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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Illustrated Portraitures

I am so excited! This is something that I have been wanting to do for quite a while but it has always been in my 'To Do List' and finally, I put pen to paper (literally) this is what I did!

Work in Progress... loving the shades.

It is a super fun process and I believe having fun while working makes a lot of difference to a piece of art (and even cooking). Infused with positive, happy and loving vibes from me to you :)
And here is the final product. A custom illustrated family portrait :)

If you are interested, just email me at evelintee@gmail.com to place your order. There is already a waiting period (orders are coming in), so do get your orders placed to avoid a long wait! All you have to do is email me with a photograph of your choice.

Till next time, take care!



~amy~ said...

This is lovely. You are so full of artistic talent! LOVE your work.

yyam said...

Well, glad your brilliant idea came to fruition. Everything is better with love. Keep up the good work!