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Monday, 14 January 2013

Vegas, baby!

 I was in Vegas with my hubby and Penny last week :) Hubby was there for work and I tagged along, just because... haha. It was a pretty long drive (for me, anyway.. Malaysia is a small country and anything more than 2 hours, I consider it a long drive... haha... ) but it was a fun one too. We got to chat more without the usual distractions of the internet or his work and just enjoy each other's company.

We were not even halfway there yet... LOL... but look at the scenery!

Visited M&M's world... 4 stories worth of M&M goodness! We watched the 3D film too... kinda fun :D

My favorite show of all time, CSI:Vegas. We had the opportunity to solve a crime in the crime lab.. haha... they even had vest for us to put on. Cool, huh?

We walked along the Strip and our timing was perfect as we managed to catch the musical fountain at the Bellagio... It was beautiful!

As we do not have full-length mirrors in our apartment, I was very happy that the hotel had not 1 but 2 mirrors in our hallway :D How can I not take some pictures of us together? :D

Penny's favorite activity every morning after she wakes up... she jumps off the bed and onto the heater unit which is beside the window where she will sunbathe and watch the scenery/people below...

The reason why we went to Caesar's Palace....

... cos hubby found out there is a Max Brenner there!!!!!! :D 

We also dropped by the Venetian after some chocolate love and it was beautiful inside.... I have so many photos to scrap! Good thing I have already resized, photoshopped and printed them... Spent the last two nights cutting them up too.. now I've got to catch up on my PL and my mini album for our Vegas trip! Wish me luck! 



yyam said...

Well, it's always nice to take a road trip. Totally worth the trip just for chocolate! lol

yyam said...

Well, it's always nice to take a road trip. Totally worth the trip just for chocolate! lol

~amy~ said...

Looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!

Sharon Corn said...

Oh gosh, u look so cute preggers. Lovely bump!!

Cathy Vee said...

It was so lovely to meet you!!!