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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Product Review : Marvy Uchida mini Glue Tape

The LSS that I frequent (so frequent <pun intended>, the shop assistants there and I are friends now :), kwim?) asked if I would like to do a product review for them and I was trilled. Why wouldn't I? I get to try out a product :D

My first impression of it was... whoa... what a cute looking thing! And it would take so little space in my pencil case :D And erm, well, a girl just loves cute things, right?  This has got be be one of the cutest looking product in the scrapbooking market at the moment... well, in the glue tape category at least :P You know how 'mini' this thing really is? Only about 2.75 inches!!!! It's that tiny. 

I brought it home and tried it on my projects. It's easy to hold. Nice grip and the adhesive slides out easily. For a product so small, it sure packs a punch! The adhesive is quite strong too. In fact, I used it on photos, acetate, paper & ribbon and they all held down nicely :) Although, I feel that Kokuyo's Dotliner's stick much stronger, you wouldn't be able to peel off your project once you apply this little baby's adhesive on it and press them down firmly.

All in all, I give this glue tape a 4.5/5 stars! It does its job well, saves space in your pencil/scapbook case and is a steal! The LSS told me it's less than RM 10!! :) How cool is that?



BonnieRose said...

that's so neat... but I gotta tell u ... I still love my ATG GUN.. it's big and clunky... but u can't beat the price of the large refills of tape! xo

~amy~ said...

How fun...I haven't used that adhesive before...

teacher jessy said...

Thanks for the review. That is one cute looking adhesive.