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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Why a *lot* of girls are single

Apart from the below 3 reasons?

1. All good men are --> MARRIED
2. All good men are --> TAKEN
3. All good men are --> GAY

Well, hmmm.. I would say because most men are quite, quite NOT the gentlemen they are supposed to be anymore. No more chivalry, no more saving the damsel in distress, no more throwing of coats on puddles for the damsel to walk over... Nope. Things like that will only happen in, let's see.. MOVIES!

If you happen to chance upon guys like that, they most probably are in the above 3 categories OR are not and near extinction in numbers *grin*

It doesn't mean that just because women today are more independent financially and well, on the whole, men should just treat them like --> men because we are NOT men. We want to be treated equally ( etc, no more feet-binding, polygamy, no rights to vote, second-class to men, sex-slaves and what not ) but equality doesn't mean omitting chivalry, right?

Take for example, my female colleague tried to climb on the table to remove some hanging decorations in the presence of 2 (very) MALE colleagues and guess what? They just sat there. Being the independent woman I normally am, I would have climbed up and helped her but I decided to goad the guys into helping.

" Hey, why aren't you guys helping?"
Guy A kept quiet.
Guy B, " Ai-yah, she can do it without us."
"If you are a man, you would help her and not let her climb up there"
Guy A got up from his seat to help, still keeping quiet.
'' Wah, good for you. See (guy B's name), at least one of you are man enough."
Guy B got up from his seat, albeit reluctantly, to help.
Guy B," you come down lah..hold the chair for me. I will remove the decoration."


Why are a lot of smart, pretty, independent women single? Could be due to the simple fact that men are not men, anymore. Literally. A little chivalry and romance won't hurt. We, female, are more of the emotional kind anyway.

Hallo, we are not weak, okay. Chivalry just shouldn't be dead because we can handle so many things (yeah, superwoman). God made us your helpers. Helping you along in your life. Don't you decipher it anyway you like and make it like we have to do everything now, yo.

But that's another 'debate' for another day :P



moonfish said...

Hmmmm... I would say it's lack of the teamwork mentality.

moonfish said...

Oh... by the way, not all gay men are good. I met some really super duper bitchy ones. They really are... NOT NICE~~

Quirky said...

true...can be considered lack of teamwork..but come on-lah, a girl doing all the work while the guys sits down doesn't really look right, right? -.-"