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Friday, 18 July 2014

My Photography 'Corner'

Some of you may know that I currently live in a tiny one bedroom apartment and space is always a constraint. It takes a lot of organizing and 'clever' storage to keep everything in place. 

My craft table doubles (or triple) as well, my crafting area, my photography corner and our dining table. And so far, that's how it's working for us... well, until we move to a bigger apartment (soon! *fingers crossed*)

This is how I stage my photo-taking. Behind me is Ryan's play area.. haha.. and I have to squat in that small area to take my pictures, which is fine and having to clear the table constantly is a good thing for me too. I do try to clear my table after I use it each time anyway :)

See how I just prop up the patterned paper as the background. I change my 'background' to suit the cards I make. I try to use colors that will make the cards stand out and so far this has worked out well for me.

I usually use Photoshop to tweak the exposure, brightness, vibrance and color balance after I take my pictures because we don't have much natural light flowing into my space. The next place we move to, big windows is one of our requirements.. haha.

Hope you enjoyed this little sharing and little peek into my apartment :)


~amy~ said...

LOVE seeing your photog area...I always love your pics! Such an ADORABLE card!

Julie GM said...

Love this card! I have four big windows in my craft room & still say every day "I need more light!" lol