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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Little Girl on the Go

I've started drawing again lately. It's something I have not done for quite a long while. I still remember vividly when I used to draw... that was back when I was in secondary school... When the teacher is teaching, when I'm back home.. practically anytime spare time would be spent drawing, reading or watching tv! :P

I thank my hubby, of course, for his encouragements... always supporting me in my arts and crafting endeavours. I thank Rekha for encouraging me to get my illustrations printed into postcards and notebook covers and sharing new ideas with me :)

My postcards :) 6 of my illustrations... I illustrated the back cover as well....

I only printed 3 of the illustrations as book covers... wanted to see how the response will be like :)

I'm going to run a contest soon... Name the little girl and boy! Though, I think the little girl will make more appearances than the boy :P 



Luthien said...

oh ... i think it's a wonderful idea to have your artwk on the the covers :) i have no doubt that they will do very well!!

anke-art said...

I can't stop looking at the "Surround yourself with happy things" drawing, it's adorable! Do you sell it as a postcard?

Shirl said...

Hey babe, didn't realise you've written quite a few posts while I was busy hibernating, LOL!

Gotta say I love all your illustrations and I'm sure it'll be as recognized as your handmade journals one day...maybe even above it! Keep the creative juice flowing... will be looking forward to more! :D