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Friday, 23 October 2009

Chandie!! :)

I know I have been missing in action quite a bit in blogland lately, not participating in as many challenges as I used to..... but I'm ok. I've just been slacking in updating :P Thanks for missing me (for those who does..haha)

Sometimes, I just get a 'creative-drought' and I can sit in front of the table and not create anything.... that and also, I've been kinda busy lately :) A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to sustain her obsessive crafting hobby, now doesn't she? What with the exchange rate and all.... I gotta work doubly hard if I wanna buy PTI or stuffs from TwoPeas. They are all in USD.... cost almost 4 times more for me, not including shipping... so, yeah...

Oh, I just bought a new chandelier stamp set from Inkadinkado :D I know someone who will love this a whole lot too *winks*

Here it is :

Code : AO0063



Rose said...

oh i love the chandelier!! and yes i missed you but it was due to not being able to get your blog to open :0( sometimes it works and others it does not.

Cindy Lee said...

Ohh..are you talking bout me coz I love this card...lol :)