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Monday, 4 August 2008

Mixed feelings

Some things are causing me heartache, some things are actually better now that I'm in a different place.

Why must there always be a so-called 'balance'?

I want my 'high' happiness times without the downs... well, I'm not greedy. Maybe just for a week before the 'balance' comes back again..




Moonfish said...

I don't know what caused your heartache, but I know it is hard to find a balance.

Missing you, darling~

Kimberly Monaco said...

you ok? it's been awhile since you've posted and your last post was sort of melancholy.....
don't worry... it all really DOES balance out in the long run. Everything happens for a reason.

Quirky said...

Thanks Moonfish and Kimberly!

I'm okay now. SOrry for the lack of posts.

Posting of craft bits and daily ramblings to resume... hehehe...

Once again, THANKS for your concern!!