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Friday, 2 November 2012

Blog banner

Some ideas has been playing around in my mind to design a new blog banner... I changed it a couple of weeks back and then I decided I wanted to change it again. This time, I am finally satisfied with the results (let's hope for a longer period of time.. haha)

The cabochon flowers are from Studio Calico's kit... I love them but somehow always fail to integrate them into my layouts. Perhaps I will attach them to a frame or something. Will have to think about it more... 

I have changed the name of my little 'business' from "Angelicquirk" to "Evelin T designs" on my Facebook page (the url has been changed too). I will proceed to change it here on blogspot as well. Am still thinking of the best way to do it... should I just change the name here on the original blog or create a new blog and direct people there? What do you think?

I also made a little custom stamp for the new name :) I do hope this new name will be a whole lot easier for people to remember (fingers crossed!). 

Angelicquirk was a fun name and I was published in a number of local (Malaysian) magazines, however I wanted my little crafting business to meld into something more professional and I think a name change was in place.

We will offer custom and ready made journals & albums, scrapbooking, mini albums, altered shadow boxes and photography as well as some new ventures on the way (to be announced soon).

Maybe one day, Angelicquirk will emerge again under the umbrella of "Evelin T designs"... who knows?



alison said...

congratulations! everythings looks pretty & professional, well done eve! i've been thinking of the same, changing my shop/blog/fb after our big move. starting fresh.

do what feels comfortable for you eve, you know best, and they always come out awesome! :)

~amy~ said...

Love the new name:) Great new bloggie banner too!

Cindy Lee said...

Nice new blog banner! I love your new name too! And cool design :)

Sharon Corn said...

Ooooo what a lovely blog banner. Love all ur drawings. Evelin T sounds very professional..:) all the best!

yyam said...

Love the new blog banner! It's so sweet! :)