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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy World Card Making Day!

3rd of October has passed for us here in Malaysia but I still just wanna shout "Happy World Card Making Day" to all of you :)

I was really busy updating & doing some housekeeping on my new blogshop AngelicQuirk Designs :) There's still more things to update but I guess I can reveal it now :) I had wanted to start my own blogshop for the longest time but had always procrastinated... but here I am now, updating and posting on WCM Day! :) Quite cool, huh?

Oh, besides that, Cindy and I posted a challenge to each other too to celebrate WCM Day. Since we stay so far apart, we celebrated WCM Day the online way :P  I'll be posting my card based on the challenge she gave me in a few hours. Need to get ready for church now :)

Happy Crafting and do visit my blogshop for a look or buy something! :)


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