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Monday, 2 April 2012

We're in LA now :)

Angelicquirk has moved its' base to Los Angeles, California :) We will be establishing our business here and expanding here from now on. 

We're still on 'break' for now but will be resuming our artwork and production really soon :) I will be concentrating on my illustrations for now and bookbinding in the very, very near future. 

We visited Hollywood... weather was so hot! and the wind too strong and cold!

Went to Warner Bros :)

Visited the set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Us at Central Perk

Another pic at Central Perk

Daffy and me

my good pal, Bugs :)

We have settled on where we want to stay and that is a big sigh of relief... so, we can now take a breather and visit sights here before the Hubby starts work. Will be updating on our move here :) It's a big move, a huge challenge but we believe God will bring us through this.

Onward, forward to our Adventure in LA! 



Sharon Corn said...

Hi Evelin,

you may not know me, but I've been subscribed to your blog for over a year and I love your postings, they truly inspire people. I wish you blessings in your new adventure. Cant wait for your crafty updates from LA. God Bless!

annieambriel said...

oooooo... how exciting.. easy access to so many things crafty :) and brand new chapter in your life and biz. wishing you and hubby all the best :D

*Dream Weaver* said...

WOW. how awesome. i havent visited your blog for a couple of months and now you are in LA *woot woot* I say.
God bless you on your new journey :)

~amy~ said...


teacher jessy said...

Now it's nearer for you to meet the US crafters!! It's so good to read that you both are coping well and having good time too :)

jessejeremyjoy said...

This is cool. :D