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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Casting of votes

Ooh boy, the 12th General Elections in Malaysia is, well, considered closed and over. Votes are being tallied as I type. News are slowly being released through the mainstream media on which seats are won and by whom.

Kinda interesting. Puduraya (main bus depot in Kuala Lumpur) was packed and it was very difficult to secure bus tickets to go back to anyone's hometown. I tried to purchase my bus tickets since days ago but either the ticketing counter has internet problem or the personnel in charge was so unhelpful.

Anywho, bf voted in the morning and we went to Pudu to try our luck again so that I could go back to my hometown and vote. It's kinda exciting for me. My very first time voting! hehe..

The bus driver was slightly incompetent plus the highway was jammed at certain stretches. Needless to say, the journey was stretched and I was almost late to cast my vote..which would really piss me off since I made this trip solely for this particular reason.

I arrived 15 mins before 5pm. Swished out my IC and got my a** to the polling room where I cast my vote. wow... I've performed my duty as a citizen of Malaysia, as a Malaysian and now, I can rightfully rant and rave should I feel like it when something about my country doesn't seem right.

It is my basic rights as a Malaysian and I'm proud to serve my country :)


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