtfulness and they are having a great time now :)



~amy~ said...

Excellent....she's going to love this! Your drawings are thee perfect touch!

ⒿⓞⓁⓔⓝⒺ ⓁⒺⓦ said...

Evelin, may I know what are the difference between the mod podge, seal and varnish? Where can I get them? Are they expensive?