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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Arts for Grabs!

I had the most fun the last weekend! This is my first time participating in a handmade art market (I don't think there's many in Malaysia as well) and it was the jolliest time for me in quite a while! 

I met so many indie artists and fell in love with so many things but I had to resist temptation and I only spend on a handbound notebook. Well, I have a very, very soft spot for stationaries..... and notebook is one of them! It is a very lovely notebook! And the seller offers classes which I already signed up for! :P

My hanging wall deco :)

My stall shared with Alvin... have to think of better ways to display in the future to accommodate more things! :P

My 'shop' name! :) Hand-drawn & hand-stamped

Some of the things for sale

My notecards were very well received!

Stuck some cards on the wall to grab attention

As far as experience goes, AFG has given me a good one & I made quite a few good friends. My neighbour and I even collaborated towards the end of the second day selling my mum's handmade blooms which she turned into a pin. She pinned it on her tudung, and I immediately got sales! lol! We're gonna talk about how to go further into it! :P



Shirl said...

That looks like a nice booth you have there girl! Wished I was there to give you some support...but I'm glad everything went well!!! :)

teacher jessy said...

Wow looks like lots of fun!! Yeah hope it went well for you & a great way to promote your cute shop too :)

~amy~ said...

looks like sooo much fun!

yyam said...

Wow! It sounds like a lot of fun! Those things you have for sale look fabulous! :)

Emily Leiphart said...

Wow, I love that butterfly wall deco! So glad your sales went well!!

Cindy Lee said...

Ohh, your booth looked so much fun!! Can see the effort you'd put into it!