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Monday, 18 February 2008

Absolutely lovely

The weather today, I mean. Yesterday was hot, hot, hot. The kinda heat you would expect since it's still in the Chinese New Year period (officially ending tomorrow..15th day already. Everyone ready with their 'kam'?). I am on Medical Leave at the moment. Since yesterday. Having a series of come and go backache. Could be due to an old injury or just because I have not exercise regularly for SoooOOoo long * I miss my Fitness First days..sobs..*

The pain is not so bad anymore, thank God but it can get so bad when it comes. But well, life's like that, huh? I just have to be a good girl and start doing more yoga to relax and strenghten my core muscles. Then perhaps, join the gym again? Hmmm, too much expenses. Maybe just be a good girl and jog around the neighbourhood. (have to buy pepper-spray first. recently security nationwide seems to be in the sh*ts)

Anyway, since I'm resting at home enjoying the pretty cool weather today, I'm gonna show you what I've been up to. Haha... well, nothing strenous. I crafted a bit. Gonna be doing more after I post this if I can get away from the computer (NoooOOOOOo!!! haha)

Seems appropriate for me :P

Cheery flowers all hand-cut

fantastic 'love' 4?

Just for you

I love you-in 4 languages

Missing you..dearly

Love-classic style

What do you think of my creations? Haven't put them on Etsy yet. Maybe tonight :)



I AM VERY MARY said...

These goodies are so adorable! Sorry it took a bad back to give you some craft time, but they did turn out so well!

Quirky said...

Oh thanks :)
It really means a lot to me that you think they are nice :D

viper said...

Maybe if you continued to be on MC, you would come out with even more goodies.

Quirky said...

haha..yeah!! MC = paid holiday! I don't mind..hehe