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Friday, 26 September 2008

Fish Spa Outing

Have you ever had fish sucking and eating your feet? The norm is that ,we as humans, cook (or not *think sushi*) our fish and eat them but this time around, those little swimming flippers-thingy are actually devouring us (nope... not piranhas..)!

Introducing the garra rufa fishes :) They are basically combfishes and will eat dead skin cells leaving healthy skin to grow... In some places, they are also known as doctor fishes.

Well, I do think my feet felt smoother after dipping it in the aquarium full of garra rufa fishes. I do wonder, however, if that feeling was psychological.

It was really ticklish initially and I just couldn't stop giggling and laughing :P Couldn't even put my feet back into the aquarium but Lay Ling encouraged me (thanks!) and I thought I shouldn't waste my $$ and also an opportunity of trying this out with my friends.

We are all first-timers!


Our feet and the little doctors ...

Little doctors hard at work.. eating, eating..little gluttons :P

Lay Ling, me and Way Ling (on the phone) :)

Looking contented, no? :P



Kimberly Monaco said...

I've never heard of such a thing!! Was it expensive? How long did you sit there? would you go back again?
hmmmmm... how odd!

Quirky said...

it was initially used to treat skin diseases like psoriasis but in Asia (or Malaysia, where I stay), it's more to let the fish 'eat' up your dead skin cells!

It's like an exfoliation therapy..interesting, right?

I guess I went more to try it... will I go back again? Maybe yes, when I have more cash :P Sat there for a good half hour :)

It is quite therapeutic, though :)