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Friday, 12 August 2011

Making a mess

Do you like making a mess? haha.. maybe kids love it, but not adults, huh? Well, you guess wrong!

Cards-a-making : making a mess

Making a mess can be fun! Especially if you're creating art! Art is very subjective and I don't think anyone is 'not talented' or 'good enough' to do art. What you think is creative may not be so in another person's eyes and vice versa. Besides, art is a good outlet to relieve stress... well, to some of us, at least! :D

I would say I have loved art since a very young age. My mum tells me I draw and colour from very young... I think about 4-5 years old? I remember some of my drawings, actually.. but they have all since gone missing! Oh well, start again! :)



Cindy Lee said...

As I always said, I wish I can draw like you :) Looks like you are having so much working from home. I wish to be able to do just that.

Be(e) said...

Hi Evelin, I just came by from the Nook. What a fabulous blog yoou have! I love the design!
Good luck to you!!